• “ROTWORLD: SECRETS OF THE DEAD” continues here!

• Frankenstein travels the Rot-infested Earth in search of pieces of the Soul Grinder, a machine Doctor Frankenstein used to bring his monster to life — because it’s their only hope against the Rot!

• The Rot may be winning, but Frankenstein won’t go down without a fight!

Story by Matt Kindt
Art by Alberto Ponticelli & Wayne Faucher
Colors by John Kalisz
Letters by Dezi Sienty
Cover by Alberto Ponticelli, Wayne Faucher, & Hi-FI

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  1. Still a big of this series…glad its stuck around this long!

  2. I’m really disappointed that this book has been cancelled but at least we’ll get 17 issues by the time it finishes. Maybe iFanboy doesn’t accurately represent overall sales for this book, but at least here Frankenstein has more pulls then many other DC books.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Alberto Ponticelli on Dial H though.

  3. Also disappointed this is being cancelled. Always been crazy weird pulpy fun.

    Funny issue, too. I was just starting to really like Velcoro as Frank’s foil and then…

    And what they’re doing to Frank’s supporting cast at the moment — I’m hoping it bodes well for a permanent spot on the Dark roster.

  4. I really want this series to continue, and I’ve enjoyed it so far…Ticked that we’re losing it…However, this particular issue didn’t do it for me…Not much of a story–kind of feel like the whole “rotworld” bit has slowed some stories that i initially really enjoyed (Swamp Thing too).

  5. My LCS said they didn’t have any of these and that it was pushed back. Anybody else having that issue?

    • Sorry man, but, no. It’s been in all the shops I’ve visited in my area. Even Hastings had copies…

      Velcoro made this issue a good issue. I agree with LakeFToy that rotworld is slowing the series down. If we’re only getting 3 more issues of Frank, why not finish some of the other threads???

    • There’s only two issues left. #16 will be the last. Including the #0 issue makes for a total of 17 issues.

      I’m getting tired of the whole rotworld thing as well. It’s dragging on far too long in Animal Man and now at the end of Frankenstein we’re getting more of it here as well.

    • Screw them, I just won’t pick it up anymore from them then. Always download it if it turns out to be good or even relevant.

    • My shop didn’t have it either.

  6. Why can’t DC just accept the fact that some comics have a wide Audience and some a niche. Between this and Hellblazer being canceled I feel like my taste in comics is being marginalized. This issue was fantastic. Great monster splash panels, bizarro SHADE tech, a hero who can barely manage a “hrm” , Buffalo zombies for christ sake!This is great pulpy stuff. So much dreck lives on while this title is murdered in its infancy. I accuse you people of INFANTICIDE!

  7. Finally read this. It’s a shame Frankenstein had to crossover with Rotworld towards the end of its run. Now the series is kind of puttering out. Still better than the rest of Rotworld because it’s the same old Frank fighting giant monsters but I find it hard to care about anything in the context of this story. At least the series wraps up with #16 on its own.

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