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  1. I am so excited for this.


  3. I hope it is good, but the legion just hasn’t done it for me in the past.  However, I missed the Action Comics arc that was supposed to be so good this summer, so maybe I just haven’t read the right things to excite me.

  4. @stuchlach Check out that arc. Johns (even the Donner stuff, sans delays) on Action has just been so, so good. I never cared about the Legion but I loved the hell out of that arc.

  5. @GungaDin – Can do.  I will pick it up ASAP.  

    Any other Legion essentials out there?

  6. @stuclach I’ve not read the Legion before or since then. My only other real exposure to them (other than the tangential what the frak is goin on that happens in comics issues every so often) was a two-time watch of that Superman Animated featuring the Legion showing up in Smallville. You don’t need to know ANYTHING about the Legion (or really much about Superman) to read the arc.

    Things you need to know:

    Superman is an alien.
    He grew up in Smallville and every so often the Legion would show up and take him to the future and they’d have adventures when he was but a lad.
    They were good times.

    I handed the arc to my friend who’s not really read much Superman ever and she loved the hell out of it. That’s right, I said she.

    Check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

  7. @GangaDin – Thanks for the info.

    I find it funny that you wrote "Superman is an alien".  I wonder if there is anyone on this site that doesn’t know that (or that he grew up in smallville).  So did they pick up Supes when he was Superboy in the most recent arc?  That is the impression I get from your post.

    I think I remember seeing the Legion in All-Star Superman, but since that is non-continuity I don’t really know if that is how they are represented in other books.  Or was that just future Supermen in AS Supes?  I need to reread the first TPB.

  8. @stuclach He’s an adult and Superman for the arc. The only reason I say you might need to know about his childhood adventures is because it’s how Superman’s related to the Legion.

    And when I say "Superman is an alien" I mean that’s literally all you need to know. Johns’ gift is to write something that has a lot of baggage and really bubble it down to its most fundamental. You don’t need to know ANYTHING about Superman to read that story arc. Not a damn thing. Every possible thing you might need to know is explained by Johns, and well.

    I don’t remember the All-Star Supes Legion. My reference was to that cameo they made in Superman/Batman by Jeph Loeb at the end of the "Absolute Power" arc.

    But seriously, what’s great about the Legion arc is you don’t need to know much of anything about much of anything to read it and understand it so there’s no real reason to not pick it up.

    Are you reading his Braniac arc? Cuz… you should get on that. I’ve never read better Superman.

  9. @GungaDin – I am absolutely reading the Brainiac arc.  It has been so good that I am buying two copies of each issue so I can give my brother the complete arc for his birthday (he is still in grad school, so he doesn’t have enough expendable income to buy comics).

    Thanks for all the info.  I think the AS Supes apperance I was thinking of was just future versions of Supes, not the legion.  Sorry for the confusion.

  10. Total Legion Fan right here!!!  I’m nervous about what the status quo will be for the LOSH after Final Crisis, but I know Johns and Perez will make it a thrill of a ride.

  11. Welcome back, Superboy-Prime. Don’t forget "they made you do it!" 

  12. So I too am pretty new to LOSH.  I’ve read a arc in Teen Titans with them but other than that… nadda.

    I think I’ll pick up AC arc.  I’m guessing its only in issues… not in a trade yet?

  13. @stuclach Yeah, if you’re loving the Brainiac arc in Action right now, you should go back and pick up that Legion arc. It’s all sorts of fantastic. Really just a fantastic written Superman and a fantastic written Superman story.

    @Charlie Bix Yeah. It’s in trade. Buy it through the iFanboy link up top. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find. 

  14. @CharliBlix And by link I mean

  15. @Gunga – I would but I work at Barnes and Noble… so I get 30% off trades.  If I wasn’t poor I would so buy it through iFanboy since I know they get kick backs from it.

  16. johns + the Legion = Fried golden

  17. Ok, I just ordered the Action Comics Trade since you all raved….dang Amazon makes it so easy to impluse shop!

  18. And for the record, if you don’t like it, I wanna hear why…

    And for those keeping score at home, you won’t have to have read that Action Comics arc to read this issue… There’s no excuse at this point.

    Also, re: that last fact. Don’t quote me on that. 

  19. If the Legion arc from Action Comics, that’s been talked about here & highly praised (much deserved!) is any indication — this title should be pretty damn good.

  20. I know little about the Legion, or Prime, or Superboy Prime (whatever the hell he is called) would this be a mistake to purchase even though I know so little?  I’m only buying it in the first place because of Geoff Johns.

