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BRIGHTEST DAY shines its light on the continuing saga of Barry Allen – The Fastest Man Alive! The Flash continues his investigation into the “Dastardly Death of the Rogues” as the case takes a dramatic turn and Barry corners a suspect…and can’t believe who it is!

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
Art and cover by FRANCIS MANAPUL
Variant cover by RYAN SOOK

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.2%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. Me likely Manapul.

    Hope the writing is somewhat better here. First issue was good, just expecting a little bit more from Johns.

  2. Woohoo!!!

  3. You might be able to out run light speed, but you can’t out run the LAW!!

  4. It’s wicked impressive to me that this is beating Siege 4 and The Return of Bruce Wayne in pulls.

  5. You can’t put a lot of stake in the pull numbers this early on in the week. Not everybody gets on the site to make their pulls on Monday afternoon. They’ll stabilize some time tomorrow.

  6. First issue kicked a LOT of ass, can’t wait to see how this one goes. 😀

  7. #1 was awesome and hey look its a book I want to read thats only $2.99. 

  8. Am i the only one who isn’t THAT impressed with Manapal? I mean, he’s alright, it’s not like he has done anything mind-blowing

  9. @Edward: You are the only one in everything. Nobody likes you.

  10. @JJ: that was the final straw. i’m going to swollow all those pills now. i hope you’re happy

  11. @edward – you’re not the only one.

  12. Wow. The most pulls of the week isn’t a $3.99 universe wide crossover. Its a single hero book selling for a dollar less. I love it. I hope this translates more to the sales because I would love more self contained stories. 

  13. Not the only one swallowing pills?! Dear lord, when did iFanboy turn into a Jonestown massacre? I have my special sneakers, but I was told we were waiting for the comet. You go too early and you ride back to Centauri Prime on a Iron-Nickel asteroid and THAT, my friend, would be crazy.

  14. @edward @DarthDuck – I know what you guys are saying.  Manapul’s art serves it’s purpose, especially in the action sequences, but other than that, is it really that original?  I do like it, I guess, but maybe it’s the coloring or final rendering that gives it it’s signature look.

  15. @Edward-If you quit now, Josh wins.

    I think Manapul’s artwork is great, but it’s his colorist that elevates his work to a different level. And even then, I don’t get as excited for it as other people seem to.

  16. I like it, I even would say I really like it.  But I find the gushing, for lack of a better word, confusing.

  17. Drake is absolutely right. The coloring really makes Manapul’s work shine even more.

  18. I really enjoyed the first issue and am excited for this, my first dc ongoing that I am buying!

  19. @drakedangerz – who is his colorist? I agree, he should only use that colorist.

  20. the thing with the colouring is that watercolour doesn’t really suit the bubble-gum brightness of a superhero.

     and i don’t really think Johns is trying to re-invent the wheel here. he is writing simple but good superhero stuff

  21. I agree with edward that Johns isnt doing anything "Above and Beyond" normal comic writing. He is almost always a by the books kind of guy but… He does that pretty dang well. The first issue was great and im on for the forseeable future. 

    As for Manapul’s art, i understand that the water color is a nice touch to his style but he has grown drastically since Iron and the Maiden. 

  22. @edward Simple but good, just the way I like it 🙂

  23. @edward. 

    I agree with you. I think he takes panels off. Some of the pure dialog "talkie talkie" stuff looks unfinished and overly simple then you turn the page and he has this beautifully rendered pinup. Just looks a bit inconsistent at times. I was also bothered by some of his awkward anatomy in certain panels. He either spends too much time on the pinups, or gets bored with the story stuff. Either way, not a huge fan. 

    I’ll give this story arc a chance and see where i’m at with it. The first issue seemed a bit short. I really loved the first few pages, but then the rest kinda bordered on being generic-ly good. 

  24. Ultimately, i think it’s not bad. It’s just there a massive inflation that happens in the iFanbase when Ron or Josh (Conor seems pretty reasonable) heaps hyperbole onto an artist or writer.

    I mean, Ron’s been banging on about this dude for more than a year now. Last time it came out i think ron just said "this was amazing! AH! MAZE! HING!!" and then i rolled my eyes

  25. Well Ron would probably bang the dude if it meant him staying on Flash for another year.

  26. A joke so good he had to say it twice, folks

  27. yeah. Ron’s enthusiasm is infectious to me

  28. I think I’m the only one who wasn’t wowed (is that a word?) by the first issue. But, it’s Johns, so I’ll continue with it & see how it goes …

    (I miss Wally West) 

  29. I’ve been into GL forever but never got into the Flash.  I find this pretty accessible and I really like Manapul’s art.  However, I think his art in Adventure Comics was a better fit than his work in the Flash.  The first issue wasn’t killer stuff but it was a pretty good start.

  30. I just like the art. Not mind-blowing but very good.

  31. I think what a lot of people don’t realize is that a lot of the watercolory stuff is actually Manapul. No, he doesn’t do his own colors, but a lot of that watercolor shading comes from the ink wash that he uses. Just check out some of his original pages.

