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  1. i’m extremely excited for the conclusion but have no idea what’s going on.

    Yay, Barry!!

  2. (obligatory lateness/confusion complaint)


  4. If I can just say one little thing about the cover.

    I know there are homage covers all the time and I am find with that. But this…..this is a pretty ugly looking homage to me. I kinda get the gist of the meaning for it, but Sciver could’ve done a better job with it.

    Carry on gentlemen.

  5. This has been awesome!!!! Especially after I reread it and figured out what the fuck was going on.

  6. @TNC: Agreed. Both hommage covers in this series looked butt ugly to me.

  7. I’ve decided I don’t care what’s going on in much the same way as I don’t really want to know what’s in a sausage; it tastes good.  And it’s also pretty, unlike a sausage.

  8. Mark Waid may be right… Wally might have to go the way of Kyle Rayner.

  9. @JJ & TNC-So far, this is my least favorite cover.  I’m hoping it looks better in my hands than on my LCD monitor.

  10. It would look better with out the running effect and the "two" Black Flashes. Still, looking forward to this. 

  11. I’m not particularly excited about this, but feel I must know how it ends.  I don’t even remember what happened in the last issue.  Something involving the speed force and it being created by Barry running or something.  I’m counting on Johns to bring it all together for me.

  12. Typically the return of one character means the departure of another (i.e. Cap and Bucky) but we’ll see.  I’d better start re-reading 1 through 4 now.

  13. @DarthDuck @InfectousFunk : Just change Wally’s costume and your problem is solved.

  14. @AmirCat-They are changing Wally’s costume.  That was one of the first thing’s Johns and EVS stated oh so long ago.  I hope we get to see it this issue, but most likely won’t happen until the last one.

  15. I think this is the actual cover – 

    I think it is a great deal better.

  16. Oooh oooh oooh! Diagonal logo!

  17. i love that jay is kneeling on the cover over in the background

  18. @drakedangerz – Oh cool, I just don’t want anyone else dying.

  19. It is quite funny that the beem crushed the dude on the cover.

  20. Nice cover to what has been a fantastic book. Seriously, this book is sublime.

  21. Wow, almost three months since the last one. How does that still happen?

  22. @s1lentslayer

    They explain that in the letters column of the next All Star Batman and Robin

  23. @s1lentslayer

    The delay has been anticipated  by DC. That’s why we still haven’t gotten a solicit for The Flash ongoing (probably February).

  24. ironic isn’t it? a late Flash book?

    i wish you could have see my face when i posted that

  25. @Edward: What kind of face were you making?

  26. i’ve lost interest. Seems like it’s just nonsense. BUT OF COURSE I’LL BUY IT!

  27.  an expression of extreme self important, you know, my usual face

  28. FINALLY.. I have read and reread 1-4 for a million times but this took so long, I forgot ’em already.

  29. @slockhart-Nice

    I am not sure why I am picking this up, I guess a combination of Van Sciver and inertia.

  30. @amircat, Different costume and mask didn’t help Rayner from being Hal Jr. I don’t see how new threads will stop Wally from being Barry Jr.

  31. @InfectiousFunck – Rayner was a less organic addition to the GL mythos, Wally has been a front and center character, almost from day one. He was not created to replace Barry forever any more than Dick was created to replace Bruce indefinitely, or Bucky replace Cap.

  32. I like the idea of the cover, but not the execution. 


  34. Oh Van Sciver, you CARD!

  35. @Roivampire: Oh wow I didnt notice that before. Great detail there…

  36. I can’t remember the last issues. It’s been awhile since the last issue too. I find it hard to care about books after a while when their issues come out months apart. Another example of this would be Kick-Ass and Ultimatum mini. I know Ultimatum wasn’t the best, but it was actually better when read all at once instead of in individual issues.

  37. @gnanniv: I get what you’re saying, but I’m gonna have to go with Mark Waid on this one. He’ll probably make a really great character in the Titans book for a while.

  38. @PraxJarvin: I don’t see any black flashes on that cover?

  39. @IroncladMerc – Black Flash was on the teaser cover where the Reverse Flash is now. The actual cover, that you see now, was released about 12 hours ago.

  40. @IroncladMerc – Here you go – 

  41. Cover looks amazing. Van Sciver is gonna be awesome in  this issue.

  42. Who colored that cover? That looks like mccaig.

  43. @IronCladMerc Yep. @gnanniv speaks the truth. I think it looks slightly better with the Reverse Flash, but he shouldn’t have the double. The message would have been clear without it. I love the Garrick detail in the back though.

  44. Dude, I cannot WAIT to read this!

  45. I love that the solicitation has little to do with the actual issue.  And I’m fine with that.  Solicitations shouldn’t give anything away in the issue, but when they simply flat-out lie about what happens, I find it hilarious.

  46. @JeffR – Agreed.  I love the Walking Dead solicitations. Short and vague, but oddly intriguing.

  47. I feel like I’m not "getting it" with this series– that somehow it’s revelations– this issue’s in particular– are lost on me. I haven’t warmed up to Barry Allen, for one thing. I’ve always enjoyed Bart, and enjoyed Wally before the kids showed up– but nothing in this series has particularly made me interested in Barry Allen.

    And, for whatever reason I’m not really digging the art, either.

  48. "Nothing will ever be the same!!!" I guess thats true after anything happens.

    Barry ate a French Dip for lunch…CHANGE!

