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FF #7

The Return of the King.

Black Bolt is back and is determined to reclaim his throne.

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Greg Tocchini
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Mark Bagley, Andy Lanning & Paul Mounts

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 2.9
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  1. After what people have said about #6, I’m hoping that this is better, or Tocchini hits his stride, or that they bring back Epting, Edwards or Eaglesham. I’m still in till at least issue #12 or 13, since I subscribed directly to Marvel, so I’m hoping Hickman can recover the magic.

  2. Part 2 of…’Who The Hell Cares?!?’  Maybe this time around we can at least get an appearance of the FF.

    I am loving this series as a whole, but last issue was greatly disappointing.  Please Mr. Hickman get back to the main story as quickly as possible so I do not have to contemplate dropping this title again.    

  3. Sometimes you can believe your own hype too much and go away from what made everyone love your stories…i think this little 2 issue tangent is a perfect example of that. More FF…less confusing other stuff please. This is/was my favorite series. 

  4. I thought FF#6 was a complete disaster. Such a letdown considering how solid this series has been.

  5. Have yet to read this run on FF yet  but from all the positive comments im thinking of picking up the back issues… So im guessing i should buy only issues 1-5 and then pick up after this one??  Lol

  6. Hickman knew he needed certain artists to tell his story correctly. Marvel demanded two extra issues. Hickman wrote these for Tocchini. Good or not, the art of his main tale won’t suffer. With all the troubles the Fantastic Four have had becoming relevant again over the years, you would think Marvel would leave well enough alone. But no, sales started to rise so they got out their money squeezing machine. 

  7. (sobs)

    Greg Tocchini!? This isn’t happening!!! 

  8. @TheNextChampion  – lol

  9. I did not understand some of the hate of the art last issue. I did not like the story at all, but that wasn’t Tocchini’s fault. 

  10. To be honest I’ve lost track of how long this “four cities” thing is supposed to be going on for. I know lots of people are disappointed with this series lately, but having been reading Hickman’s run up to this point, I think it’s always had slow spots that seem to contribute very little to the overall story. It’ll probably get good again, and then I’ll jump back on. I think the writing on this series has been overhyped ever since the build-up to the death issue, and now expectations are just falling back to earth. Hickman’s still a good–if problematic–writer, though, so I’d predict a return to greatness eventually.

  11. @HailScott  –i really liked the art from last issue….the sketchy-ness of it all was nice. I agree..the issue had problems and it was all story. 

  12. Not reading FF regularly but I might check this out as an Inhumans and Marvel Cosmic fan.

  13. Tocchini is good. Maybe a little abstract for some people, and he definitely has the occasional storytelling problem, but he’s amazingly talent and anyone saying he’s “bad” needs to take a few art classes to understand the craft he’s able to lay down on paper.

  14. Was quite enjoying FF til that last issue.

    No thank you.

  15. Where’s Epting?

  16. Abstract? Are you ia freaking child? While. A weak link story wise, the art was amatuerish. And far, far from what h as come before.horrible move on Marvel’s part.

  17. Yeah I’m not sure where you’re getting ‘abstract.’ 

    Bad art, slow recap story equals lame issue! 

  18. This’ll be in my box and I’ll buy it but I don’t really want it. Or make my fist ever exception and put something in my box back on the shelf. I’m a long time customer. I should get ONE

  19. …abstract as in he simplifies some forms and implies structure rather then drawing everything out. Abstract. Not bad.

    @BruceLuvsClark  You’re being intentionally ironic, right?

  20. That last issue was horrible.

  21. I think by ‘abstract’ you mean to use the word ‘untalented.’ 

  22. Tocchini art is like cavepaintings. You know what the idea of the drawing is but there is no sense of clarity or sense of talent.

  23. Gotta co-sign with the Next Champion, just read it and the art just isn’t good.

  24. @TheNextChampion  –c’mon dude just friggin stop. To not like something is one thing. To start saying someone has no talent because its not something you’re used to seeing or don’t particularly care for is just narrow minded and offensive. 

    To everyone throwing out the “no talent” card….redraw the issue in question and post your pages. Should be really easy for you guys… 

  25. Maybe it will all make sense eventually but I’m just not getting all the Black Bolt. We’re getting more FF in Spiderman at the moment.

  26. @wallythegreenmonster: So by your logic I assume that means you never EVER criticize something unless you have already proven you can do it better. Right?
    Just because I can’t draw something better doesn’t mean I want to spend my money and time on something that is so far below what I have come to expect from Marvel. Some people have different talent levels. Maybe the ‘no talent’ comment was a little too far but no the other side of the coin, just because it appears in a Marvel book doesn’t mean it is good and just ‘not something you’re used to.’  Marvel can publish bad art, and in my opinion, last issue of Ff was one of those times.

