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• The introduction and origin of a surprising new Green Lantern!

• Where are Hal Jordan and Sinestro?

Written by Geoff Johns
Art by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy
Cover by Doug Mahnke & Christian Alamy
Variant Cover by Doug Mahnke

Price: $2.99
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  1. For those currently reading GL, how ‘lost’ would I be if I were to jump on with this issue as it relates to The Third Army arc?

  2. It would help to grab the annual that came out last week.

  3. How has this series been so far? I really want to jump onto this but don’t want to be dropping it after a couple issues

    • It’s been pretty solid throughout. However, with a new Green Lantern, there will definitely be a change in the status quo for sometime, given the solicits for upcoming issues and his inclusion in the new Justice League of America series. So if you were to jump on, now would be the time to do it.

  4. It’s routinely solid. Fresh, entertaining stories and the art that always delivers.

  5. So the new Green Lantern is an S&M fetishist?

  6. After last weeks shitstorm what are those little blue bastards gonna do next????

  7. It’s John Stewart making a big comeback 😉

  8. Finally, a left handed Green Lantern.

  9. Is Hal Jordan not the focus of the mail Green Lantern title after last issue?

  10. Still digesting this one. It was quite good, but… digesting.

    • It punched me in the stomach on page one. It’s been 10 minutes since I finished it, and there’s still half a tear clinging to my eye. Bravo, Geoff.

  11. Meh – I wish Baz would have been more developed before the big Third Army arc, but I’m on for the ride for at least a few issues that feature Baz.

    I think they should’ve waited for the Epilog page a few issues, too. Too soon, IMO.

  12. I really enjoyed this. Simon came off the page as a new and interesting addition to the DCU, reminding me of my young days reading comics. It was an age of legacy heroes in excelsis: Back then Wally was flash, Kyle was Green Lantern, Connor was Green Arrow and (for a while at least) Jean Paul was Batman…There was a combustible ‘free for all’ feel to DC back then and those characters seemed like they belonged solely to me.

    Hal Jordan was my Dad’s Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner was mine. It was a great ‘jumping on’ point.

    Tying Simon’s backstory into 9/11 and the rampant Islamophobia that followed feels socially responsible and at the same time guarantees our new man’s outsider status. Comics can discuss issues and ideas that most other pop literature shies away from and this issue was a great example. In just 20 pages, I really got a feel for the character, from his ‘Fast & Furious’ opening scene (car chases and explosions – always faves with me) to the harsh reality of torture in institutions like Guantanamo Bay, all the way to the blessed relief of seeing that magic power ring break through the bitter truth in those dark pages and bring us, wholesale, back into the realm of fantasy.

    If comics are magic, Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke are masterful wizards.

    This tapping of a new Green Lantern feels timely and exciting. Let’s say that they had waited until after Johns left the book to introduce a new GL…The sales would be down and the poor sucka, no matter how rich and complex, might well slip under the radar unnoticed. Do it in the middle of a classic run, however, and you’ve got a great way to introduce a new ring bearer to the audience. John Stewart was introduced during THAT iconic Denny O’Neill/Neal Adams run and look how popular he is. Still.

    A lot of people are lamenting the ‘loss’ of Hal (myself among them to some extent), but the last page ‘epilogue’ was reassuring. I’m really interested to see how this all pans out. To those doubters, my view is this: bet against Geoff Johns at your peril.

    If you want to jump onto GL, DC have just given you the perfect platform. My advice is to take it.

    • that just about sums it up for me.

    • That’s cool. You liked it too?

    • i did like it. i like Baz. i like his back-story. the 9/11 opening page sucked me in.
      a lil’ strange that he stole a truck that just so happened to have a bomb in it, though. where was it when he stole it? what was suppose to be blown up instead of the car factory? was he set up or does he really have that terrible, if not “fantastical”, of luck? could his brother have something to do with it? what’s gonna happen next? these are the questions that i ask myself. so i’m definitely interested, i know Johns has a lot in store for the coming months and he delivers. so no worries on my end.

    • It was a fantastic opening page. I love how it just threw you into the story, but did so on such a deeply personal level. I’m quite sure the story behind the stolen truck will be revealed. As you said, “Geoff Johns delivers” and you’re right.

  13. This was great!

    Agree that the epilogue was a little early though

  14. This is my first issue of GL since the new 52, loved it, gotta go back and pick up that annual now

  15. This was awesome. I was ready to dislike it b/c Hal is the GOAT GL in my opinion, but Simon Baz has the potential to be a great character. I hope they lose the mask though…looks like The Gimp.

  16. The debut of Simon Baz was amazing; he is such a current character that easily will gain tons of fans. Also… where the heck are Sinestro and Hal? that looked creepy!

    Please check my mini-review of Green Lantern #0 here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

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