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Green Arrow is on the hunt. Driven by inner demons, Ollie Queen travels the world and brings outlaws to justice…by breaking every law.

Now, armed with cutting-edge weaponry and illegally gained intel (courtesy of his team at QCore), Green Arrow is shooting first and asking questions later.

Written by J.T. KRUL

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  1. I really want this to be good!

  2. Wow looks like they de-aged green arrow A TON! Isn’t red arrow/arsenal supposed to be his son, if so how is that possible if he’s supposed to be in his early 20s now?

  3. Pretty enthusiastic about the art team, but J.T. Krul has given fans (and especially Green Arrow fans) absolutely no reason to think this will be anything but awful.

    Still, I’m giving all of the #1s a fair shake and wouldn’t mind being pleasantly surprised if he brings the goods given the opportunity for a fresh start.

  4. Grabbing this for my wife. Of course I’ll have to give it a read also.

  5. Expect this to be the worst of the new books – but I’m trying to stay positive.

  6. Oh and Jurggens and George Perez? YES!

  7. I want this to be fantastic! Good Luck

  8. Perez inking Jurgens was really cool back on the Teen Titans series, but JT Krul is so hit or miss (like that terrible Solstice character)

  9. I wonder if this will showcase Ollie’s sort of flawed personal life, or is this more just a fun action book?

  10. I picked up on Green Arrow the past few months and discovered I liked the character. I’m a little nervous about this, mostly because I don’t know how much I’ve seen or read by any of the team so…This may end up on the cuttingroom floor till I get a review.

  11. I checked out the preview and I wasn’t that impressed. What I read about the character intrigued me, but the preview just isn’t cutting it for my hard earned dollars.

  12. oh how i wanted to love this book but after reading it, its nothing earth shattering. the art is alright, but i think they could have went with a better story than what they did. ill pick up issue 2 to se if it gets better, but not too sure ill keep up with this one

  13. The biggest disappointment of the dc relaunch so far. The art was ok but the writing is just bad. Such a waisted opportunity.

  14. I kept my expectations low for this because the guys said it wasn’t great. I had fun with it though. It wasn’t great and didn’t wow me like some of the other books this week did but it was fun and I actually really liked the art. The whole thing felt very classic to me.

  15. I was incredibly disappointed in this book. My second least favorite (above only Hawk and Dove) of the whole new DCU so far. Maybe this was a result of my pre-existing hatred for everything Krul has done with the Arrow family, but I really wanted to believe he could surprise me. The art wasn’t really my thing either. After reading Batwing as well, I really wish they just brought Winick back to Ollie and left Batwing in Batman Inc. More money in my pocket I suppose.

  16. Good to see on page 3 that one of the motivating factors for the new Green Arrow is a contempt for pirates.

  17. Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good. I like that Green Arrow is more like the Green Arrow from Smallville TV show.

  18. DO NOT WANT!

  19. I liked it but then again I’m a fan of Green Arrow. That being said, I can see why people aren’t digging it.

  20. I echo AquaPimp82 ‘s statement. Nothing wrong with this and the art was exactly what I wanted

  21. Is it just me, or does the cover picture look just like Josh?

  22. I miss the mustache.

  23. Why does he do that back-flip off the building to come down through the moonroof of the yacht? That whole sequence felt wrong to me.

  24. I liked the book but the comver i sorta thought his hands look akwardly drawn does any1 agree or notice but me but thts the only think i dislike but it may jus be me nitpicking

  25. Very boring! I expected more from J.T. Krull. This is a huge back step from the last run, which I really enjoyed. DC is striking out with a lot of these new reboots.

  26. This was the most unproportioned art I’ve ever seen in my life just look at that double page spread when hes standing on top of that building yet its drawn like he’s standing on a milk crate or something and then that car looks like it’s the size of a powerwheel. Whats going on with this guy ? Am I the only one who noticed this ?

  27. I gave it a 1 out of 5 maybe -1 to be honest.. Just not good at all..

    Just sayin’,


  28. It was acceptable. Not great not bad, just…there. I certainly didn’t hate it and I’m a GA fan. It’s a slightly soft and immature approach to Ollie. That being said, perhaps he will grow into more of our favorite Ollie personality as the book goes along?

  29. The last page was just ridiculous. Is this a book written for 12-year-old teens? Ollie is one of my favourite charakters, but I’m going to drop this book. A pity.

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