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When I was reading the description for this book I was
somewhat stand-offish about it. Something about The Spectre and The Question
just isn’t that appealing (The Phantom Stranger would have gotten my
attention). But because it is a Final Crisis tie in book I figured I would read
the first issue.


Crispus Allen narration set the mood for what would follow in
this issue. His confrontation with Libra is something to behold. The Spectre’s
power has always been something unmatched, but Libra knows the rules of the
game. Allen reaffirms the The Spectre’s difficult job and his relationship with
God. That’s something else I liked about this book, God is a factor that has
some say in the Universe. With everything that is happening with Final Crisis,
the New Gods, Darkseid, the Guardians of the Universe, and the Monitors, God
plays His own role. The Renee Montoya story line was confusing but was still
understandable enough and has me interested enough to keep reading.


The art in this book really caught my attention. I keep
hearing that the art ruined this book, too dark, too penciled. I thought it was
great. Dark, yes, but also vivid at times; also lots of small details that make
one look closely at the panels instead of flying through. Speaking of the panel
layout, I did not get confused or lost at all. I have a light comic diet, only
four ongoing titles, and when I read a book that makes my eyes move long the
panels and pages like water flowing down a river it just makes the read
tremendously better.


This one has got me hooked for the next 4 issues.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 5 - Excellent

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