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  1. Robots and Rick Rremender, this book is  looks amazing

  2. If I can afford another mini, I’m so on board for the ride.

  3. resisting… urge… to… pull…. must…. wait…. for…. Trade…. ARGH!

  4. lol ditto. i’ve given in though :/

  5. F*CK trades! Single issues is the way to go ALWAYS!!!

  6. This sounds like fun. I’m in.

  7. I can’t decide if I should go issues or trade. 

  8. Very excited!

  9. I’m so glad iFanboy did the talksplode w/ Rick Remender because he’s quickly becoming one of my favorite writers.

    I’m incapable of waiting for the trade for anything.

  10. Everything that has a big robot (or an penguin making pancakes) in it is a sure shot!

  11. New small press books need to be picked up in singles to help the book get to trade and ensure the series gets past it initial 5 issues.

  12. Well it’s a 5 issue mini series so there’s only going to be 5 anyway… 🙂

    Plus it’s Dark Horse and it’s Rick Remender. It’s definitely going to trade.

  13. Also, Dark Horse isn’t "small press", it’s the third biggest publisher.

  14. I almost picked this up but decided to wait for trade.

  15. This was my favorite book of the week. I love how it seemed like it was going to start slow and then all of a sudden HOLY SHIT! Gigantic Robot!

  16. Of course it is going to trade…. but the this is a mini series has to do well in order to get another mini series (ie the BPRD model). Hell, buy what you want. Who needs creator owned books…. There are so many great Marvel 3.99 one shots…. j/k

  17. Well said mitchster…well said indeed…

  18. mitchster – first of all you contradicted yourself by saying it needs to be bought in singles to ensure it goes to trade and then you say of course it’s going to trade. which is it?

    secondly, when a publisher is deciding whether or not to run more of a series they will usually take trade sales into consideration. example – Screamland on Image. when the creators were asked if there will be more, their answer was that it depends how well the 1st trade sells.

    thirdly – why are you assuming this isn’t just a 5 issue mini with no plan whatsoever to do more regardless of how it sells?

    lastly, you’re giving the impression that you feel some sort of moral superiority by buying singles over trades. strange. 99% of what I buy is creator owned but I don’t think it matters in the slightest what format I buy them in. 

  19. This book is awesome

  20. Cool down dude. The series will probley go to trade, they trade every thing now. But will there be another Volume? Not if no one buys the single issues. But hey, maybe they don’t want this to be an continuing Series. That would be fine.

    I just want the series to keep going. Remender is my favorite writer and It is tough watching his books die on the vine. They  get critical aclaim and then get canceled after a handful of issues. It blows. I mean Remeder’s other books have had sort lives: Strange Girl only lasted 18 issues, Night Mary only lasted 4 or 5, and Doll & Creature was only 5 issues. It blows when books get canceled before their time. Did you read Exterminators? It sucked that book was canceled before it’s time. Trade sales are slow, Single issues support the book in a more direct way.

    I love trades! Trades are fine, but new books need support right away. Trades don’t usually pay the bills on the production, the first print singles do. I just want the creators to make money and continue to make more wonderful books for us all to enjoy. I own most stuff in trade. I hate Singles, when I don’t have to have them I don’t buy them. But keeping on the edge books going is worth it.

    And hey, you can’t edit or delete these comments…. So when I say something stupid. I am stuck. oh well. 

    I don’t really care if you buy the trades or singles or if you leave siting on the self. I am not going to tell you what to buy. But If you hear about a great book and you want it to keep going, find the your LCS owner and tell them to order you an issue. Hey buying the trade is fine as well. I just can wait for my favorite books to get canceled. Fight the Power. 



  21. Deadspace – I appologize if I have have offended or upset you… I am a looser and you shouldn’t pay any attention to my rambling. Enjoy your comics.

    and remember: Courage.

  22. ugg…thread killer.

     I notice no one is talking about the STORY OR ART. Art I loved, story I’m willing to give a chance. I think Remender is a BIT preachy with this one, more than he usually is…maybe it’s the essay at the end. I know he’s usually a tounge in cheek guy but come on, the first Death Race movie and Rollerball were made in the 70s, so calling out people on gross escapism is nothing new. However, I must say that I LOVE the attempt to bring the giant robot/monster genre to the US in a uniquely American way. I deeply admire the attempt and am onboard.

  23. Question!

    What’s the difference between Mechas and Robots ?

  24. When I was looking through this weeks comics, the name caught my eye and i thought this was about The Pixies or They Might Be Giants:)

    Sounds cool though, might pick it up in trad…… um, singles.:) 

  25. HA!

  26. @mitchster… I’m with you… I too love Remender’s stuff. I was pissed about "Strange Girl" and "Sea of Red" getting cancelled. Also I agree about trades. If everyone waits for trades, comics get cancelled before the trade ever comes out (I know, I know… this is a mini, but I’m talking about comics in general). I only pick up trades when it’s a book that gets recommended to me and I can’t find the back issues in singles. And then it’s only until I get caught up with the current issues and switch over to buying them.

     Also… I loved this book… MY PICK OF THE WEEK!



    There was an episode of South Park called "Cancelled" a few years ago about an alien race who created Earth as a reality show for other alien species. Of course, it also had a taco who shat ice cream but maybe Remender is saving that for the second issue. This one DID kind of have Mecha-Streisand in it too 🙂

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