  27. My God, it’s still Tocchini.

  28. @USPUNX  –i criticize A LOT…i’d say i’m the most critical person i know, but i can always come up with valid constructive reason as to why i do or don’t like something. If you’re going to say a professional creator has “no talent”, then YES you must prove you can do better. Put up or shut the f$ck up. Trolling adds nothing to the conversation besides pollution. 

    Again you and the others have not given one piece of constructive criticism on why this art is “bad”. i just see immature name calling and vitriol. Chill out, its just comics. 

  29. First of all, saying ‘its just comics’ in large part invalidates anything else you have to say. If ‘its just comics’ why be on here in the first place? Why get involved in any discussion if you don’t take it seriously? Do you think Hickman and Tocchini feel like ‘its just comics?’ 

    As to why the art is bad…The figures look amateurism, lacking detail and definition. The backgrounds, where there even are any, greatly lack detail. The lines overall are not as crisp and definied as I prefer. The colors are over done and show a lack of subtlety. The facial expressions on the characters are basic and express large general emotions, again lacking any great subtlety. And, partly due to the story jumping around, I found there to generally be a lack of visual story telling. The art doesn’t push the story forward on its own.

    Is that enough reason for you or do I still need to show you my pages?

    And the reason I’m ‘not used seeing’ art like this is because, in my opinion, it falls well below what I would expect from a ‘professional’ creator. Just because you are a professional doesn’t mean everything you do is great. What kind of logic is that? 

  30. @USPUNX  — Honestly i just took offense to the “no talent” troll comments. They were way out of line and more hateful than constructive. Show me your pages…The Monster Challenge stands!!!! you have until noon or you will face interwebz doom!!!! haha

    “its just comics” is more of a reminder to have fun with it all. No need for lynch mobs and personal attacks on creators. 

  31. The ‘no talent’ line was a little over the top. And sadly I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag so I have no choice but to forfiet the Monster Challenge!

  32. the art is killing this arc

  33. Does Tocchini have some talent? Well he can definitely draw better then me so I guess that qualifies as ‘talent’.

    Another really bad issue and Hickman has got to have some blame here too. The story is a mess because you don’t care about Black Bolt returning and neither do the rest of the characters. He literally comes back and there is no emotional punch to it at all. Plus the stuff involving Ronan made no sense but I’m sure it’s going to be integral down the line. Then you have Tocchini’s art and basically @USPUNX said on the topic. Unbelievable how this is considered good by any standards by Marvel.

    Thank god Epting comes back next issue.


  34. What’s so laughable about the “no-talent” sentiment is that if the statement is true, the speaker should be able to draw better then Toccini. I can take “not my cup of tea,” “lacks dynasm,” “too ill-defined to be legible” and “has story-telling issues.” You could make those arguments about Toccini’s art, I’d even agree with two outta four of them. But to say “not talented” is comically (ha) ignorant.

    @USPUNX  – Yeah, I know what abstract means. The thing is, art can have abstract qualities without being full-on non-objective (abstract and non-objective art are, in fact, not the same thing at all).

    “this is because, in my opinion, it falls well below what I would expect from a ‘professional’ creator.

    This is way more palpable an opinion. To each his own, totally understandable what you seem to expect from comic artists, let’s agree to disagree.

  35. How the hell did Tocchini get a job at Marvel? The art in this book is HORRID. Please, please, bring back Epting or Eagleshem or anyone really because the art is murdering this book.


  36. I think my main problem with the past two issues is that they really didn’t need to be TWO issues. A one-issue detour into the rturn of Black Bolt, his place with the Universal INhumans and the deal with ther Accusers and the Supreme Intelligence and we’d be golden. It wouldn’t be my favourite issue, but I’d understand its place. Instead we got two issues with a lot of silent panels of divisive artwork and a story noone really wanted to read spread out thinly…

    Back to awesome next month Mr Hickman. Ta.

  37. I love hickman BUT these last two issues has derailed this series for me. Seriously I dont care about the inhumans dont know who 90% of these other people are and dont even get me started on how bad the art is. The only slightly redeeming quality of these issues has been seeing black bolt in action but other than that total waste DO NOT WANT! 2/5

  38. First, did Black Bolt Marry a horse… ?  !

    Second: Did Black Bolt speak…. ? and all that happened was that the wall got blown out.? In Byrne’s run it was equal to a nuclear blast… and a wall falls down. Lame.

    The art isn’t so bad, but the story is just like a b-movie sci-fi flick. pretty bad. Probably dropping off unless something changes.  

  39. @DenverDave  The wife in question is one of these guys.

  40. I don’t understand what all of the fuss is about the art. I enjoyed the art. Do I prefer Kitson back? Of course! Tocchini’s art is still excellent. His composition is awesome. His faces and definition do not suit your standard comic book art, which is why everyone is complaining. That doesn’t make it bad.