  49. SPOILER – I like that Zoom is going back into Barry’s past and messing around with things.  I don’t like how that story is being conveyed to me.  The story is just a bit too scattered for my taste.  For example: Wally suddenly says "Hey Barry, check out what I can do!" and then changes their costumes (perhaps the most frivolous use of time imaginable) WHILE they are chasing a known murderer.

    It feels almost like Mr. Johns (who I respect immensely) is looking at a list of things that need to happen (Barry chats with Hal , Barry has new problems to deal with, Zoom acts like Zoom, Girl becomes new Impulse, Everyone gets a new costume, Iris is threatened…) and he is simply slapping them together on the page in a linear fashion with little regard for flow.

    I like the ideas, but not the execution. 

    I sincerely hope everyone else enjoyed it. 

  50. I like the Wieringo-y Wally costume.

  51. I was hoping for a more drastic change to Wally’s costume, one with less shiny. 

    Overall, a solid issue.  I didn’t enjoy it as much as the others, but still thought it was good.  I’m glad they got rid of one freaky kid, although we still have the other.  At least she has a power that makes sense now. 

  52. I can’t explain it, on one hand I have no idea what’s going on, and at the smae time I feel like I’ve been missing out on something incredible by not following Flash (and company) more closely.  I realize that they all can’t be this good and they’re pulling out all the stops for this event.  I’ve never had this mix of confusion and admiration before.  Damn you Geoff Johns, and thank you.

  53. @stuclach

    I couldn’t agree with you anymore.  Reading the comic feels like how someone would describe it to me; just a series of bullet points. 

  54. @Slockhart I’ll second that (third that?). I thought the first issue was super impressive, but after that it’s been increasingly slapdash. I still gave it a four for some reason, though.

  55. I liked issue 4 more than this one.  I think that’s been my favorite so far.

  56. Nice summary there Mr Stuclach! I  couldn’t really put my finger on why I didn’t LOVE this issue. The art was amazing, there was a lot of cool stuff happening, but it felt … lifeless. A bunch of things happening that needed to be checked off a list & then crammed into a story.

    I did like all the Zoom stuff though, & LOVED the double page spread of the new Flash costumes. Wally’s looks AWESOME.  

  57. I don’t really have a problem with the costumes (I’ve never really cared about appearance as much as substance), but I don’t like how/when they were introduced.  Too tacked on.

  58. I absolutely loved this issue. Everything felt fluid to me except for the new uniforms. I like how they look, I just didn’t like how they were introduced.

    It felt like this: "Hey Barry, guess what? We can all regenerate our costumes! While we’re at it, we might as well redesign them because I have this strange feeling that we might not be as distinguishable as our audience might want us to be! Isn’t the middle of a fight the best time to completely redesign our uniforms?"

    Everything else was gold. The reveal that we sensed about Zoom screwing up Barry’s history, the classic "You son of a bitch" line, and the art, oh dear, was it purty. Good stuff, and I can’t wait for the most likely delayed conclusion.

  59. @stuclach-Upon further thought, I’m inclined to agree with you about Johns just hitting the bullet points on his list of stuff to have happen.

  60. I was feeling very let down by this issue, until the last couple of pages. Now, I cant wait for issue six.

  61. @drakedangerz – It is possible Mr. Johns is simply overextending himself.  He has A LOT of balls in the air right now.  I know he is capable of doing a great deal of work, but he is essentially writing the entire DCU.

  62. And doing a fantastic job of it.

  63. Yes, in some areas, less so in others.  He is certainly doing more good things with the DCU than anyone has in quite some time (in my opinion).

  64. My only complaint is the wait time between issues. Apart from that, this book is great and getting better all the time.

  65. As a re-construction exercise, I found this to be really good.  He sets up all the characters and re-establishes a status quo in an engaging manner. 

    From a pure storytelling standpoint, it was not as engaging as I wanted it to be.  It was good, but never really got me over the tipping point to a really enjoyable time.

  66. @MisterJ: very well said. I agree. The objectives were met. For what it seems to want to do, it’s escellent.

  67. I really enjoyed this. Not a big fan of Jesse Quick’s short-shorts, feels unnecessary, but I thought this fantastic. 5/5 for me. Still have to read some more books, but close to being my POTW.

  68. Not my favorite issue, but I still really enjoyed it. Loved Wally’s new costume. 5/5.

  69. I agree w/ Prax about Liberty Bell’s costume and disagree w/ kwisdumb about Wally’s. It looks too… ‘cool new revamp of that lame, old costume!!’ to me. I like Irey as the new Impulse, but I was left thinking, "They changed the wrong one!" Unless the other Wally-kid (the one who got all of Linda’s Asian features, since according to fiction, that’s how genetics work) has no powers at all now, or at least different, non-hulk-kid ones. Great issue all the way.

  70. Oh, and beyond just being due to Barry’s color of preference, was Iris asking for the bowtie in red a reference to Pee Wee [Herman]’s Big Adventure?

  71. @captbastrd

    No, it was a reference to his costume. 

  72. Wasn’t able to pick this up last week.  Can’t afford to add it to my pull list.  But I can’t wait for this to be collected  in Trade.

  73. @miyamotofreak
    I know, I mean besides that, it also sounded like PeeWee’s, "Got it in red?" to the magic shop’s owner offering him the boomerang bowtie.

  74. Besides a lack of the other Zoom, this is amazing.

  75. Wow, what an issue!  I can’t wait for the conclusion but who knows how long that will be (…..)  I can’t wait for the ongoing and seeing all Johns has in store for the scarlett speedster and his allies (did you see the lion?).  Good stuff (if only it came in a timely manner but I wasn’t expecting it after seeing the art of issue 1; knew it would be delayed again and again).

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