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  1. The 1st issue didn’t grab me, but my girlfriend liked it so I’m picking up issue #2. Got to admit I do like the cover. Personally I’m waiting for Detective Comics

  2. I was underwhelmed by the last issue, but i’ll give it some time.

  3. Not going to argue about cheesecake. Not going to argue about cheesecake. Please if there is a god let’s not discuss the cheesecake factor.

    I’m looking forward to the story and the sexy art by March.

    …Oh damnit!

  4. I’m going to give Dini a couple of more issues before making a long-term decision with this book.

  5. I liked the first issue and I like how they are tying in the Hush story from the most recent Batman (I believe) into this story line. Elliot has really created a mess of things.

  6. @TNC: are you for or against? because that doesn’t really make sense

  7. @edward – I think he is for it. He is talking about the cheesecake backlash that this title is receiving in some quarters. Then he says he is looking forward to the sexy art (the cheesecake).

    Personally, I don’t have an opinion on the cheesecake issue. I just want good stories.

  8. it has a time and a place doesn’t it? like a comic about sexy super-female-villians?

  9. If Cheesecake wasn’t brought up every time there’s a comic with a woman on the cover, there wouldn’t be a backlash about it.

  10. I’m fine with this book! Just tired of arguing about cheesecake, which was a joke I did….(didnt say it was a good one).

    I’d like to see how Selina is gonna get out of this jam without telling the girls who Batman is/was. I keep forgetting sometimes she still knows his identity.

  11. Hey TNC, I set you up for a joke in the Supergirl thread. Have at it!

  12.  i can’t wait to see this "set up"

  13. @TNC By Mithras, man! Haven’t you learned anything!? Don’t say the C-word about this book from now on! :-p

    As much as I liked last issue, this book may be up on my chopping block after it’s first arc.  

  14. @Prax: C-word?….You sick little bastard!!

    Oh oh….You ment Cheesecake. Sorry I got my words mixed up. 🙂

  15. @TNC "Little? Who you callin’ little?"

  16. @Prax: The poster I am seeing in front of me right now 😛

    Although in reality, it’s a known fact 99.9% of people are taller then me.

  17. i like where this is going

  18. Hush? Oh come on!

  19. I’m not in love with the book, but it’s Dini writing Harley and Catwoman, so I don’t think you can go wrong. I also kind of like that it’s tying in with recent happenings in BATMAN.

  20. The only Bat-book for the entire week?  Come on, DC!!  And now it comes out on the same week as Supergirl too?  Come on, DC!!  That’s just weird.

  21. @Noto- lol exactly. Some people on this site feel like they are deeply contributing to feminism by yelling "cheesecake!" when ever a female is on the cover of a comic.

    @TNC- Are you a midget?

    I didn’t really like the first issue of this, but it’s light week & no other Bat-books are out to get my bat-fix & also it looks like I have to read this to follow the set up from Streets Of Gotham. 

    Also .. CHEESECAKE! *burns bra*

  22. Can I just say… What’s with Selina’s tiny hand on the cover? I know its in the background but it looks much to small and in a weird position.

  23. @har13quin – I hadn’t noticed. It does look awful. Maybe her arms are Manute Bol long.

  24. I’d like to see the majority of men in comics with "cleavage windows" incorporated into their uniforms around their posterior to accentuate their butt cracks.

  25. @Fugmo – You just described the exact outfit I am wearing right now. It is not having the desired effect.

  26. @stuclach : but you’ve found a handy alternative to pockets,haven’t you?

  27. @Fugmo – it’s certainly a convenient place to keep my coins.

  28. @wade: I’m not a midget. But being 5’3” really makes it tough to be threatening in real life. lol

    @stuclach: Please dude….I’m eating 🙁

  29. ha ha

  30. I hope the riddler has a bigger role as the series goes on. Dini did wonders with him in Detective Comics.

  31. The art in this was pretty damn good overall. It actually wasn’t cheesecake….for the most part.

    What disappointed me was the story! Other then Hush/Quinn, I don’t think Dini can write a continuous series with these ladies. That’s a shame, it really is inconsistent.

  32. nah it’s really not inconsistent. in fact, it’s consistently entertaining!

  33. Really liked the opening two pages. I really liked the side by side interrogation and mental repression scene in the book.

    It was good, but not great.

  34. I wasn’t really impressed with the first issue but I trust Dini so I read #2… and really liked it. The flashback stuff with Talia, the present stuff with Hush… lots of fun. I can only hope this comic gets better and better.

  35. Well… that wasn’t bad. But it certainly wasn’t good. The book felt all over the place, slapdash and rushed. In all honesty, the first half of this issue felt like spinning tires to get to the Hush story. We’re already at the point of padding a series by Issue 2? This is not the Dini I signed on for. And so, my first Bat-relaunch title is dropped. 2/5

  36. @PraxJarvin – Exactly how I felt.  I’m giving this one more issue.  Am also annoyed that we don’t see Harley in costume nearly enough.  And I do find the art shows more ass than I’d like…I feel like I respect these characters more than the artist…

  37. I’m about to drop this and start picking up Outsiders again.  That I did not see coming at all!!

  38. Not a bad issue–the flashback between Selina and Talia was very cool, and I like how they’re connecting with Streets of Gotham with Tommy. The art was good, not as CHEESECAKE (and before you start yelling, I can dig some cheesecake when it’s well drawn like, say, Adam Hughes, but there’s a difference between cheesecake and CHEESECAKE) as the last issue.

  39. Wouldn’t it be so awesome if Jim Lee was the artist on this.  Even if we could get him to do one issue, an annual, or a Sirens related one shot.  I have never seen anybody draw Catwoman and Poison Ivy more sexey looking then how Jim Lee made them look in the Hush arc from a few years back. 

    Jim Lee will never come back to Batman though.  

  40. The art for this was so good, the colourist was amazing! I loved it. I cant stop looking at it. I really enjoyed the story as well, great characterisation and it was fast paced fun.


  41. just went back and read the first issue and if anybody didn’t like it I urge you to try the second. The art was very average in the first issue but blew me away in the second (does anybody know how that can happen??).

    I hope this book continues where issue two left off. 

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