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BRIGHTEST DAY continues with a shocking connection to the White Light as Captain Boomerang and the Reverse-Flash experience a bizarre event that ties them together. Meanwhile, it’s the Rogues vs. the Renegades with The Flash caught in the middle!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
White Lantern Variant cover by RYAN SOOK, FERNANDO PASARIN and JOEL GOMEZ

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. yay! i always love when this book comes out… and its finally getting a clear Brightest Day tie in to warrant that masthead

  2. Lookin forward to Rogues vs. Renegades. As a pro-Wally Flash fan, I resisted this at first. But the quality of the work and the announcement of the Speed Force series has helped to ease me into it.

  3. Does it feel late to anyone else?

  4. It is very late. About a month late.

  5. I image that these would come out more regularly if Manapul wasn’t doing that TV show.

  6. Manapul hasn’t been doing that TV show for awhile, and i don’t think this book has been that late, maybe a week or two once or twice. I know of artist with less on their plate and a style that isn’t as detailed as manapuls who get stuff out later.

  7. If you feel that it is late do not buy it, no amount of kvetching will accomplish anything of substance

  8. Doesn’t seem late to me. Can someone check actual dates and confirm wether it is late or not?

  9. Rogues!!

  10. i thought i read somewhere (on this site) that they had planned some lateness into the schedule to allow for catching up. 

  11. Over a month late. Art’s awesome though.

  12. Definitely late, but well worth it

  13. Still a little underwhelmed by the art, folks, a little underwhelmed 

  14. I dropped this book. This storyline has been so boring that I just don’t even care of finishing an arc. Maybe when the event comes closer I’ll pick it up again. As for now, it’s trade wait for the time being.

  15. Poor Future Top. He has no one to play with.

  16. @TNC: i would actually agree with about this being boring. However i think it set up for what’s coming. Just like teh shitty green lantern issues before Sinstreo War and Blackest Night 

  17. FINALLY. My favorite book by far, been waiting on this

  18. Issue 1- middle of april

    Issue 2- middle of may

    Issue 3- end of june

    Issue 4- end of july

    Issue 5 – endish of september

    So it either skipped a month, or it is late a month.

  19. @edward: Yeah, let’s hope it doesn’t take 20 issues to pick up like it did for GL.

  20. My favourite series, along with Secret Avengers, and they’re out the same week. Woo!

  21. Re lateness: Would you guys rather a fill in artist?


  22. I’d rather not, but we’re getting one anyways. Scott Kolins is on 7 & 8. Manapul comes back with a new arc with 9, apparently building towards Flashpoint. Should be interesting.

  23. I don’t think this story is boring.  It is slow.  Johns is taking his time telling this story.  What you’re getting is a somewhat decompressed story, filled with great art and wonderful moments, such as when Flash took apart the car in mid-air or when he ran on top of the helicopter blades.  If you don’t geek out on the art and/or such cool moments, I could see where you might think that the story isn’t enough to grab you.  The delays certainly don’t help the feeling of a slow pace.  I believe this arc is going to read really well in trade.  And, as an aside, it’s MUCH better than John’s first Flash arc, Wonderland.  Woof, that’s rough!

  24. @JJ: nah, not a fill in artist but make sure the first friggen arc is done before you publish the book. 

  25. I’m not feeling it too much either.  I hate the art.  The story is somewhat entertaining, but my asscheeks are nowhere near the edge of my seat!  I’m gonna give it a couple more chances just cuz I love Johns on Green Lantern, but if this EVER goes up to $4, I’m out of here so fucking fast!!!

  26. See, I’m the opposite of a lot of you.  Lateness rarely irritates me.  When this book comes out, I feel its a delightful surprise.  Love the Flash and love Geoff Johns’ work with him.  Happy to wait for the quality I’ve seen.

  27. I’d rather have high quality work published a few weeks late, than rushed garbage. I can’t believe people are hating on this art…i mean to each their own and stuff but don’t be so afraid of something thats a little bit different. 

  28. I’m really wanting to like this book… but it’s a little tame when compared with John’s other work. Will this pick up or is this going to be the tone of the series?

  29. This one kinda let me down. Johns typically writes brilliant speedster action, but this one was a little too busy. I dunno, maybe it’s just my indifference for Barry, but I keep waiting for something to happen that’ll make me care about him. I’m remain optimistic though.

  30. Yeah is it just because I never read flash that this issue confused the hell out of me? I love the art but the story just missed for me this issue

  31. It was a good issue but I just felt a bit out of the story. Maybe it was the lateness. Maybe it was something else. But I just didn’t seem to care.

  32. Loved this issue. The little moments are nice like the one between Scudder and Barry. 5/5 for me and my POTW. Manapul’s art pleases these eyes every single time.

  33. I agree that it was a bit busy.  The issue kinda lost focus.  Delay probably didn’t help its momentum but the art made up for the story so I’m sure it was worth the moderate extra wait.

  34. I have to disagree with the few who dislike this. Maybe its because i havent been following Flash much before this but i find something new each issue that i love. The whole issue was strong and i felt very pleased with what happened within the whole thing. After reading Nemesis this was the perfect compliment.

    I cant say enough about the art. I dont care if its late as long as the issue looks this great and reads this well im on for the long haul.  

  35. For art this good i’ll wait

  36. I loved this issue. I did not see the twist with the top coming (twist with the top, lol), I really thought we were seeing true events, but it appears there is a scheme going on.

    Are the other renegades involved. Don’t think so, but now I don’t trust anyone.

    The art was always great.

  37. I am horribly disturbed by typing the next phrase. I’m bored.I’m gladthere are others like me out there who have been holding on for dear life as Flash fans, and also feel a bit put off by this new series.

  38. I wanted to like this as well, but dropped it early.  From the folks who were having my same concerns, I’m glad I’m not alone either.

    I’m looking at you Bassoonjedi. 

  39. I thought this was fun!


  40. Surprised to say it with how great the art is but this book just got put on drop watch

  41. "They may be from the future… but they’re about to be history."



    (Everyone would be fine with David Caurso playing Captain Cold if they ever make a Flash movie, right?)

  42. @latimagic: Agreed:). Good one

  43. @ Peterparker18102: I’m with you.

    This is probably a great story for long-time Flash fans but this is my first attempt at reading the book regularly. I love the art but this arc makes me feel more and more like I’m at a stranger’s family reunion.

  44. I barely read any Flash before and I really like this!

  45. i’m liking where its going and i’m loving the series in general. This is my first Flash comic (outside of team books) and i’m really enjoying it. 

    The Typo on "Part 4" was pretty laughable. C’mon guys…try harder.  

  46. This issue has cemented my decision that I will now buy whatever book Francis Manapul is working on.

  47. I have never read Flash before this book and only tried if because of Johns and I’m loving the book.  I enjoy the pacing of the story and the art is fresh and different from most books I read.  I’m getting ready to make some cuts on my books and this one is one of the first books in my don’t drop list.

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