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This is the first Green Lantern book I’ve
ever picked up and judging from the amazing writing, pencils, and color
work it will definitely not be my last. This issue takes a break from
everything post Sinestro Corps War and gives new readers a chance to
check out the origin of “the man without fear” himself, Daredevi…I mean
Hal Jordan. This issue begins with Hal Jordan recounting his childhood
depicted as a young headstrong kid with a love of aviation and his
father. Unfortunately this young Hal seems to face one tragedy after
another culminating to finding himself constantly on the rebound. Each
of these tragic events appear to have a subtle effect on Hal and more
so, affecting the bond between him and his brothers.

writing on this book I felt was fantastic, flowing perfectly from first
person narration right into dialogue for various scenes. Additionally, the
art on this issue is something that made this a must buy for me, being
vibrant throughout with the page layout being very easy to follow. The
issue had a very cinematic scope and feel with an amazing 2 page
spread. (Definitely a moment where I thought “Man that was badass!”)

I thought this was a fantastic starting point, especially for new
readers like me. This issue has me hooked and depending on how this arc
plays out, this may become one of my favorite characters in the DCU.

Story: 5 - Excellent
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. Nice review! What made you decide to pick up GL? Was it the Secret Origin blurb?

    If you want even more of Hal’s origin, try the TPB GREEN LANTER: EMERALD DAWN, it’s a great story by Keith Giffen with fantastic art by MD BRIGHT, a guy who, sadly, has dissapeared from comics..


  2. Hey thanks for the nice words!

     The secret origins blurb definitely got me to check out the current Green Lantern run, as I usually look for these kind of arcs to get me into a certain book or series. I’ve tried the first issue of Green Lantern: Rebirth before this, but I really didn’t have a good idea of what the hell was happening in it lol.

     I’ll definitely check out Emerald Dawn, I think I even heard Darwyn cooke mention it on the ifanboy video podcast. Anyways Thanks!

    Btw I’m interested to see what Green Lantern Corps is like in retrospect to this, might try and pick it up once a new arc starts. 

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