Galactus is the terror of the universe, devouring planets and destroying civilizations as he goes – and a father to a growing daughter! Meet GALI, daughter of the infamous planet-eater GALACTUS and the WINNER of last year’s MARVEL ASSISTANT-SIZED SPECTACULAR poll! Unlike her father, Gali has formed an affection for the planet Earth, and does her best to subsist only on invasive alien life-forms…but when her cosmic hunger begins growing out of control, can she hold herself back from a deadly binge?

Featuring WOLVERINE, THOR, and the FANTASTIC FOUR, this collects the original Galacta short plus three Marvel Digital Comic Exclusive Galacta stories from writer Adam Warren (Empowered, Gen 13) and with stunning digital paints by artist Hector Sevilla Lujan!

WRITER: Adam Warren
PENCILS: Adam Warren & Hector Sevilla Lujan
INKS: Hector Sevilla Lujan
COLORED BY: Hector Enrique Sevilla Lujan
LETTERED BY: Simon Bowland
COVER BY: Adam Warren

Price: $3.99
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  1. Facepalm. Oh, wait adam warren? This is tongue in cheek I guess. That’s cool.

  2. Who in the universe did Galactus bang to have a daughter?

  3. Preview for this looked really good. I forgot who Adam Warren was for a second there.

    Not gonna get it now, but I wouldn’t be shocked if there was extra copies for a slower week in the future. 

  4. I’m getting this. I was one of my top two fav in the Assistent Editor special, that and American Egale.

  5. @akamuu: Giant-Girl? "Also she can change the size of inanimate objects through touch."

  6. @akamuu Would that I could make this gas-giant pregnant in defiance of all nature

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