  21. @Kory – I only read Infinite Crisis as far as Superboy Prime goes.  As far as Legion… they are kind of like the Teen Titans of the future.  Or better yet they are a JSA version of the Teen Titans… lots and lots of characters in their ranks… but I don’t think you need to know any of their back stories.

  22. A book with Superboy Prime?  I’m down. 

  23. After the Sinestro War, Prime is my favorite villain.

  24. @Kory Basically what CharlieBlix said. You don’t need to know a damn thing (as I said earlier) to read the Legion arc of Action, so I’m guessing you don’t need to know a damn thing to read this series. Johns will proobably fill you in on everything. It’s like his talent.

    P.S. Check out Sinestro Corps. Really, really good stuff, now out in two hardcover volumes. 

  25. What is the issue arc #’s in Action Comics, that has the Legion story? I’d like to check it out

  26. @JoeNY I think it’s #858-#863, but it’s also available in trade.

  27. @GungaDin- Already ordered it from Amazon, just waiting for it to arrive.

  28. @Kory I get an image of you on some front steps waiting for the UPS dude.

  29. @GungaDin: Or like that dog from Futurama….always waiting for Fry…such a sad moment! >_<;

    If you need a refresher with Legion, then definitely pick up John’s run on Action Comics. The best money you’ll spend on a hard cover this month. Although I am still confused on the team, and if there’s going to be 3 teams in this book…I have a feeling it’s going to get quite confusing early on.

  30. @TheNextChampion That moment broke my heart into a thousand million… or is that billion? pieces!

    What I think is interesting though, is while Johns showed like… EVERY character in his Legion arc, I never felt overwhelmed at all. When I read Lightning Strikes! (the JLA/JSA crossover) I was lost and confused out of my mind but during Action I was never lost or confused about it. The captions really helped and I’m not worried about being lost here, either….

  31. @GungaDin- I’m on vacation right now.  Chilling out Big Lebowski style waiting for the package to arrive.

  32. There is one store about 15 mins away that has this in hard back.. I might be making a trip out there today.

  33. @Simmons – Prime’s the perfect contemporary villain, spec. with Johns at the helm. Favorite villain of mine, next to Joker of course  🙂

    @Kory – somehow you gotta find the Superman-Prime one shot they released during the Sinestro War last year. that one lays it all out. a read thru Infinite Crisis’d explain why he’s who he is now as well.   

  34. @FACE I agree about the one-shot. I think they put it in the "Tales of the Sinestro Corps" collection, which includes the one about Cyborg Superman (Meh) and the Parallax one (which was so, frakkin fantastic… I loved that character study of Kyle…)

  35. more Superman-Prime!! More LoSH!! More Final Crisis. JUST what i ordered for the week

  36. Okay… went the the store… got the book and I just got done reading it ( Superman and the Legion of Super-Heros).  Wow that was really good. Loved it.  Now I really can’t wait for this new arc.

  37. I love Superboy-Prime!  He’s the angry fanboy that yells at the characters for not being the "right" versions of themselves while ripping off arms and denying responsability.  And he can punch through life with his knuckles, there’s that.  Best comic villain maybe ever I’m thinking?

  38. Man, I did’nt know this Superboy Prime guy was so popular.

  39. @Kory – Its all the Sinestro Wars fault.

  40. Prime was also one of the few highlights to Countdown. Mxyzpltlk’s never been beatdown like that before. I think the portal to the 5th Dimension’s been shut down ever since (hehe).

    Think Prime’s definitely a ‘love to hate’ kinda character who brings something unique to the DCU, or, for that matter, superhero comics altogether. A lot of readers were calling for his head last year because he just wouldn’t go away. Guess absence does make the heart grow fond.

  41. Speaking of Countdown… I kind of also got Countdown vol 2 today.  What… don’t judge me.  I didn’t read the arc when it came out and I kind of want to know whats so bad about it.  I read vol 1 and I don’t think it was all that bad.  Not great but not bad.

  42. Okay I checked wikipedia for help on this Prime guy.  So let me get this straight, he is from Earth Prime which is our Earth.  When Crisis on Infinite Earths happened Earth Prime was destroyed, and Superboy Prime is the last survivor.  Then it says he lives in a paradise universe where observes Earth-1 and grows jealous of Connor Kent using the name Superboy.  He then joins with Alexander Luthor to remake Earth-1 in the image of Earth Prime but is imprisoned inside a red son guarded by the Green Lantern Corps.  He is then released by Sinestro and joins the Sinestro Corps and his a herald of the Anti-Monitor along with the Cyborg Superman.  Have I got it covered? Am I missing anything?  I hope not because my head hurts.

