FF #7

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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Greg Tocchini
Colors by Paul Mounts
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Mark Bagley, Andy Lanning & Paul Mounts

Size: pages
Price: 2.99

The last issue of FF was by far the worst of the series to date. It had a confusing story and more importantly a pretty shitty artist on board. So instead of moving away from all the Inhuman’s mess, Hickman once again goes further into the ressurection of Black Bolt. Also we still have Greg Tocchini as artist…..This is gonna be a long read….

To be fair, let me put Hickman down on this review too because he’s also the culprit of some bad choices in this issue. There is absolutely no drama in this story. Even if you read the entire Abnett and Lanning space opera (especially with War of Kings) you still wouldn’t find much enjoyment out of this. We get a confusing mess of Black Bolt, somehow, returning to his people and also getting right into the War of the Four Cities. You’d also think that the return of a somewhat major character would be dedicated to a few pages of happiness with his people. We don’t get any of that. Black Bolt quickly gets back on the throne and the characters pretend he never left in the first place. Again with no real drama or stakes so far with his return, I get the feeling that Black Bolt isn’t really important to the story even though that can’t be the case here. Also, whatever is integral to Ronan the Accuser didn’t make much sense but hopefully Hickman will use it to¬†some degree in the future.

After this issue we have to hope that Marvel, DC, or any other comic company will never hire Greg Tocchini again. His pencils, once again, are just laughable and just plain unfinished in some cases. It’s a shame because there are flashes of some decent layouts. The panel of Black Bolt fighting the tentacle monster, or his ship landing on the Moon should be impressive. But instead they are drawn very lazily and his inking actually ‘smushes’ the art to make it look more ugly. His character’s are also a joke, with some looking like they are missing their skull or their eyeballs are completely missing. The drawing of the Evil Reed Richards towards the end is a joke.

Thankfully, and don’t call this a spoiler because I am saving you right now, Steve Epting seems to be back on the book next week. Let’s pray that Tocchini will never get involved in an integral book every again. But blame should also go to Hickman as well because he tells a boring and somewhat confusing mess of a return for Black Bolt. Yes he might be¬†important to the ‘War of the Four Cities’ storyline, but there was absolutely no reasoning behind these two issue fillers that you couldn’t tell in a single issue. I still want to say that FF is the best Marvel book being published now, but this two issue arc definitely hurt that title thanks to some poor writing and shitty art.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 1 - Poor


  1. I agree with your take on last issue and it looks like this book is more of the same. The last issue had absolutely no heart or emotion and the art was painful to look at.

    I subscribe to this title so there’s no way I can skip up. but I’m anxious for next issue where Epting gets back onboard and we get back to the good story.

  2. Painful but honest review.

    It’s difficult for me to even consider the “War of the Four Cities” thing an actual STORYLINE, rather than just a formless mass of plotpoints (even “points” is quite generous) spread out over the span of many issues, dating back to a build-up (again, “build-up” is arguable) last year.

    Recently I’ve heard the complaint that Hickman hasn’t been offering much “drama” lately. I don’t know if he’s ever offered much. Aside from issues specifically designed to show deaths and resolutions, I don’t think Hickman’s ever been good at drama. Actually, some of my favorite Hickman comics (SHIELD, Nightly News) have been good because of their stand-offish non-dramatic qualities.

    He’s just a very idiosyncratic writer. I think people who have just been following his FF run recently have gotten a kind of skewed view of him. On one podcast, I heard a host characterize his plots as something a kid with Asperger’s would design–very complex, but sometimes completely uninteresting to other people. I agree with that accessment. But that podcaster also–like me–definitely admits that the guy has talent. He’s a good writer but he seems bound to whatever (sometimes boring) routes through which his brain needs to process.

  3. 2 issue arc? 

    Good, maybe I will start reading this series NEXT issue.

  4. Greg Tocchini’s art is very polarizing. Personally I like it, but I understand readers of a big series like the FF wanting a more standardized art style. Tocchini’s art does seem a little better suited for indie books, or street level hero books.

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