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Gigantic #1, to me, felt like a different take on an idea South Park had a few years back, where Earth is nothing more than entertainment to alien/other-worldly beings.That as well as tieing in the giant-monsters-fighting-in-the-city-destroying-everything concept made this alot of fun. Rick Remender is perfect for this kind of story and I’m very interested to see where it goes. The art by Eric Nguyen was exciting and detailed without being too convoluted, although it could have been inked a little better. I have a feeling this will get better with every issue and if we can use Remender’s track record as a reference, it’s not difficult to believe. I’m all in for this 5 issue mini. Also, the Lava Dogs of Doom were amazing.

Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. It’s always convenient how all the different alien races speak perfectly good English. Nguyen is a master of the mech form!

  2. You ever watch a movie with aliens in a foreign language…it’s great!  You immediately think, "WTF – shouldn’t these aliens be speaking English?"

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