  43. Pretty much sums it up.  Most of that happened in Infinite Crisis.  You should really read that.  Read Sinestro Corps as well… both really good and pretty much gives you everything about prime you need to know.

  44. @CharlieBlix- I’m waiting on Sinestro Corps.  Infinite Crisis is on the ‘to read’ list.  And I must say, whoever invented Wikipedia belongs in a Hall of Fame somewhere.

  45. @Kory – I’m not sure how we read comics before Wiki.  Now there is no such thing as "Too complex" as far as continuity plots go… that is for me.  People still seem to have no problem complaining (RIP anyone?).

  46. @CharlieBlix-  Part of the fun of comics for me right now, since I just started reading in May, is reading and then having to go look up characters like Prime for example.  And 2 weeks ago after reading Final Crisis #3 I got to look up Tawky Tawny and Donna Troy, who were characters I never heard of because my superhero knowledge was limited to cartoons before I started reading.

  47. Earth-Prime’s a ‘near’ copy, not necessarily our earth. 

    When it comes to Prime, it’s important to understand that his intentions weren’t evil to begin with – that’s what the Wiki entry fails to mention. You can even sympathize with him if you so choose. But I guess there’s a little of all of us in Prime considering he’s a fanboy. So maybe that’s what makes him so enjoyable now, that he’s a DC persona with which we can relate. 

    As if your back stack isn’t thick enough already 🙂 you’d be best informed by the one-shot I mentioned, Superman: Infinite Crisis, Infinite Crisis and Sinestro Corps War.    

  48. @FACE- That Superman: Infinite Crisis is special you mentioned is on the list too.

  49. @Kory – don’t be shocked when Superman: Infinite Crisis confuses the hell out of you. Just know that the more you come in contact with it, the more it makes sense. The one-shot in the "Tales of the Sinestro Corps" collection is all you really need, but it’s so much fun to watch Alexander Luthor push his buttons in the Superman: IC; it’s the story which makes you sympathize with his plight.

    Make sure you check out your library, bro. It can be much quicker and cheaper than Amazon or IN-stock. 

  50. @Face – I can never just rent books.  I most own.  Can’t help it.

  51. @Blix – if there’s a story I feel I’ll want to read more than once I’d prefer to own it, but there are just too many stories and not enough money on this front.

    BTW; Countdown wasn’t all bad. In fact, it started out strong but then just meandered. Tends to happen when you tell a story in 52 parts. I’m a big supporter of the weeklies. It’s a different beast, though, and you’ve got to accept it for what it is. 

  52. I hope it reads better as a trade.  I have a feeling it wont feel like its meanders as much.

  53. Wait, @Kory, You’re new to comics? Heck la! Oh that’s cool. Make sure you read Identity Crisis!… and Infinite Crisis, but Identity Crisis is more important… And all that Johns Green Lantern stuff… So good…

  54. @FACE: No offense, but this better not be some lame way to say Countdown wasnt all that bad….Countdown was bashed in the skull constantly by us, buried under an unmarked grave, then we later poured cement over it and made it into a parking lot. No way was the series any good, in my eyes it’s one of the biggest failures in DC history……But if you like it then I got no problems. lol

    I like Prime to a certain extent. I mean he was trying to do the right thing….kinda. It was (alex) Luthor’s fault for making him think he needed to ‘save’ the universe and got him into the killing spree. But my love for him ends when he starts whining like a baby and talks like some teenager from the late 80’s. I loved that Sinestro Corp one shot of him, but him defemating Superboy’s grave with the english of a 10 year old…That’s what I mean when he talks and whine too much like a kid.

  55. @TheNextChampion…. now I’m kind of scared.  What if I like Countdown… I hope I don’t.  I don’t want to die by the hands of the comic book masses.

  56. @Charlie: You wont die, you’ll just get tons and tons of hate mail. lol

    Seriously, if you like it…then more power to you. Your just part of a small (very small) minority that would like it. I mean no ill will, pick it up it wont kill you. No, I dont have an axe in my hands, why do you ask? 🙂

  57. @Champ – I said it wasn’t ‘all’ bad. The difference is, I think it had its moments. When it comes to Prime you can take it or leave it. Characterization demands character acts such as whining and talking with the dialect of an 80’s teenager. He’s a character you can love to hate. An annoying prick, yes. Kind of like you.

    disclaimer: that last comment is by no means an act of aggression or low-blow name calling, as i’m really only referring to Prime as an "annoying prick". Champ already knows he’s an annoying prick. I don’t have to tell him. 🙂


  58. @CharlieBlix – COUNTDOWN was a lot of fun.  Some of it sucked, much of it was average, and some was really, really good – like the last four or five issues.

