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fucked Catwoman and DC Comics won’t let me forget it. With that said, allow me
to clarify. I had a girlfriend once who was really into the character of
Catwoman and so, for Halloween, she made her own (and might I say, excellent)
costume. Judging from the first sentence of the paragraph, I think you can
guess where this lead. With that in mind, I’ll say that every issue of Gotham
City Sirens has been an exercise in sexual frustration. Not only because every
page is laden with sexy temptresses rendered well enough to induce drooling,
but also because every time I see Selina Kyle, whether in this book or not, I
don’t get some fanboy fantasy, I remember the time I actually fucked Catwoman.

groin-aching sexual reminiscences aside, there are other things worth
mentioning in this issue. Paul Dini is no slouch. I’ve been diggin’ his stuff
since Heart of Hush so I’ve been picking up this and Streets of Gotham. As for
this issue, it feels more like a payoff for both the first of this series and
Streets of Gotham. What we get here is answering the questions we were left
with from Sirens #1 and then showing how Hush’s escape in Streets effects these
women. That’s all fine but its a bit expected. Nothing in this issue is
particularly interesting or of note. That’s not to say its all bad, the
dialogue is all pretty strong, which is to be expected from Dini, but when I
closed this book, it was with a resounding, “hmph.” I didn’t really dislike
anything, except maybe the convenience with which the cliffhanger from the last
issue is explained away, but I didn’t love anything either.

                The art
is, perhaps, the strongest part. Gulliem March definitely has a unique
style.  His layouts are big and beautiful
with a good amount of detail, especially in the backgrounds where a lot of
artists just leave space for a gradient. That’s not to say all of March’s
backgrounds are lavishly detailed, but what is there is appropriate and when he
lives an area blank it gives the panel emphasis that few other artists use
correctly. OK, OK, I know what you really want to hear about. How do the ladies
look? With a book all about Gotham’s sexy vixens, and especially given the
covers, you can expect a lot of T and A. The outfits the main characters wear
cover up just enough to keep it tasteful but leave little to the imagination.
March gets plenty of opportunities to see how many shades of blue he can turn
your testicles. “So the women look good, then?” you might ask. Well, my friend,
let’s just say I’ve never seen such a deep shade of indigo.

there you have it, Gotham City Sirens is alright. That’s it. Alright. I’ve said
all there is about this comic, so I’ll end with this: DC Comics, my water bill
can’t handle anymore cold showers, so please, give Selina a new outfit or
something! I can’t take much more of this!

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good

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