  32. If I didn’t value the opinions of the three founders of iFanboy, I wouldn’t listen to the podcasts or read the articles.

    There is nothing wrong with being influenced by "taste-makers" in the arts when you yourself have an informed opinion and you respect the critics.

    The cult of personality you are talking about does exist here, but the other side of it is the people who rally against the "hype/excitement" just because they want to contradict the general sentiment.

    Both tendencies show a lack of integrity and can be equally annoying.

    Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  33. Burn!

  34. You guys all need to lighten up and take a chill pill. Maybe two of them.

  35. @ScorpionMasada: Lack of integrity? really?

  36. Sure.

    Being antagonistic for the sake of being antagonistic shows a lack of maturity/character/integrity.

    Even online.

    That’s not to say that everything should be allowed and nothing should be challenged.

    But shitting on people’s passion for comics and comic creators can be dickish.

    Unless it is TheNextChampion.

    Then I’m all for it.

  37. @ScorpionMasada: I’m pretty sure i just said i didn’t really like Manapul. It wasn’t a assult of your religious beliefs or anything… unless you believe Ron is the messiah


  38. I never want you to change, Edward.

    You are great just as you are.

    Ron is the pillar of my comicbookdom. And I am the dom keeper.

    Do not shake the pillar.

  39. Cue Josh.

  40. I am an extension of Josh’s creative force erecting my revenge on Edward.

    That is also part of being the dom-keeper.

  41. "erecting" oh, boy

  42. I should have added a "no hetereo" to the end of that.

    enacting erecting

  43. wow…

  44. "erecting my revenge on Edward"

    Where is Josh? we DO need help

  45. Nothing wrong with a little homosocial interaction.


    And isn’t reading about idealized male heroes a little homosocial anyway.

  46. BTW, I’m currently dressed up like the Sentry.

    That do anything for you all.

    I am on 1-800-iFanboy, right?

  47. "homosocial" ?

  48. Well, I think it just stepped into the bounds of homoeroticism with my last post.

    We are a little off topic now . . . glad this comic is coming out tomorrow.

  49. Break it up.

    If you don’t like us talking about the things we really like, which get others to appreciate the same things, there is literally no point in listening to the show. We find things we like a lot, which is subjective, and we describe why.

    Ron really likes Francis Manupal, and he talks about it. It’s not a conspiracy.  It’s just that a lot of people seem to enjoy it.

  50. Wow.  This thread is amazing.

    I enjoy Mr. Manupal’s work. I don’t find it groundbreaking, but it is consistently pleasant. I feel the same way about Mr. Johns. He is seldom revolutionary, but he is consistently excellent.  I feel they worked very well together in the first issue.

  51. @edward Dude if people like something they are going to gush about it. When Ron says the art on this book is amazing it’s because he actually means it. I too have described the art on this book as amazing, because i love it. But if it’s not for you don’t complain about other people enjoying things in life.

  52. My POTW, miles better then the first issue.

    At least by Johns writing, cause Manapul’s art is amazing! The whole sequence with Flash rebuilding the apartment complex pretty much sealed the deal for me. Hilarious and it feels so right for a Flash comic. The stuff with the CCPD was much better here as well, although the one guy hating Allen is still a little too cliche.

    Still how about that Manapul art? Amazing right? Amazing is the right word. 

  53. @RoiVampire: um, yeah, it’s differient with critics.

    @TNC: AH! MAZE! HING!!

  54. This was good stuff.  It did what I wanted it to.  

    So what did we learn?  Barry Allen is capable of single handedly destabilizing the housing market (things are bad enough already).

  55. This was great. Pick of the week, definitely.

  56. I thought it was good. First the folks complain about the building being demolished despite Barry saving their hides and then we see Flash rebuild the complex, I was like, that’s retarded. And then Barry stopped and went, "Ok how’s that?", while catching his breath, hands on knees. That was a Spider-Man moment if I ever saw one. And then the doll thing. It’s like Geoff says, "yes the powers are too much, but we’re diving in and it’s gonna be fun".

    Pencils were a little ragged and wonky.

  57. @JumpingJupiter – I think you nailed it with with your Johns statement.  I also agree that that was very Spider-Manish.  I like the pencils.  Different strokes, for different folks.

  58. I had fun reading this issue.  From enjoying Flash take on the Renegades, to Flash saving everyone from the building and then rebuilding the building.  I though the story was interesting and I enjoyed the art

  59. This was a great read. Fantastic, charming and a little whimsical. I really just loved it, nothing more I can really say. 5/5 I have a lot more to read, but this is in contention for my POTW. And I just love Manapul’s pencils because they’re very good. As well, it’s a style that’s just left of center enough to be different than the standard stuff. There’s very John Romita JR vibe to his art that just works so well with Johns writing. (Stu’s comparison to Spider-Man is spot in, that was a Spider-Man sequence.) It’s the pairing that makes people love this so much. 

