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  1. a bit harsh, in my opinion. yes there was a lot of exposition, but i think that’s pretty common in first issues. and this one didn’t feel overloaded to me.

    but i DO agree that prime’s one liners excellent. 

  2. @TehDave – Maybe I had my hopes up too much for this one and I allowed that to color my rating.  Or it could be due to me being a neophyte when it comes to the legion.  Either way, I simply didn’t enjoy the story.

  3. (from the main page)


    Well first off, I don’t think I insulted anyone, including you. For you making a list of negatives and positives I didn’t really see it. The only thing you really said in the reivew was that you (and I quote):

    hope the second issue begins with all the legions (both good and bad) being killed by Superboy Prime on the first page. 

    Other than that, you complained about exposition. I don’t know about about you but one complaint isn’t a list. 

    And about the experts on the Legion, there are probably some people out there that know everything there is to know but for all the new people it’s nice not to be confused while reading something. 

    I’m no review writing expert, I’m just saying that maybe you should practice in MS word and look at other reviews before posting on here that way you know how to voice you opinion better. Because typing half the review in bold doesn’t get your point across any better. 

    On excitement again, it’s the first issue, you should have learned this in some type of literature class, you introduce everything, present the problem, you get rising action, climax, and resolution. You don’t throw everything at the reader’s face the first chance you get. It just doesn’t work like that.

    I’ll close with, if you were insulted, well you posted it, comments are enabled, everyone has an opinion about everything, and I’m just an anonymous person that was actually able to get under your skin and bother you about a comic book review pretty badly 🙂

  4. stulach… controversy seems to follow you even though I really don’t really think you earn it.  If you want to write a snarky review, then do so.  Snarky ones are often the most fun to read. 

    I actually had fun with this, but I can see why you didn’t.  I actually needed all the texty to keep me from getting confused, but it’s done in the best way you could hope to do, given the nature of the book.  My main problem was with the ending, which promises triple the characters and a milquetoast plan by Superman-whitebread.

  5. @thefragilenin – There’s no need to be so angry.

  6. @conor

    I’m not angry at all. just voicing what I think about his review

  7. @ultimatehoratio- "Superman-whitebread". Hilarious.

  8. @thefragilenin – I have no idea why the review is posted in two different fonts.  None of it is bolded.  This is what bolded looks like.  It looked fine when I typed it.  The review must be fairly good if your primary complaint is the format of the text.

    There were three negatives listed:
    Jimmy Olsen delivering the Exposition
    The fact that Superboy Prime’s oneliners are the best thing about the book.

    You claim not to insult anyone then say something like this: "you should have learned in some type of literature class" and then attempt to tell me how a story is structured like I am an infant.  I am quite aware of how a story is structured, but this review is not a review of the entire story arc.  It is a reveiw of the first issue.  I sincerely hope the rest of the arc is fabulous.  You are essentially insulting my education.  Please feel free to post your level of education and I will post mine.  We can see who is better educated if that is the game you wish to play.

    You really seem to feel that because it is the first issue it can read like a textbook and get a free pass.  I don’t feel that way.  If they want to provide this much background information create an introduction page like the ones Marvel uses. 

    At what point during any of my posts does it seem as if you are getting "under my skin"?  I am simply replying to your posts point by point.  You are the one who seems to be getting angry.

  9. @ultimatehoratio – I also noticed the "controversy" following me.  It seems as if the "outrage" and bashing only starts when I post something that disagrees with the majority on the site.  I guess that is to be expected.

    Regardless, I will continue to post my opinion and attempt to address any complaints as my schedule allows.

  10. @stuclach- I now how you feel.  Check the Kirkman board.  I’ve also post some things that people take literally and I have to always respond with a post saying I was just joking.

    To anyone else, just because somebody does’nt like the comic you liked or does’nt like the company that you follow does’nt mean they just slapped your mother.  Not everyone will always agree on the same subject.

  11. @Kory – It was a little suprising when it happened the first time because this seems like such a mellow place (that’s why I kept visiting), but at this point I try to ignore the childish stuff and respond to the actual complaints.

  12. @stuclach Hey i wanted to thank you for your review. I dont know what he was getting all upset about but you just simply voiced your opinions. I didnt buy this yet cause i wanted to see what the overall reaction to the comic was before i embraced yet another spin off of the major events. I did flip through it however and my first though was, "Wow, thats a lot of reading." There were captions and word balloons everywhere. Im still gonna pick up this issue as most opinions are that it was a decent start, and i feel Mr. Johns can do no wrong at this point,  but thanks for your opinion.

  13. @rift1128 – Thanks for the positive comments.  I hope you like the issue more than I did so you can feel like you got your money’s worth.  I also hope the series continues to get better.  I generally like Johns’s work, but this issue just felt like information overload.  Let me know what you thought.

  14. @stuclach — I loved this book & thought it was awesome, & even though I disagree with most of your review , I still enjoyed it. If everyone had exactly the same tastes/opinions, it’d be pretty boring.

    Maybe it felt like info overload to you, because it was 40 pages? Almost 2 comics in one.

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