  41. @WHATTHEDAST im glad you enjoyed it, but I think I would rather squeeze a porcupine out of my anus than have to look at that art again.

  42. Man, lots of hate on the art.  I fucking love it.

  43. There was a great story involving why Black Bolt is not around the Marvel Universe told in the DnA Cosmic books.  If he had just reappeared in Fantastic Four without any explanation I would be really upset.  Thankfully Hickman is taking some time to address his return and give it some of the scope it deserves.  Great story.

    Agreed, the art was terrible though.

  44. While I do appreciate some reasoning given to an inevitable comic villain return, I still couldn’t get into the art (though better than last months) and while the story made more sense than the previous issues, which I couldn’t tell you about until I read the recap in this book, it still wasn’t told very well. Looking forward to this series getting off this tangent and back to what it promises on the cover: The FF

  45. I personally didn’t love the art, but it really wasn’t as horrible as a lot of people on this posts are making it sound. The REAL problem was the story. when i started reading issue 6 i actually flipped back to the front to make sure it said FF on the cover, and i didn’t get an issue of inhumans in the mail on accident. If i cared about the inhumans in any way, i’d read their book. The book is called FF, and i hope with issue 8 at least it will actually have the FF in it. 

  46. I listened to a Hickman panel from Comic-Con, and I think this issue, with 6, are some of the “set up” for the big story he’s trying to tell. That’s great and all, but I didn’t like these two. The art was inferior, but the story left me scratching my head. I know who the Inhumans are, but I’ve never been a fan, and I know next to nothing about their recent history. A lot of the significance of events in this issue are lost on me. I’m sure some of this will be important later, but I don’t care. I was really enjoying the FF story, and this derailed it and sucked out the momentum.

  47. Avatar photo Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I’ve never been rickrolled by a comic before. That was a new exerience.

  48. Based on the art, is this a Flashpoint tie in?           

  49. Interesting how separated the Marvel Cosmic Universe is from FF readers these days. At one time, almost all of the appearances of the Inhumans or any of the cosmic characters would have been in FF, as a matter of course, as the one major scifi-ish title. I personally need to catch up on the large pile of DnA cosmic books sitting on the to-read shelf, but I’m somewhat surprised that folks who buy a Fantastic Four-related title wouldn’t have any interest in the Inhumans or the cosmic corner of the Marvel U. Fascinating.

  50. Why is it surprising? I’ve been reading FF for a couple years now and there has been almost cross over with the cosmic Marvel U. The time you are talking about was decades ago. Things change, how is that surprising? Another reason there was so much cosmic crossover is that the cosmic part of re marvel u didn’t have as many of there own books like they have in recent years.

    This really should have been done in one issue.

  51. FF used to be something i looked forward to. now, ii feel like it’s an obligation to spidey and thing. they don’t even come out in their own book. Hickman, you SERIOUSLY dropped the ball on the last two issues.

    FF fans, the FF come out in next wednesday’s issue of X-23.

    i can’t believe another comic will have more of an appearance of the FF then it’s own namesake book has had in two months.

  52. Going in here as “Shiv”, not “Spoon”.

    When did Fantastic Four fans become such a bunch of short sighted whiners?  How long have you been reading Jonathan Hickman’s stuff?  He’s a good writer isn’t he?  He tells good stories doesn’t he? He puts incrediuble amounts of research and planning into his stories.

    Have a little faith people.  The Inhumans show up and people start with their “I used to like this book.” and “…better get back to what I like, ’cause I’ma drop this book otherwise.”  Please.  Do you walk out of every movie that has a flashback or an interlude?

    Enjoy the ride people!  Hickman is telling a cool story, apparantly we needed some background for what is about to come next. 

  53. Yeah, like I say I have no problem with the story itself, just it being over two issues.

    I think we should all have enough faith in Hickman to know that even if these issues weren’t your thing, he’s not going to suddenly become a terrible writer and FF isn’t going to become unreadable…

    Takes a little more than a couple of issues to wobble me.

  54. The last issue and this issue have been dreary and disappointing. FF is too new a series and too new a concept to leave the title characters out for two issues in a row. I understand the Inhumans have their place in FF history, but this current arc should be published in a separate miniseries or one-shot, or at the very least make it a back-up story. If this is par for the course for this series, I’ll be removing it from my pull list. Fantastic FAIL.

  55. It’s clear who is reading this in trades and who’s been month to month from the begining. Hickman always has a plan and this run has had slow points like this every six to eight issues. I trust him to keep this amazing story on track.

  56. Like Batman and Robin with Morrison writing and Philip Tan drawing it, I love the story being told in these issues, but the art is just needlessly sloppy in places.

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