• “Rise of the Third Army” continues!

• Earth’s new Green Lantern meets Guy Gardner for the first time…and possibly the last!

• The Third Army attacks!

• And where are Hal and Sinestro?

Variant cover by DOUG MAHNKE

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  1. Been buying this book since the relaunch. Always fun. Not sure about the new arch, I guess It is keeping me interested

  2. Solicit says: “Earth’s New Green Lantern…..” – click. Exit Pull List. I’ll be back when the story focuses back on Hal and/or Sinestro.

  3. Not feeling this “event” like i was blackest night/brightest day/Sinestro corps war.
    I also agree with dkbrain. I miss the hal/sinestro dialogue and the little shots back and forth.

  4. I miss this mainly being about Hal and sinestro but I’m enjoying the baz stuff a lot more than I thought I would.

  5. I thought I was done with GL after they switch gears to a new character right as the next big story was starting up. But Baz’s story has been good and we’re finally getting into the meat of the Third Army story.

    Plus it’s nice that I can read only Green Lantern and still enjoy the story unlike the H’el on Earth crossover.

  6. I’ll say this about “Rise of the Third Army”.It feels like a Geoff Johns event.

    What does that mean? Well it means that there’s a central story that doesn’t rely on the peripheral books for support.You don’t have to have read the last issue of Green Lantern Corp to understand something in Green Lantern.Is that bad? Not necessarily.I get a feeling that everything that’s happening is all connected but very spread out, you really get a galactic scale.

    Now its not as large as Blackest Night (what is?) but its interesting.Baz is a nice character that fits with Green Lantern’s tradition of having their new GL being “timely”.John Stewart was brought in during the height of blaxspoitation (did i spell that right?), Guy Gardner was a good analog for the 80’s and Kyle Rayner had a confusing origin and terrible attempt at mixed race (wasn’t he asian in the beginning?).

    This story is very good, it kind of gets Hal Jordan out of the spotlight and I think this whole event is giving every character in the Lantern books some time in the spotlight.

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