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The Rogue Profile issues return as BRIGHTEST DAY zips on with a spotlight turned toward the resurrected Captain Boomerang! He knows why he’s back and what he needs to do. But does he still have what it takes to be a Rogue?

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Variant cover by DARWYN COOKE

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  1. Cool! I like these and so does my wife. We enjoy the character profiles.

  2. Awesome. I really hope they delve into his new powers

  3. Thought was kinda lame he was brought back, lessens the impact his death had in Identity Crisis, and liked his son being the new Cpt. Boomerang.  Like the idea of him having some of the Speed Force behind his powers as well, but do we really need two in the DCU?

  4. I’m a little bummed that there’s no Manapul art, but he’s only gone for 2 issues so lets get these over with.

  5. His son died in Blackest Night: Flash.

  6. Ah, there goes that, been wondering where he was, thx.

  7. @Malecema  But it’s Kolins! I love Manapul, but I  can’t thinking of anyone better to do a Flash Rogues profile than Scott Kolins.
    @comicBOOKchris  don’t remind me

  8. @Franktiger  His powers are not speed force based.

  9. @boomergirl  yea, from some reason the only time I like Kolins is on the Flash, but will havta flip this first.

    @JumpingJupiter  oh, well his son’s were, guess dad is different?

    Will be interesting to see how this ties-in with BD though.

  10. @Franktiger  actually Owen had some speed. He couldn’t fully tap into the speed force and was only partially able to do so sometime during Winik’s Outsiders run, if I recall correctly.

  11. @boomergirl  yea, he wasn’t considered a ‘speedster,’ but he could def tap into the Speed Force to a small degree, made him interesting to me as a character how he’d apply that to his boomerangs.  He was also sorta ambivalent in his morales, unlike his father, who was inclined to be a villain.  Owen had some hero in him, was more of a cool dude compared to his old school father, woulda liked to have seen him explored as a character more.

  12. @Franktiger  My feeling exactly. I loved that ambiguity about him and I think that’s why I latched on to him back when I first got in to comics. Needless to say, the Blackest night Flash tie in was my least favorite.

  13. Motherfucking Kolins!  It’s about time!  Give this man more work

  14. @zachtruitt  isn’t he doing JSA right now?

  15. Kolins. Is. Awesome!!!!!

  16. @Franktiger  Sorry, I thought you were referring to the balck boomerangs.

  17. @boomergirl  Yes, he is.

  18. Clever series and fun…I’m hoping for more ‘Flash Facts’ like at the back of the first two issues.

  19. @boomergirl  @JumpingJupiter  Well actually not too sure how it was that Owen had access to the Speed Force to a small extent, but it actually made him a metahuman as far as his abilities to straife small distances at superhuman speed, and to throw his projectiles with the Speed Force.  Thought his character had the potential to be like a mix between Hawkeye and Bullseye, but Owen was a little more grounded, down-to-earth as a character.  Too bad he’s gone, but we all know what that means in comics, but even though I forgot he was killed, don’t seeing him making a return any time soon.  Wasn’t aware of the fact that the old school Cap Boomerang has new powers either, and you’re saying they are not Speed Force based?  Interested to see.

  20. @Franktiger  His mother was a Thawne, a descendant of Professor Zoom. I don’t remember the details, but in the tpb “Rogue War”, Wally is fighting Zoom on the cosmic treadmill, there shifting through time, captain boomerang got sucked in, and landed into the future. And apparently he had an affair with that Thawne-girl. Don’t know how he got back to the present, or how Boomerang Jr. ended up in the present. Hope Johns will clear that up one day.

  21. i didn’t know Manapul would not do interiors. And Kolins is not for me.. (Sigh)

  22. @Cedric  ah, thx for the background, interesting you can inherit some of the Speed Force.

    Anyone know what was the basis for killing Owen off?  Any background thought process there from DC, or was it just one of those tings.

  23. I didn’t know that he was doing JSA.  Is he using his newer “airbrushed/digital pencil style” or his early 2000’s Flash style?  I know the Solomon Grundy mini was hit-or-miss  for me.  I think when he inks himself he tends to go more kinetic with lots of tick lines all over the place.  I guess I prefer someone else inking him.  Thanks for the info!

  24. @Franktiger  I think Geoff Johns just wanted to play with the originals again. You saw it in Blackest night: Original Firestorm back, Original Aquaman and Original Professor Zoom back.

    What happened in the BN Flash issue: Black Lantern Boomerang told his son that he needed human sacrifices to live again. So Owen complied, pushing people in a pit with his Black Lantern father. He even sacrificed some children. The rogues saw this, were angered by this and threw him in the pit with his father.

  25. @zachtruitt  He uses his new style.

