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In a battle along the outskirts of time, the secrets of the Speed Force have been revealed! The new archnemesis of those who ride the lightning is coming for Iris Allen. And the Barry Allen you knew is gone forever…or is he? What change does Wally West face? What destiny will Kid Flash choose? Prepare to meet a Flash Family that’s both familiar and different…and get to the starting line for the next epic adventures of the Speed Force!

Written by Geoff Johns
Art and covers by Ethan Van Sciver

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 15.2%


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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. 4 months!

  2. Or 3 and some change. Not a big fan of the changed cover.

    I really need to reread the whole series before touching this. Or at least the last two issues. 

  3. Can it… can it be?

  4. Yeah, the wait sucks but… I’m still gung ho for this book.

  5. That cover is pretty weird now that I look at it.  Is Barry power walking?

  6. Very odd cover. I prefer the other one that just has Barry by himself.

    I want to see how it ends, but not nearly as excited as I used to be for this title.

  7. Gah! That’s just gross!

  8. I’ve been foaming at the mouth for this finale. I’ve been really liking this mini, and I cant wait for the ongoing!

  9. Is it just me, or does the new Wally mask make him seem like he’s older than Barry?  I always think of that mask design (covered nose and/or white lenses) to be on older heroes while the no lenses, big eye hole, and/or uncovered nose look goes with younger heroes and women.  I’m sure there are countless examples where that’s wrong, but it’s just how I think of them.

    I think we can almost all agree, though, that the Wally redesign didn’t work.

  10. @miya I thought everything you needed to know was already provided.  Why would you need a second read? You must’ve read them too quickly. hmmm

  11. Like Barry himself: consistently late, but gets there in the end.

  12. I’m buying it, but I’m not sure why.  I don’t even remotely recall what happened in the last issue.

  13. @stuc It’s worth a re-read:)

  14. I’ll have to pull out #5 now. No clue what happened there.

  15. Having spent all weekend catching up on Tom Vs. the Flash while writing papers, I’d say it’s pretty consistent with Barry’s character to show up this late. Here’s hoping the issue opens up with Iris complaining about it.

  16. @vadamowens

    It is all there. But I don’t remember all of it when I’ve only read 22 pages of it in the last 5 months. 

  17. I hate to say it. I wasn’t a van sciver fan before this. Now i really don’t like the dude.


    pretty disappointed with the whole thing really

  18. Glad we’re finally finishing this.

  19. this had better wow me, other wise I’ll be dropping the Flash after 15 years

  20. @leigh it’s the final issue of the mini.  The on-going is coming in April.  So you’re basing whether or not you’ll collect the upcoming books on this one issue?

  21. I’ll certainly give it a re-read when I have all the issues in my hands and some free time.

  22. I wish I had my issues of this but they are all back home.  Cold turkey it is.

  23. FINALLY!

  24. van Sciver is showing pages on his facebook…presumably to proove they exist.

  25. Compare this Barry Allen to the one on Flash:Chronicles.

    He went to the gyn didn’t he?

  26. Yeah, the lateness blows, but whatever.  I’ve loved the story so far, and it won’t even matter once the ongoing starts up. Johns did a great job of both telling a compelling story and setting up the status quo for interesting future stories.

    My biggest problem with the cover is that the coloring seems over rendered. It makes Barry look like a bulging plastic mess. It looks much better if you ignore the coloring, which sucks. However, Wally’s face looks a little jacked up. The preview pages look great, though.


  27. @stuc Oh. For some reason I thought you were collecting this from the beginning.

  28. @vadamowens – I am.  I just won’t reread it until I actually have this issue and some time.

  29. @Slockhart- He looks a little pigeon-toed.


  31. I still can’t believe that the book that is about the fastest man alive has come out at a snai’s pace . I don’t understand how come Van Sciver is still getting work as slow as he is . From now on DC , make him finish the whole project before you print it .

  32. I can’t wait to read this*!!!!!! 😀 


  33. I hope this series establishes that Barry is unique from all the other DC speedsters and defines him as "The" Flash.  Having so many of the "Flash" gang back is a little . . . too much — Kinda diminishes the importance of the Flash.
    Anyone know or guess where Wally fits in after all this is done?

