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  1. hmm, decisions decisions. I’m already gonna buy Legion of the 3 Worlds, and I bought/am buying Rogues Revenge. Should I get this FC tie in as well?

  2. I’m getting this for Renee & Cris.  I’m fully prepared not to understand any of it, as I haven’t followed any other FC stuff.

  3. The Question? Rucka writing? Dr Light reaping what he sowed? Yes please! Does anyone know if this is the book that Batwoman was gonna show up in?

     @Jericho: Personally, Rucka hasn’t led me wrong before. I say give it a chance. Specially if you like any of the characters mentioned.

  4. @Ntpmctp – Batwoman is on the cover of issue #3.

  5. Batwoman is on the cover of issue #3


    The Question/Batwoman mini-mates on my desk are doing a little dance.

  6. I have a good feeling about this one, Rucka’s writing is gold more often than not. I remember Conor interviewed him, he seems like a good bloke, too!

  7. These Final Crisis tie-ins have been good so there is no reason for me to avoid this.

  8. Final crisis has been all yummy goodness bring it on.

  9. Ooooh this is the Rucka one is it?

    Alright, alright, yeesh.


  10. Hell Yes!

  11. Just finished the Gotham Central trades and am so very excited for this!

  12. Just read this and it might end up being my POW.

  13. This was pretty good.  It left me wanting more.  Oh and all of the bad guys that got killed in this… did we really just see a couple of big players get killed for real?  Wow.

  14. Story was pretty good.  Libra appears to be even more badass than previously advertised. 

    The art was unbearable.  I am not a fan.  Too dark.

    This is not on the same level as FC: Requiem.

  15. Uhm…not bad, I’m just not sure I see what the point of this mini is. sorry but I think Final Crisis is just fine without tie ins.

  16. Holy crap! This was awesome. That is the best looking art I have seen in a while, and the story was pretty damn good too.

  17. It was good, but had one flaw.  Do they have to shove it down our throats that Dr. Light loves rape, but I guess he’s gone now.

  18. LOL. Shit. Why does "Dr Light loves rape" sound so funny to me? Maybe because he seems like the most harmless old style villain in such a silly outift, with silly powers … and he loves rape. LOL. It’s so ridiculous it’s funny.


  19. I don’t mind the fact they make him a rapist, but it’s become so comical that it trivializes a serious and awful crime.  That scene did’nt shock me, it made me laugh, which I don’t know what that says about me.

  20. i heard all the dc san diego panel podcasts talking about philip tan, and i didn’t see what the big deal was until i turned the page to that first question action scene. wow!

  21. So, am I the only one who wondered…"How the heck did Dr. Light get those 3 heroines in his room?" 

  22. I just went with it

  23. @zattaric – I don’t think that those girls were actually Raven, Donna, and Starfire. I beleave         Dr. Light had some girls dress up as like them.

  24. @zattaric – gnanniy is right. It wasn’t really them, if you look closely, you can tell. Also, Starfire could kick his ass on her own.

    @Kory – My reaction to the rape stuff is the same as yours. It’s so ridiculous to see such a corny character do such horrible things, it’s comical. Which is why the words "Dr Light loves rape" makes e laugh every time. It’s like saying Bugs Bunny loves torture.

    I guess it’s thier way to try to make us take Dr Light seriously. But, it didn’t work on me.

  25. makes ME* laugh everytime.

    (one day I’ll learn to type)

  26. I liked this book a lot, but I felt that I was missing something by not reading the crime bible.  Is crime bible worth picking up?

  27. @thescimitar – Definitely. It was a really good series.

    I actually was thinking when I read this issue, how lost I would have been with the Crime Religion stuff & The Renee Montoya/Question if I missed the Crime Bible books.

  28. Yeah I haven’t read the Crime Bible books but I loved Montoya in 52 so I’ve been meaning to pick it up.  This comic now gives me another reason to.

  29. I need help with something…explain why in a universe where there is a guy who is God’s wrath personified,  why would there be a need for superheroes?  Why does’nt Spectre just go take out Joker and Lex Luthor so Batman and Superman could go retire?

    Is there a reason why he does’nt kill certain villians?

  30. @Kory – God works in mysterious ways.

  31. @gnanniv & wadewilson:  oh, yeah, I see that now.  thanks guys.  Makes much more sense.

  32. @Kory – Good question. I never thought of that before. If anyone is worthy of God’s wrath, it’s The Joker. I guess it’s one of those comic book things that just can’t be explained, like how a pair of glasses is somehow an perfect disguise.

    I wonder if Superman put glasses one while wearing his costume, people would ask him: "Hey Clark, where did Superman go, and why are you wearing his outfit?"

  33. *glasses ON

  34. @Wade- The fact that I noticed that shows that I need a life.

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