  26. @Cedric  damn, think I remember that, went off the deep end in that one (pun intended).  Sorta surprised, cus Owen wasn’t ever really portrayed as someone who was diabolical, but guess he inherited that capacity from his father as well.

  27. I’m just glad Boomerang lost weight when he came back. I’m rereading Identity Crisis right now and man is he big in that book.

  28. I’m loving the appreciation of Owen.  He was a fun character and I thought Supergirl had an interesting relationship with him earlier in her series when Churchill was drawing.  He wasn’t a villain all the time and they were really cute together.  Too bad he “died”.  I’d like to see him again.

  29. @Franktiger  Digger’s new powers seem to be black/white lantern based. I’m going to miss the gimmick boomerangs.

  30. @boomergirl  as will I, but who knows, he migth use them from time to time too for special occasions

  31. @RoiVampire  @boomergirl  I will miss those too but I think we’ve got the gadget department covered by other Rogues so this is just one way to differentiate him.  Though energy projectiles aren’t really that original either when you get right down to it.

  32. As much as I am disappointed that we are getting Rogue profiles for the Mananpul break versus a Wally West (or other Flash) story, I am hoping these make me care a bit more about the Rogues. I started reading comics during Mark Waid’s Flash (Wally West mainly) run and he didn’t feature them very much. 

  33. Whats a good site to see what the variant covers are going to be?

  34. am i the only person on this site who doesnt like scott kollins

  35. I love these Rogue profiles. They show part of the reason the Rogues are one of my favorite comic villains.

  36. @Evangelion11 – I didn’t like Kolins’ famous stint on Flash with Geoff Johns and wasn’t big on his work for Blackest Night – Flash. Of late I’ve more enjoyed his more painterly style as seen Justice Society of America (the best fit I’ve seen), Magog, and Legacies. Still, he isn’t one of my favorite artists. 

  37. Can’t wait for Manupal to be back on this.

  38. @Evangelion11  Lots o peeps on this have said they don’t like Kolins too much, but I think his style fits the Flash for some reason.

    I thought this was pretty good.

  39. I just love the talk between Zoom and Harkness at the end and the Rogues showing up at the end of it.

  40. This was… ok. I was kinda hoping for a more interesting take on Digger’s backstory, but the exchange with Thawne at the end really worked. However, I could’ve done without lines like “Your past always comes back to you… just like one of your BOOMERANGS!” Thanks, Zoom. I think we got it.

  41. Oh, and is anyone as excited as I am about the “Hot Pursuit” storyline coming up? Super speed motorcycle cop, keeping heroes under the speed limit? Johns, you magnificent bastard.

  42. @CaseyJustice  I actually love when Zoom does stuff like that. He’s just a douchebag and he loves to hear himself talk. It’s my favorite thing about him. He loves the sound of his own voice.

  43. @CaseyJustice  Definitely a literal, and figurative, boomerang motif going on there.

  44. I’m loving this series.  If only Johns would start writing an Aquaman ongoing, he would have his own bad-ass DC Trinity.

  45. @Sinestroll  I like the way you think. Maybe he will after Brightest Day. I’d take an Aquamn series or a Firestorm one at this point. He’s made me love both characters even more than I already did.

  46. Kolins is horrible.

  47. This was probably my favorite issue so far. I don’t know much about this character but I loved all of the backstory.

  48. Bit of a weak issue (IMO) & I’d laugh at the depiction of Australia if it wasn’t EXACTLY how I grew up. Even had those same overalls with bare feet.

  49. I liked this issue. Normally I hate that Kolins painted art (like his regular art) but it seems like it has grown on me. It could be that it is just because he is drawning Flash, that book somehow always makes him look better.

  50. Nothing great about this issue, but nothing really off about it either. I didn’t mind the Kolins, but I liked his drawings more on the Blackest Night mini than I did here.

  51. @RoiVampire & Sinestroll: In last week’s DC Nation, they showcased a series of covers coming out in January. One of them was an Aquaman cover so we may be getting that ongoing after all. At the very least it looks like a mini is on its way. Keep your fingers crossed for Johns on writing detail.

  52. Wow. I finally care about Captain Boomering and the idea of the Rogues! Great tale by Johns and Kolins and some of the background story has started to move. Highly recommended especially if you are following the main Brightest Day book.

  53. Good issue but I have a couple of things I need to point out.
    Things Australians never say:
    1) Down Under (seriously stop it, other countries say Down Under about Australia but Australians never say it. Don’t have your Australian characters say Down Under)
    2) Ma and Pa (Its not really in our lexicon)
    Or none that I’ve met (and I’ve met a lot) 
  54. I love Collins but not really this. It’s not bad but I prefer his scratchier heavy inking style!

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