  34. Yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing how they’ll distinguish the Flashes in the on-going. I’m for costume changes but we’ll see.

  35. All right guys enough about the lateness, as he has told in interviews there were unofrseen health issues invovled with him that caused it to be late.  He even said that he felt terrible about it being late but the choice of his health or the book I am glad his health wins.  We now get to see some great art for a longer period of time. 

  36. I don’t feel like there is much to say about this issue.  I’m hoping (and expecting) the ongoing will have more flow than this.

  37. Uhm, I thought the art throughout this entire series was pretty weak. It had a few good parts, in issues 1 and 2 mainly and a little bit here and there.

    Nonetheless, there’s enough in here to make me wanna read the on-going.
  38. Not sure why I gave this a 5, really.  I think it was just a gut reaction after getting chills from that last page.  Probably deserved a 4.

  39. How is it that I’m more confused now, having finally gotten to read this mini’s finale than when I read Blackest Night: Flash before this series ended? Meh, great last page, though.

  40. Just me or did Barry cause the lightning that made him the Flash in the first place? Man I love temporal mechanics, especially paradoxes.

  41. This was OK. I’m far more excited for the ongoing, but glad this wrapped up. Had a few good moments.

  42. Why didn’t Barry go back in time and stop the murders of his parents? I imagine he should be pretty messed up with the reveal that his parents were only recently killed.

  43. @miyamotofreak Barry and Wally said that their side of the speed force won’t allow them to change the past no matter how hard they try. Professor Zoom’s side of the speed force can change the past.

    There’s an upside and a downside to every schwartz.

  44. Just read this and have to say that while the story’s ok, there’s nothing mindblowing about it, considering it’s meant to be so important and milestonesque.  And the art, I’m afraid to say, in some places was downright crappy.  Disappointing given the wait…

  45. Cover of the week and a great issue. I think I was expecting too much at first because GL: Rebirth blew my socks off but once I let Flash: Rebirth be its own thing, I really started to enjoy this book. Anyone complaining about the delays for this book, apparently don’t read any Mark Millar books, that man takes forever and does not have the legitimate explanation of health problems. Plus, 5 years down the line the delays won’t matter.  

  46. @intergy

    Then this story was incredibly depressing to me. 

  47. This mini had a rocky start for me (I was confused by a lot of it), but picked up with the last three issues. Although I never rated an issue above a 4, I really liked this final issue and the mini as a whole.

  48. I kinda wish I’d known more about the Flash going into this. For instance, apparently Zoom and Professor Zoom are two different people… Got kinda confused there at the end.

    But all in all I feel that, between this mini and the Blackest Night stuff, Johns has justified the fact that I always liked The Flash, despite never reading anything with any of them, other than Crisis.

  49. I gotta say I was expecting more from this issue, maybe just because it is Johns writing it.   Sure, it is leading into something great for the Flash ongoing series, but I expected more from this mini-series. 

    Maybe I haven’t put it all together because of the delays getting the book out. I’ll have to go back and reread the series as a whole. Otherwise, underwhelming.

  50. I feel the same way about this as I did with GL: rebirth, they both felt a little distant but I think that’s because they both are really just set up, they’re the first act. Once the ongoing starts I see the flash becoming a must read…just like it was when Johns was on it before

  51. Is this before or during Blackest Night?

  52. meh… not as cool as Blackest night. Fun series I thought, but I’m just not that high on the last issue.  

  53. @NathanNicdao

    Before.  In BN Flash #3 (I think) Barry says something about this ending a couple of weeks before Blackest Night.

  54. @Slockhart: That’s messed up. The continuity was ruined.

  55. An ok mini series.  It sets up the ongoing, which I’m really looking forward to.  All in all, it didn’t produce a particularly strong reaction for me. 

  56. The first issue of rebirth was good, this one wasn’t. The complete series was a weak story, filled with half explored ideas, that did nothing to build my excitement for Barry’s return. The villain and his motives were petty and lame, the rewriting of time made no rational sense, and the art wasn’t amazing enough to justify any delays for me – I’d have preferred a monthly book with 2 or 3 artists.

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