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• “The Fantastic Four Of 3030”

• One Thousand Years In The Future, Who Are The Fantastic Four?

• Why Are There No More Villains?

• What Happened To All The Heroes?

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Ron Garney
Colors by Jason Keith
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Ron Garney, Jason Keith, & Michael Kaluta

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 22.0%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. And the hits keep coming! Always looking forward to this, now more so then before what with the “main” storyline of Hickman’s wrapped up… interested to see whats to come.

  2. I’m switching to trades on this now that the main saga has concluded, but I’m psyched that Garney is doing the art!

  3. Isn’t Hickman leaving soon? How many issues does he have left?

  4. are the last 7 issues just going to be an epilogue? I was wondering if he was going to pick up the parliament of doom story or carry it over to the avengers if he writes it.

  5. Hickman made Fantastic 4/FF one of my favorite books. His run is up there as one of the greatest runs on a book.

  6. The preview on CBR has Garney’s art looking a bit shakey….Not sure why Epting or Kitson couldn’t finish out the run. But I trust in Garney so maybe it was scanned poorly on the site.

  7. Ron Garney!?!

    Right on!!!

    I just got FF #16 in the mail the other day, guess I’ll read both books this week.

  8. For all of you who are asking, Hickman has said that the upcoming issues of F4 & FF will be either one-and-done or short arcs. Basically, after doing a 3+ year story, he’s going the other way to play against his reputation as a “writer who only does long stories.”

  9. Do ya’ll think I could jump on at this point? I haven’t been reading Hickman’s run at all so far…

  10. It’s worth getting it all in trade.

    It’s a pretty tremendous run.

  11. What a great issue all the reviews were spot-on, these one-shots are gonna be (hopefully) just as good as what has come before.
    Whomever is going to take over has some very big shoes/boots to fill!

    Jonathan Hickman you are the best!!!!!!

  12. I love one-shots and, unfortunately, I think they are not used terribly often bc it probably doesn’t sell as well if there is no cliffhanger to get readers coming back the next month. There’s just no other medium that can put that much story into such a succinct space. Well done Mr. Hickman!

    • For Marvel it might not be great (as far as pulling readers back month to month)…But I prefer “one and done”s. This way if money is tight or I miss an issue, I can pick up the next one without being completely lost.

  13. This was a good story. I like the look into the future for Ben and I loved the ending.

  14. This is one of the best of Hickman ‘s run. Wow.

  15. I want this run as an omnibus

  16. This was a great, poignant one-shot. Really well done, both art and story. It made me tear up. 5/5

  17. This was just incredible.

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