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  1. I can’t help but feel this book lost a bit of suspense when Barry showed up alive in the first issue of Blackest Night.  I’m still looking forward to it, but the sense of immediacy isn’t there anymore.

  2. @stuclach: Barry was always going to end up as The Flash at the end of this. It’s the same structure as GREEN LANTERN: REBIRTH.

  3. Wow. I’m just glad this baby’s coming back out. It’s felt like FOREVER.

  4. Can’t wait… Flash Rebirth #1 was the first single issue I ever picked up, and because of it I’m pulling about 9 issues a week now.

  5. I cant help but feel that Blackest Night has over shadowed my interest in this. 

  6. I absolutely love that cover!!

  7. Is this cover a reference to an old cover like 2 or 3 was?

  8. @slockhart I don’t think it’s so much a homage to another cover as it is a "soundbite" origin. I like it.

    Excited for this. That’s all I can really say!

    @Conor & Edward: You may not remember but during Issue 2 or 3 I mentioned an obscure factoid that Jay Garrick is actually the fastest Flash but that he lacks the stamina. Well, I just recently came across the "evidence." It’s from Flash (vol. 2) #75 and #78 collected in the trade "The Return of Barry Allen" one of my favorite Mark Waid story lines. Wally says that Garrick is faster than him, Professor Zoom agrees that Garrick is even faster than Barry Allen ever was, but that he’s lacks endurance. And I know Johns used this during his run, but I haven’t dug it up yet.

  9. I keep seeing a skeleton whenever I look at this cover. Great cover.

  10. I didn’t like the last issue much but the ending could lead to interesting stuff (even if I’m unfamiliar with Zoom).

  11. I’m absolutely in love with this ongoing. So glad it’s back.

  12. "Flash a-ah!!!!!!!!!!!"

  13. @Prax: well done. You win, I suppose… it’s just a really shitty trophy though

  14. clever response not really waiting to reply,,,flash rules

  15. @conor – I understand what you are saying, but the basic tension in the last issue was him running from his responsibilities/loved ones in an attempt to avoid causing more death (if I recall the issue correctly).  Blackest Night makes it clear that everything works out for Barry and he gets his old job back without those negative consequences.  I’ll still read this book and probably enjoy it, but it feels like it is missing something it had.

    @Slockhart – Welcome to the single issues club.  I hope you continue to enjoy it. 

  16. @stuclach:I guess I always saw this series as Barry getting back into his life. I had no doubt as to the eventual outcome.

  17. @Conor

    Agreed… I figured we weren’t even supposed to think he might actually die, kind of like a cliff hanger where the hero is in mortal danger.

  18. wasn’t the real drama of flash: rebirth 3 that barry was going to kill all the other speedsters?


    and if that’s true, we still haven’t seen Wally and Bart in Darkest Night. it’s called ‘paying attention’

  19. I wonder what will happen to Wally after this series … ? His own book? DC will put him on the shelf with Cassandra Cain?

  20. "Can’t wait… Flash Rebirth #1 was the first single issue I ever picked up"  @stockhart


    Really?   Did you buy all trades before  or did you just get into comics a few months ago.



  21. @WadeWilson clearly he’s going to be the second banana of the flash book. Think John Stewart to Barry Allen’s Hal Jordan for the current GL book.

  22. @conor – I’m still interested.  I want to see how everything is resolved and I’m sure Johns will make it fun.  I just wish it has come out before Blackest Night started.

    @edward – I am interested in seeing what happens to Wally and Bart and the fact that they haven’t shown up in Blackest Night is quite telling.  However, the fact that they aren’t running around makes anything that happens to them in Rebirth less suspenseful (for me).  

    @edward, again  – I have a question for you: Why add this "sentence" to the end of your post: "it’s called ‘paying attention’"?  How did that contribute anything to the conversation?  The fact that I mentioned (in my second post): "the basic tension in the last issue was him running from his responsibilities/loved ones in an attempt to avoid causing more death" makes it fairly obvious that I do, in fact, understand that the situation is as you describe it.  Perhaps I am not the one who needs to work on his paying attention skills.

  23. @stuclach for me, it not what will happen to Barry that’s causing my suspense, it’s what is going to happen to Wally. Where will he (and his annoying kids) be at the end of Rebirth?

  24. @mikegraham6 – I also look forward to finding that out, but, if Blackest Night is any indication, they won’t be present in the DCU in any significant way.  I’m excited to find out how that happens.

