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FF #17

• “Roomies”

• Now That He’s Back Among The Living, The Human Torch Moves In With Spider-Man! Can Two Super Heroes Share An Apartment Without Driving Each Other Crazy?

• What Secret Lies Behind The Door To Annihilus’ Closet?

• Who Throws A House Party Like The Light Brigade?

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Nick Dragotta
Colors by Chris Sotomayor
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Mike Choi, Guru-eFX, & Gerald Parel

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 41.2%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Human Torch & Spidey, should be good!

    Probably gonna be my pick of the week…….

  2. You think that’s bad, just wait till Black Panther moves in…

  3. Might pick this up as I only have one book this week.

  4. This is definitely my pick of the week – mainly because it’s the only thing on my pull-list. But it looks great anyway.

  5. It’s a light week for me, and I don’t normally get FF, but this premises sounds promising.

  6. Loving this and F4 right now.

    Hickman’s run is one of the all-time best. Top Five.

  7. The preview for this shows a very disturbing level of this idea of the two living together.

  8. Hickman is great!

    If you are a fan, do yourself a favour and listen to his great interview on word balloon from about 4 podcasts ago.

  9. Really excited for this should be very funny and POTW contender

  10. This is a great idea. I’d love to see Spider-man and Wolverine as roommates.

  11. I can’t wait til Friday when I am gonna pick this up, this has been such a Hickman-awesome-mania month, & the best thing as well is Ultimates #9 is out!!

    Gonna be fucking rude!!!!!

  12. I’m generally a fan of his work, but these recent covers do nothing for me. In fact, I think they are doing the book a disservice. Regardless, I’m buying so long as Hickman is writing.

  13. Now that the epic tale is over, this magazine is on a short leash. But then it is Hickman…

  14. This was so good, I literally laughed out loud while reading this several times. This will probably end up being my POTW.

  15. I need that last page as my profile pic!!!

  16. This is looking like a possible, just maybe another week of Jonathan Hickman getting POTW again, between this & Ultimates!

  17. This saw so great and funny. loki2486 I can get you that pic if you like.

  18. so funny

  19. Did anyone else read johnny & peter in the voices of Hank & Dean Venture?:)

  20. Delightfully weird. Glad I started picking this book up.

  21. Does anybody actually like comics drawn this way? Besides Archie fans.

  22. I love it when Hickman gets to do a ‘funny’ issue because he does have a great funny side to him. This was nothing but laughs from beginning to (disturbing) end. I had a blast reading this and Dragotta’s art was also nice to look at. Maybe this won’t be integral to the overall run but it’s nice to see Hickman can deliver the fun before the end.


  23. My POTW. Hilarious!

    I really like Peter Parker stories and this is the best one I’ve read in a while. I could actually see Hickman writing a great Amazing Spider-Man run after reading this.

    Yes, I really liked Dragotta’s art here, too. A perfect fit for the story.

  24. Tight issue. 5/5 PotW

  25. Well, this was my first Hickman work at Marvel. wow. If this was announced as the new creative team on Amazing I would be there. This issue was a lot of fun

    • Welcome to the wonderous world of Jonathan Hickman now all you gotta do is get Fantastic Four, Ultimates, Ultimate Hawkeye, Ultimate Thor, Secret Warriors, S.H.I.E.L.D., Nightly News, Pax Romana, Red Mass For Mars, Transhuman, The Red Wing, The Manhattan Projects & Secret!

      Plenty there to enjoy………

  26. This was great! So much fun and totally my POTW….i really wish we could have more of these fun one-shot issues as a regular thing in mainstream superhero comics…i’d be all over those.

    The pacing in this issue was really good, especially with the partying sequence..i got a good feel for the epic-ness of the night in only a few panels. Great stuff all around.

  27. This was a 1 page joke strip extended to issue length. I did think it was pretty okay for what it is, plus probably the best page in comic ever at the end.

  28. *SPOILER*

    Annihilus dropping a deuce on Peter’s toilet = Panel of the decade

  29. This was a lot of fun to read…Hickman’s pretty funny when he tries to be.

  30. POTW for sure – 5/5!

    Hickman is on fire right now. So looking forward to the shorter arcs he has planned for FF and Fantastic Four for the rest of his run.

    Here’s hoping something interesting develops when he gets his new contract sorted out with Marvel.

    What would you guys like to see him do next at Marvel?

    I’d love for him to take over from Bendis post AVX on Avengers or do some original stuff for Icon.

  31. That last panel might just be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. Even funnier than Johnny saying, “Hold my Annihilus.”


  32. I didn’t realize Hickman could be so funny. I usually think of big crazy sci-fi ideas when I think of him, so this was quite a treat. I also laughed aloud several times. The art was fine, not awesome or bad, just fine. I got a total “The Other Guys” vibe when the issued showed their wild night on the town. 5/5

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