  59. @Kory – Sinestro Corps was awesome as hell. It will rock your socks off. I’ll second who ever suggested you get Identity Crisis, too. Comics don’t get much better than that.

    @CharlieBlix – Avoid Countdown at all costs. There is far better books to spend your money on. This is one time the vast network of world wide internet comic readers who hate everything had good reason. It was terrible. (IMO)

    And, about Superboy Prime (Or Superman Prime? What are we calling him these days?) he is the ultimate angry at the world(s) teenager — but with super powers — scary. The only thing I don’t like about him is how he can punch walls & bring dead side kicks back to life who should have stayed dead. Nice one Winick.

  60. @WadeWilson – Well I have to see for myself.  So far I’m down to number 26 and I don’t hate it.  The next trade isn’t out for awhile so I can’t tell you what I think of the whole run but so far… it could be worse.  Some parts are fun.

  61. @GungaDin-  Yeah I’m new.  I started when the first issue of Batman RIP came out.  The funny thing is I started reading only 5 books a month.  Now I’m up to reading at least 5 books a week.  Some weeks it’s comics or food and sometimes the comics win.

  62. @Kory Sorry to be invasive, but I saw you’re not reading any Marvel this week (You saying you’re new to comics makes me curious as to what it is you’re reading week to week, so if you’ll forgive my stalkering, it’s only because I’m interested in fostering your interest); not that this is a huge week for Marvel (I don’t think) but I was wondering what’s generally on your pull list…

    And I hate doing this here, but… I have no original ideas on places to go… If you went to the forums, you could use their handy PM feature…

  63. @GungaDin- DC books: Batman, Detective, Nightwing, Robin, Outsiders (can you tell I’m a bat-fan!), Jonah Hex, Final Crisis, Green Lantern, GL Corps, JSA, Action Comics, Superman, Booster Gold (for now).

    Image/ Dark Horse:  Invincible, Firebreather, BPRD, Hellboy

    Marvel:  Captain Britain, Wolverine (thats all).  I plan on picking up more Marvel books after Secret Invasion.  It’s just everything is tied into the event right now. Granted, Captain Britain has been a SI tie-in but after hearing the podcast put it over I started reading it so I could familiarize myself with the characters so I can enjoy it when the SI tie-ins are over. I’m already considering books like Ultimate Spider-Man, Incredible Hercules, Thor, New Avengers and X-Men First Class (won’t read Uncanny after my disappointment with #500).  I tried Amazing Spider-Man and for some reason it did’nt pull me in.

  64. @Kory I highly, highly, highly recommend Ultimate Spider-man. If you can (and this might not be possible) go and read it from the beginning… There’s like, twenty trades at this point, so it’s a huge hunk of change, but it’s one of the seminal runs of the past decade. If you want you can pick up starting with this arc, but if you go from the beginning, there’s some great surprises in there…

    Also: Captain America. But read that from the beginning…

  65. @GungaDin- I tried Cap # 40 and I was lost.  I do plan to start from the beginning.  About Ultimate Spider-Man, it’s another one on the list but there are a ton of trades and it is a good chunk of change.  I tried issue #123 but I decided I’d rather experience the story starting from the beginning.  So I’ll get to it when that income tax return comes next year.

    I forgot some others I plan to catch up and start reading- Iron Fist, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Ghost Rider.  And I plan to start with Daredevil next issue.  So it may seem I’m a DC fan only, there is plenty of Marvel stuff I’m interested in.

    I left out one I’m currently reading.  Invincible Iron Man (don’t know how I forgot that one).

  66. @Kory Dude, I can’t recommend Guardians of the Galazy more. I recently picked up the first three issues (four’s out this week) and it was fantastic. I started Nova on issue #13 (I plan to pick up the first two trades within the next few months) and wasn’t lost. Those two writers do a good job of giving you enough to keep going… And I think (much as I can’t believe I’m saying this) I’m going to pick up Ghost Rider starting this week… I hated the movie (and I know that’s not a fair judge thing cuz it was a bad movie) but it made me realize who Ghost Rider was and how much I don’t care…

    I tried reading Daredevil, but I jumped to trade after I hit issue 102 or so… It was a bit slow moving for me…

  67. There were lots of panels in this.  And I loved it

    The Superman museum ruled.  I wish there was a real museum like that.  And DC Direct should put out a bronze statue like the one in the museum with Superman holding up the car, because I would buy that.