  25. @xiseerth

    I bought mostly trades, and tended to stay away from superheroes mostly because for me, the fun of superhero comics is the conversation, so reading them 6 months later was pointless. I also knew that once I grabbed a single issue, I’d get sucked in, so I was trying to put it off as long as I could. I happened to be by a comic shop on a Wednesday and decided "what the hell." 

  26. GAH! Nerd fit!

  27. @edward-I find it hilarious that you say "it’s called ‘paying attention’" immediately after you wrote Darkest Night instead of Blackest Night.  Give ’em hell, buddy.

  28. I can’t help but wonder if one of the reasons for this issues delay has something to do with the many, many vids Ethan Van Sciver posts of himself of facebook.

  29. Is this late because of the art? Or because they added another issue at the last minute?

    Serious question. I don’t wanna get into the fray with stuclach and drake! 🙂

  30. @TNC-Don’t assume I will jump into the fray with you!!

    Seriously, I have no idea why it’s late.  Could be because of the added issue; they might have wanted to take a break inbetween so that the rest of the issues can ship on time.   I think I choose to believe that’s the reason.

  31. @TNC – I have no idea why they are late.  Petrorabbit may be right.  I very seldom visit the other comic sites on the net, so I’m not up on a lot of the news.

  32. @TheNextChampion – I feel like I read somewhere that since they added the extra issue, Van Sciver had to rework a few pages in this one. That could totally be me making up excuses for the book though.

  33. @TNC  I actually looked last week a bit to see if i could find out the reason for the lateness but i turned up nothing. who knows. maybe johns spilled a slushie all over the scripts

  34. All very good respondes and I thank all of you.

    But Roi wins for the funniest. Cause it could be true if you follow Johns on Twitter. 🙂

  35. @drake: Oh, no worries. I’m going to point out every typo you make from now on… because you’re a such catty bitch

  36. @edward-Haha, I’m the queen bee.  Bring it. 😉

  37. i’m drawing a strange picture in my mind. it’s a cross between mean girls, grahme nortan and cypress hill only not as cool

  38. @TNC: Ethan Van Sciver is notoriously slow. I am all but certain that he is the resaon for the lateness. Many of his books have long delays.

  39. Personally, I always thought of it as a "the fun is in the journey" kind of story. We knew Barry was coming back as the Flash before the book even came out, so the intrigue, suspense, and mystery was all about how we get to that point.

    Anyway, every issue of this has been great. Can’t wait to finally get to read #04!

  40. YEP, SERIOUSLY, WHO CARES ABOUT THE WAIT. if anything the wait has just made me more excited for the next issue

  41. Van Sciver has also been working on the Black Lantern designs.

  42. I really enjoyed the first two issues of this book, but I genuinely do not know what I just read. I could not summarize the plot points; I could not explain the exposition. This may not be for the new reader or, more likely, I am dumb.

  43. Oh my god, in a half hour, I’ll be reading this!

  44. I don’t know about everyone else, but my cover is yellow with a red lightning bolt, and you’d be surprised at how much less awesome that looks.

  45. @Slockhart – Mine, too.  I actually like it better that way.  Not a lot of yellow covers being used these days.

  46. @slockhart I think that has to do with what’s inside the book.  Maybe they didn’t want to give anything away.  Though how many people could have figured it out based on that is beyond me….

  47. Interesting, despite the absolute lack of tension 🙂

  48. @magnum240

    Yeah, I put that together after I noticed the giant black circle in the middle. 

  49. The delays and Blackest Night have killed my interest in this. I can’t even remember what has happened.

     Decent issue but I expected more from the creative team. Hopefully the Flash ongoing will be stronger.

  50. A four star book, I really enjoyed, but a little confused.

  51. I have to read #3 and this issue again.  I was a bit lost during Zoom’s opening speech.  The rest was pretty enjoyable though.  It sucks that this series seems to be lost in the shuffle because of all the Blackest Night coverage.  Damn DC should have put this out earlier in the year. (and kept it on time)

  52. K, so after reading these last two issues again, I really liked this issue.  It’s just as strong as the rest of the series, its just that the delay caused me to forget too much and so the flash facts in this issue overwhelmed me at first.  It’s a damn fine read

  53. Holy Freaking cat this was awesome!

  54. Missed a great chance to get rid of those kids….

  55. @magnum240-In my head, they are already dead.

