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  1. Great cover art, good stories but lame interior art. If it dosent improve soon im dropping it!

  2. I like this cover it has a very "bond" vibe going for it. Plus its not as over sexed like most of Marchs covers. 

  3. in other batman/paul dni news i just read that there is going to be a new batman beyond mini series Q11

  4. The interior art isn’t that bad. come on

  5. I am not a big fan of the interior art either.  I wish Jim Lee was doing this book!!  A man can dream.

    Paul Dini was born to write Gotham characters though.  Stupid name though, Dini.  You lil Dini.  LOL

  6. It’s either this or the next issue that I’m giving a final chance.

    I want to think positive that Dini has a purpose for this title. But if it’s going to continue with shallow storytelling and a lot of cheesecake art….Then I’m out.

  7. I actually think that I like March’s interiors better than the covers as he seems to have his own style.

  8. I like March’s art. its just that i feel he goes a little to far with the sexed-out women.

  9. love the interior art. love this book.

  10. Wow, what a great cover.

  11. Paul Dini isn’t writing this issue Scott Lobdell is, anyone know why?

  12. Dini not writing . . . they have given me a reason to drop this book.

  13. I’m leaning toward dropping this one.  I hope this issue pulls me back in.

  14. Darnit, didn’t realize Dini didn’t write this issue until I got it back from the store.  Stupid me for not noticing.

  15. I dropped this because I couldn’t afford to keep buying this title.

  16. Yeah, what’s up with Dini not writing this issue?  Dini writing Harley Quinn was a big reason why I have been pre-ordering this book.

  17. Not a problem that Dini didn’t write it. It was the best issue so far and honestly an excellent "one-and-done" issue with a little frame for continuing the story line.

    This could be my pick of the week even though I have only read 2 out of 7 books.

    I gave it a 5.

  18. "There is no emoticon for what I am feeling!"

    Terrible issue on all accounts. Considered this dropped.

  19. It’s Paul Dini again next month from the look of things.

  20. I didn’t pick up bc Dini wasn’t listed as the writer on the cover. From the looks of it…I made the right choice.

  21. I with you Scorpion, I really enjoyed this book and loved the back and forth thinking between Batman and Riddler

  22. Riddler is the secret best Batman character, and this was the secret best Batman book to come out this week. Even if the actual best was Batman and Robin.

  23. love the Riddler, the this ish was good

  24. I enjoyed this.

  25. @jxc, you said it.

  26. Pretty good issue. The back and forth bits between Batman and Nigma were the best parts. 3/5.

  27. I actually liked this more than I did the first two Dini written issues.

  28. This book is so odd.  Third issue and its a Riddler story?  No "sirens?"

    Still, I love the Riddler…!

  29. Yeah poor show Gotham City Sirens and  it’s a Riddler Story.

  30. I loved this, I always like fun riddler stories.

  31. I liked this a lot. Wish ther was more riddler in this book on regular basis.

  32. I didn’t realize Riddler was a Siren, but it was still a brillant issue. Enough for a 5 from me.

  33. I thought this was the best issue so far.  The first 2 were all cheesecake art and no story. The interplay between Batman and the Riddler was great. I love that Riddler picked up the differences between old Bat and new Bat. By doing so, it connects this book to Batman and Batman & Robin and the Batman Reborn theme. 

    I gave it a 5!

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