    My favorite part was when Prime flipped out because he did’nt have a statue in the villian museum.

  68. This is really my first time with the legion of superheroes and I loved it. Johns made it so easy to follow for new people like me it was like I’ve been reading the legion for years. Don’t listen to the guy who wrote the first review, he hates the story because he doesn’t get it. In general, if you like Johns’ writing and like Superman read this book. It was really fun to read this week

  69. @thefragilenin – Thanks for the insult and telling everyone to ignore a dissenting opinion.  I genuinely wanted to like this book, but it was just too much exposition and I felt it lacked any real excitement.

    Please, tell me based on my review, what exactly it is that I "don’t get".

  70. @stulach
    no problem on the insult there guy. To me there was not that much exposition. You get introduced to the legion of superheroes and what they are about and superboy prime.
    On the excitement part, it’s the first issue, it’s set up for the other four issues in the mini-series. That’s why #1 of 5 is printed on the cover of the book. You’re not supposed to be exposed to everything in one big issue. You build up the story. It’s just like RIP, you give it time. And there is excitement. Superman being called into the 31st century and telling the legion that they are going to have to get the parrallel legions to join up to stop superboy prime from killing everyone. They put it at the end of the book so that you get excited about the next issue.
    And I think that people should ignore your review because it’s not a good review at all. You don’t judge a book badly because you have no prior knowledge of the characters involved in the story. If you are new to the characters, you judge on how the writer did on introducing you to them and their universe. If you know the characters, you judge on how the writer handled how the characters are known to act.And once again I go back to my point that this is a first issue. There is supposed to be exposition for new readers so that they aren’t totally lost like many seem to be in Final Crisis and people complain about that.
    So there you go. Learn to write a review before posting one because the one you posted is not helpful to anyone new to this book.

  71. Please disagree amiably, if you please.

  72. @thefragilenin – So, if a person has very little prior knowledge and the issue is the first issue in a miniseries then that person cannot give a good review?  That is what you are arguing.  How many readers of this book do you think are experts on the Legion (as you yourself state that you are not)?  I scored the book based on how much I enjoyed it, not how much I think I will enjoy the rest of the series.

    In my review I provide list some negatives and state why I feel they are negatives and a positive, then score the book.  I am not sure, but I believe that is how a review is written.  Perhaps you should write a review so I can see how they are supposed to be structured.

    Now that you have spoiled the entire book for everyone who hadn’t read it I will address the "excitement" portion of your post.  The excitement is that Superman is called to the future?  Seriously?  Who didn’t know that was coming?  Seeing someone decide to come to the future is exciting?  Sorry, I just didn’t enjoy it.

    And go back and look at this issue and tell me there are not 15ish pages of exposition.  Every second Superboy Prime walks around that muesem (talk about exciting) contains exposition.  Just because an issue should contain a lot of exposition due to it being a first issue doesn’t make the issue enjoyable.

    I am sorry that I didn’t enjoy the book.  I am glad you did.  Congratulations.  I hope to enjoy the rest of the series and I hope you do, too.  Please note that I have not insulted you in my post and that I merely address the points you raised.  It would be nice if you extended the same courtesy to your fellow iFanboys.

  73. @thefragilenin – Also, if you want to bash my review please do so in the comment section of the actual review rather than in the general comment section.  I believe that is why the comment section for the review exists.

  74. @stulach

    if someone is reading this far down then I don’t care if I spoiled it. They have had the whole day to read the comic already.

  75. @stulach

    I gave into your request and "bashed" your review in the comment section on your review page

  76. Lest we forget that this is a 5 issue arc so there’s going to have to be a little exposition to get the story rolling. Geoff Johns wouldn’t be the great writer he is if he didn’t explain who the Legion was and give people the back story on Superboy Prime for those who haven’t read Infinite Crisis. I thought this was a great book and I cannot wait to see how it plays out.

    I want Prime to be killed off so badly…

  77. @thefragilenin/stuclach- Different strokes for different folks.  Thefragilenin, you enjoyed it and as did I, but since stuclach did’nt like it does’nt mean he does’nt ‘get it’.  He has an valid opinion as does anyone else.  Can we all just get along?  I don’t like it when everyone fights.

