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  1. I really want to get into Fear Agent, but I don’t want to mid-arch. Is this a new, or is that forth-coming? Is that even possible, or should I just start going through the TPBs until I’m caught up?

  2. This is mid-arc. But if you can find the two previous issues you should be all right. Even if you can’t find the two previous issues, you shouldn’t be too bad off. As the ifanboys were saying, it’s not that hard to get into a series, even mid-arc. You just gotta start reading. But you should defintely find those TPB’s, because they are highly concentrated awesome.

  3. Everyone should be reading this. Don’t let this book die!!

  4. I’m a crippling completeist (much to the detriment of my wallet) so I try to be picky about whatever I get into. Screw it though – Heavyink says it’s got 22 and 23 in stock, so I’m starting my subscription this week. Reminder and esp Tony Moore can have all my money.

  5. I’m very excited for this, the first time I buy Fear Agent when it comes out. I picked up the first two issues after the Fanboys hyped it, and am totally onboard. And I have the first trade on the way via Amazon. I’m ready for the awesome-sauce!

  6. @OttoBott Good Man!

  7. This will be my first issue, so after Wednesday if I ask a stupid question here, please go easy on me. 🙂

  8. covers all of your comic needs. Pickup issues 22 and 23 from there like I did, as well as the trades from, or go to the Ifanboy store and get your trades through Amazon by clicking on the link.

    Also provides domain names starting from as low as $1.99.


  9. What else can we say to get more people to pick up this fantastic book ?

  10. Over 100 pulls this week…not bad. Does anyone know if this is an improvement over the number of pulls last issue got?


  11. Nope.


    It’s still early in the week though.

  12. You can see the progression of FEAR AGENT pulls here:

  13. Does anyone know if the iFanboys like this book?

  14. In the Remender Talksplode (just listening to it today) Ron said both Josh, Conor and he liked it, and also said that in itself made it something of a (space) oddity.

  15. I’m reading this in trade and love it!

  16. One of the best series i have ever read. I love every issue of this.

  17. I also am a trade reader on this and it is in my top 2 of books.

  18. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    yeah this book is awesome, i liked it last issue in the backup story how Heath showed readers that he loves beer as much as Homer Simpson.

  19. Just read this and the letters page has josh’s review of the last issue. thought that was cool

  20. I’m glad more people are picking up this book. This arc isn’t my favorite, and I’m wondering how new readers are finding it. I feel this arc is a bit vague for the sake of being mysterious, but its still fun.

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