FLASH FACT: The Joker is revealed, and Thomas Wayne will have to figure out whether he can pull the trigger on his lifelong nemesis.


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  2. This has been my favorite Flashpoint tie-in so far…

  3. “Life long nemisis” … haha. That means she was his nemisis even before Bruce got killed!

  4. Yeah, this has been good.  It’s a story that could only be done in an Elseworlds kind of way, and for that reason, it’s been a fun ride.

  5. I really didn’t like the first issue, but the second blew me away.  Can’t wait for this one.

  6. People question the importance of this tie-in to Flashpoint but it always seemed clear to me what the purpose to this gritty, sour tasting, great mini-series is: Knight of Vengence is meant to underscore why Batman made just a quick turn to follow and pretty much do whatever The Flash says, because everything sucks for Thomas and everyone around him harder than Bruce ever had it. These issues tell us why Batman will do anything to “change the world”, even if he thinks its crazy.

  7. In one twist-filled page, this series went from “gritty Elseworlds fun” all the way down to “unbearable crap”. It seems so incredibly contrived and forced.

  8. @comicBOOKchris

    this has been one of the greatest batman stories ever. a must-buy series. i’d love to see this become an ongoing title in the Elseworlds series.

  9. Definitely the best Flashpoint tie in!!  I can’t think of another one that is even half as good in either story or art!!  I am about to drop the rest of the tie ins besides this!!  

  10. @comicBOOKchris  I don’t think the twist is contrived at all…it actually makes a lot of sense.  A son dies, and both the parents go insane, just towards different ends.

  11. @shiveringking8 Yeah, but the way that she goes insane is way to convienient and cutesy. I can buy Thomas Wayne turning into Batman, I guess. After all, as we’ve all seen from Grant Morrison’s run, the Wayne family have got bats on the brain. But for Martha to coincidentally appear, act, and commit similar crimes as the Joker? Yeesh. Going to have to see how it pans out in this issue. 

  12. comicBOOKchris is right. Azzarello writes some pretty heavy handed silly stuff occasionally.

    and another thing, i might be old and jaded (still buff though) but if this is the best tie-in, then this event has been as about as pointless as tits on a bull

  13. on the other hand, if we finally get to see batman and the joker have voilent hateful make-up sex in this issue it might be worth it. proberly not though

  14. I like the conversation between Martha and Thomas.  I like that he asked her that quesiton and I really like her answer and follow-up question.

    @edward  SPOILERS No makeup sex.

  15. Wow, this issue was just awful. What a dissapointing end to a really great tie in. I kind of wish this was a 6 issue mini Elseworlds tale just so that this story could have gotten the time it needed to end the story properly.

  16. I loved this.  Easily my favorite Flashpoint series unless any other issues 3’s really wow me.

    I don’t find Thomas becoming a Batman and Martha becoming a Joker much more contrived than Bruce becoming a Batman.  Seems perfectly within the realm of standard superhero suspension of disbelief.  And Azzarello and Risso sold it well in this last issue.  The extra-contrived bit of Flashpoint that I’m actually having trouble with is how easily Wonder Woman and Aquaman are duped into becoming murderous despots.


    Just sayin’

  18. Great Great Series!!!! 

  19. Best thing to come out of flashpoint. Why no make-up sex? No one else is around.

  20. This is the first comic that a comic almost brought me to tears. A compelling sad story, a well-deserved pick of the week.

  21. i love thomas as batman!  it has a real “DKR” feel to it.  i wish there was a way for the series to continue after the relaunch.  the only thing that puzzles me is the scene where thomas says he has an opportunity to change or erase history.  has he met the flash already?  because in flashpoint, from the time flash and thomas meet, i dont remember them separating at any time.  so it begs the question:  how is he aware of this opportunity?  i thought this mini took place before flashpoint. 

  22. @sitara119  I think this happens between the time Barry gets hit by the lighting, and the time he wakes up in his bloody bandages.

  23. Fantastic. Best Flashpoint series

  24. Absolutely insane !! Love it !

  25. @Cedric  your probably right.  good lookin out

  26. I enjoyed her reaction to him saying that Bruce would grow up to be just like him.  I didn’t like the explanation for how she became the joker.  It was obvious and didn’t make me feel like it was any less contrived that, because HE is Batman, SHE is the Joker.

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