  78. Legion fans will love this book as all the Legions seem to be in it, but to new readers it will be unacessible.  i found myself loving the Superboy prime scenes, but the rest of the book seemed to drag and I lost interest.

  79. I loved this issue.  At this point, Johns can do no wrong for me and Perez’s art always looks good.  I’d love to see Prime get his whiny butt kicked, but it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.

  80. ….What a minute what’s this about me being a prick?

    Damn you FACE and my lack of attention! 🙂

    Yeah it was a good read, not as good as Cap but still another great Johns Legion story.

  81. So according to Diamond the next issue of this isn’t out until October–it just got pushed back. How on earth are they going to finish this 5-issue side mini-series before Final Crisis itself concludes? (I guess they’ll just have to push the last four issues of Final Crisis back?) It can’t be the art, can it? Go back and look: Perez used to be able to pencil 4-5 comics on a MONTHLY basis.

    Oh, I thought the book was good. Not great but good.

  82. So i have read a ton of reviews online and all are mixd. SOme love it and others say it was a let down. Should i pick this up?

  83. @Champ – for a second i thought i might have hurt your feelings.  Knew better though – The Champ ain’t got no feelings! 

  84. @rift1128 If you like what Johns is doing at DC and/or his Action run with the Legion, yes. This was a lot of exposition. If you like Superboy Prime, you should check it out. If you like the Legion, you should check it out.

    Random observation: I have no idea what this has to do with Final Crisis, but I don’t care.

  85. @flapjaxx – Perez isn’t a young man anymore.  He can’t really keep a monthly schedule.  Great artist, though.

  86. POTW!

  87. Awesome book! The only knowledge I have the Legion is the recent story in Action Comics & I wasn’t lost at all. I was wondering how hard this book would be to follow for people who didn’t read that, or Infinite Crisis or The Sinestro Corps War, but having read all of them, I LOVED this book & can’t wait for more.

    I loved the 2 page spread of the Superman Museum, I loved Superboy Prime’s "teen angst" bitching & whining & I loved the amount of story we got here, it felt like about 2 or 3 comics worth of story in one! You got your moneys worth here!

    One small beef — I think the book should have been called Superman & The Legion Of Three Worlds.

  88. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    hey, did you notice that they called him superboy in the start of the issue? DC owes a lot of money to someone:) oh, and I agree with WadeWilson  

  89. Is the whole lawsuit about Superboy over? I know DC lost the case about Action Comics….but I didnt think they had a verdict on the Superboy case…

    Oh and so I can stand immature: 100 COMMENTS! 100 COMMENTS!

  90. well, we got 90 so far so 100 shouldn’t be hard to top. oh, and what was the case about Action Comics?

  91. @capt: Basically the widow wife of Superman creator Jerry Siegel sued DC comics over the rights of Superman. They won a case earlier in the 70’s where the two creators would always be created for the character….that’s even a longer story…Anyways, for a long time the wife wanted to get the overall rights of the character, which began in the very first issue of Action Comics.

    Long story short, the family won, and now DC lost the rights to Action Comics #1. Basically it means that Superman’s origin; characters like Lois Lane, Lex Luthor, Jimmy Olsen, Ma and Pa Kent, and anyone else from that issue…is technically not owned by DC anymore. Although they still have some control of the character overseas, in the U.S. the Siegel family can do whatever they want with the rights. So many people are worried that DC will have to stop Action Comics or somehow stop using Superman in the distant future…..but that’s when we’ll be six feet underground when that happens so no worry there mate.

  92. @NextChampion-  I believe the Siegels have ownership of Superboy now.  I think they won the case back in 2004.  I remember them trying to halt production of anymore episodes of Smallville but they were unable to do so because Clark is’nt called Superboy and does’nt wear a suit in the show,  WB used the defense that Smallville was about pre-Superman Clark not Superboy.  As far as Superman and other characters go,  there is still a case ongoing but it looks like that DC and WB will have to compensate the Seigel family, no word on if the Schusters will join the lawsuit.  In 2013 I believe there will be some complicated copyright loophole that will allow the Seigel and Schuster families to shop Superman to other publishers.  So theoretically Superman could become part of the Marvel Universe in the future, but DC will probably hold onto him but it will cost them a chunk of change.

  93. Avatar photo captamerica101 (@Autobot_Hunter) says:

    oh, then back to my original point. They called him superBOY in the beginning of the issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thanks for the information.

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