  56. @ Conner

     Stucture is slightly different. GL Rebirth ended with Hal. Flash Rebirth begins with Barry (cuz there’s less stuff to get through (Hal had both parallax and the Specter to get pass)

  57. Wow, this is really great. A friend said something along the lines of "If you’ve been wary of this book, fear not!" and I completely agree. Not that this wasn’t great before, but this issue absolutely puts it over the top. I’m so glad an extra issue was added. 5/5.

  58. How is this not the community pick of the week? It has way more heart and emotion than Batman and Robin.

  59. Opinions are subjective… making such aspects unquantifiable.

     In otherwords, your mileage may vary.

  60. DC actually has three renumbering opportunites comming in the next few months;

    Flash #600 follows from the #350 of the first ongoing series, the second series with Wally West recetly ended at issue #247, but remember this series included a #0 and a #1,000,000, leaving it currently at #599. It woul make sense to relaunch Flash after Rebirth with a #600.

    Wonder Woman had an original series going to #329, a second series ended with #226, this series had a #0 and #1,000,000, so at issue #43 of the current series they would renumber it to #600, this would happen in April 2010 if it continues to ship monthly.

    Green Lantern has a sightly more complicated renumbering opportunity; the first ongoing series would be the Golden Age Green Lantern Allan Scott’s series which ran for #38 issues, I would include these as Flash and Wonder Woman include their Golden Age series in their numberings. The silver age Green Lantern Hal Jordan’s series ended with #205 but continued to #224 under the Green Lantern Corps title. The next ongoing series lasted to issue #181 with a #0 and a #1,000,000. The current series would reach #500 with issue #55 in May 2010.

  61. But opinions are not equal.

  62. @aboris26 man you just dropped some knowledge right there. That or wikipedia was open in another window:-) I loved this book. This is my first Flash book and Johns has made me a fan. Only 2 books into my stack but this is probably my pow.

  63. I loved this issue. 5/5 for me. Close to being my POTW. Chuck full of continuity and justification for the Speed Force. Thawne is one of my favorite villains when used well. He comes off well here. I wonder if we’ll see a Professor Zoom, Zoom and Kid Zoom meet-up before series end? Loved this.

    If you’re confused by events in this book, I would recommend picking up two Mark Waid Flash tpbs. "The Return of Barry Allen" which features Max Mercury, Thawne and others. As well as "Terminal Velocity" which features Jesse Quick, Max and the Speed Force. 

  64. @PraxJarvin – Thank you for the suggestions.  It’s interlibrary loan time (to be honest, it’s always interlibrary loan time).

  65. I loved this. I never really read any of the old Flash, but I’m pretty up with speedster history. That said, this was so totally bad ass. Like. So totally. Bring on the next two issues. Cuz this book had everything. This was seriously the best book I read this week. And I read some damn fine comics, but this beat them all. I love Geoff Johns. There, I said it, love. And this was everything I want out of this series. I was kinda confused for the first… six pages? But then I just went with it and it all clicked so by the time I got to the last page, I believe my mind just gasmed from the awesome…

    Bring on the last two issues.

  66. How did Barry heal so quickly from that nasty stabbing? Would it have anything to do with how Eobard heal from… uh, death?

    P.S: Eobard is an awesome villain name!

  67. @GungaDin That is exactly how I felt about this. I really can’t wait to see what happens next now. I hope the last two issues are just as satisfying.

  68. @JumpingJupiter Silly as it sounds, the Flashes heal faster because of the Speed Force, so you’re half right.

  69. @Prax-Shiiiiiit, Zoom just don’t know how to properly cut a brutha up!

  70. I enjoyed this, but I have just one question. How did Jay hear Linda when Zoom was at her house? Did I just miss something?

  71. @Egan:She is speaking into her ring which is slightly lit up. I concluded that it has communication capabilities. 

  72. @thisisegan Yes, Linda’s ring has a comm unit in it. I think Jay’s hat has a receiver in it, too.

  73. This book ROCKED.

    I was kinda sorta on the fence with the first three, but now, with this issue, perhaps my view of those will change as well. I can’t wait to have this all collected. 

  74. Uhm, so if Barry heals to due to his powers, why does Wally not heal?

    Also, what is the entity portrayed in the background of the bottom panel on page 10?

  75. Uh what? Confusing but awesome.

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