  60. The whole rebuilding of the building was a bit over the top, quite like the pre-crisis Superman where he would routinely rebuild buildings in seconds. But for the Flash to do that, it’s not that beleivable. He would have had to carry all those heavy steel girders for one. Super-speed doesn’t give him super-strength. Also machinery like rivet guns and such won’t operate at super-speed, they would operate at normal speed. I really wouldn’t put much stock in the quality of Barry’s work actually. I wouldn’t be surprised if the new building didn’t collapse a few days later due to shoddy workmanship. 

  61. Art was fantastic and I love where this series is going, the style of story telling, even the little title pages "Flash in…!" but can I just say how much I am now looking forward to green arrow though after that preview? looks kick ass

  62. For me not as good as the first issue but still good, and the art was great 4 star (even though I accidently hit three, damn iPhone)

  63. Great issue. Not as fun as the first, but definitely what I want out of a Flash comic.

  64. @IroncladMerc
    I know, right? And his costume would totally melt to his flesh when he runs at that speed…

    Loved this issue, loved the rebuilding of the building, loved everything from cover to cover.

  65. this comic is fun. end of story.

    Oh, Geoff Johns isn’t Alan Moore, they push the boundaries of possibilities in two ends of the spectrum.

    Sense is overrated sometimes, you know.

  66. @Captbastard: Totally and the more he approaches the speed of light the more mass he becomes so at that speed any little particle would like totally blow him right up. And don’t even get me started on construction permits, there’s no way he could get one at super-speed becasue the inspectors have to do frequent thorough checks of the premises and then you get into all the legal and political ramifications of zoning and Barry essentially prevent the creation of dozens of jobs so contractors are probably angry at him. Like the economy isn’t bad enough as it is. Some hero you are Barry!

  67. Also, I got the Sook variant which looks great!

  68. This was good, but not quite on the same level as issue 1. The rebuilding of the apartment really took me out of it. He did all the plumbing? wiring? Even seemed to lay down fresh sod and plant some nice mature oaks. I liked this issue, but it seemed to rely too much on the "fun factor" and wasnt actually all that interesting aside from that.

    Except the Iron Heights scene. That was sweet.

  69. I’ll double check but I think the trees were there already. Other than that I find it all works.

  70. Super Speed, Time Travel, and Cold Guns are one thing, but building a house?  That’s just ridiculous.

  71. I"m coming around on this. I still maintain that Manapul takes some panels off (especially with pure dialog scenes…some read really polished, and some read really sketchy) but there were just some panels and pages that were great. 

    The scene where the Flash rebuilds the apartment and brings the girl the doll made me smile, and I loved this touch of humanism brought into a superhero book. It was also a great sequential storytelling moment handled quite well without dialog or narration. 

  72. Minus some coloring errors for Barry and Iris and the VERY noticeable fill-in work from Gomez (see the thicker lines and blockier less detailed faces), I really enjoyed the issue. Johns can continue to play up Barry’s astounding feets and saintliness for now at least! Lots of good, smart fun!

  73. I wish every issue was double sized. I’m loving every minute of this and I want more more MORE!!!

  74. @chrisfinch

    so what i’m noticing as inconsistent artwork is in fact another artist? I just thought Manapul puts less effort into the boring talking panels and puts all of his effort into the action and pinups which was my main problem with his work.  

  75. Two inkers?

  76. Was anyone else making "whoosh" and "whizzzzz" noises when he was rescuing the people from the building?  Manapul’s art was so amazing with that, I did it unconciously because that’s how well it was drawn.

  77. @wallythegreenmonster

     Well at least in this issue, there was some help by a Joel Gomez who was credited as "with Joel Gomez" after Manapul for art. After some pretty strong complaints on the comment section about DiDio’s tenure as EIC in regards to artists falling behind and about Manapul apparently needing help after only one issue (never mind that he was working on ADVENTURE COMICS right before this), Manapul himself chimed in with this:

     "fyi I haven’t been on vacation. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling for a tv show that I’m working on. I bring my work with me so I basically shoot all day and draw all night. I’m not just soaking up the sun. Joel is a dear friend of mine and was more than kind enough to help me out on 6 pages which he did background pencils and inks for me while I was out shooting. The books have shipped on time and I’ve been doing everything I can to keep it so. hope that clears things up. thanks!"

     I applaud Manapul on clarifying though I hope this doesn’t continue. His work is great and anyone else filling in for a few panels is just distracting. Particularly the inking is soooo much thicker.

  78. @Chrisflinchbaugh 


    yeah it was immediately noticeable and my biggest gripe with his work. I thought he was dogging it on the boring stuff. 


    I can appreciate fans wanting schedules kept, but i’m a quality first kinda guy. I’d rather have a complete work that’s shipped late, than fill in artists being used…Especially on a top tier title. Its a shame an artist has to compromise his body of work and his name by being forced to do that. 

  79. Barry’s speed force is like Popeye’s Spinach

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