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  1. Sweeeeet!

  2. I’m really interested in this one.  I’d like to see if this can spark some life in the title.  And Dale Eaglesham are cannot be passed up

  3. Eaglesham has pretty much made Reed and Johnny into really buff guys and it has taken me out of the anticipation for the book. I almost wanna not buy it because it makes me unhappy. I am gonna get it solely for Hickman if I even bother with it.

  4. I wish Sean Chen were on the art for this. He nailed the characters in the mini-series.

  5. I’m buying no Marvel U books as of right now but this does sound good. I need a preview or something, though.

  6. @miyamoto freak 

     I feel like I should own at least one Fantastic Four comic, and this seems like a good place to start.  On the other hand, it’s the Fantastic Four… I think I’ll give it a go simply because "solve everything" is in all caps.

    Also, short-sleeve Reed-arm creeps me out.

  7. No ASM this week?  Maybe I’ll check this out than?  I don’t feel like paying $3.99 for Dark Avengers, the trade is a better deal.

  8. DR FF was great, no reason why this shouldn’t be.  Woo hoo!

  9. good i finally pinpointed a new ark. now i’ll buy my first fantastic four book.

  10. Um, jump on or wait for trade….. importants decisions to be made! I enjoyed Hickman’s Dark Reign FF so this should be good.

  11. @Prax I’ve said the same thing about Chen the last couple of months.  I like Eaglesham but I don’t think he is a good fit for the book.  I also liked Kitson’s work on the SI:FF mini.   I think Eaglesham would be better suited for Hulk, one of the Avengers books, or Guardians of the Galaxy.  Especially Guardians of the Galaxy because Wes Craig’s art is horrid.

  12. the preview back up that was making the rounds in the marvel books didn’t really wow me but Dark Reign FF was the best FF in a while. I love eaglesham but im not sure about his Reed, everything else looks good to me though

  13. For the first 110 issues of Fantastic Four Reed was pretty buff because that’s how Kirby drew all his heroes. His muscular depiction has fluctuated for 570 issues.  I think Eaglesham is a good fit, based on the preview pages I vaguely remember seeing about 8 months ago.

  14. Aye, I think I’ll wait for impressions then.

  15. Been waiting for this for a while. I’m not the biggest fan of the Fantastic Four, but boy do I want to be. Millar couldn’t get me into this, but I trust that Hickman can. I don’t think anyone can make this book the biggest book in the industry, but if it can be a quality product with an interesting story I’ll be happy.

  16. you know i’ve never read any FF before aside from a trade here and there but i might give this a shot. I read an interview with the writer and he seemed really excited and brimming with ideas, and if theres one thing i can respect it’s enthusiasm for their craft.

  17. The sooner they fix “short sleeved Mr. Fantastic,” the better.

  18. @Andrew there is a difference between Kirby’s buff and some Reed who could be in an advert for an Olympic Style Weight Lifting Competition. Plus That was a few years ago don’t you think?

  19. Very excited for this.  The miniseries was great.

  20. I can’t believe how many people are picking up their first FF issue with this one. Grab some back issues from the late 80s early 90s, or early 2000s, good stuff

  21. Everyone seems fixated on the way Reed is drawn in this issue. If you read FF Dark Reign you know this isn’t the same old Reed. This Reed Richards is driven with the weight of the universe on him. He is battling super powered villains and trying to fix the world. Now battling Dr.Doom and such on it’s own is a good workout but doesn’t it make sense Reed would want to be at his peak physically and mentally? I loved this issue and Eaglesham’s Kirbyesque take on the team. Yes Kirby was a long time ago but so was the last really great creative team. This book needed a shake out and back to what works approach. Based on this issue I am subscribing to FF again.

  22. this might be POTW for me, goddamn this was good

  23. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Loved this. 

  24. After reading it the art still bothers me. Not just Reed but Johnny too. This issue writing wise didn’t seem to be as good as Dark Reign FF. The Cliffhanger at the end was pretty Oh Shi— but really I won’t be picking up these issues until Eaglesham is off. So far Hickman isn’t the darling everyone thought he would be at Marvel.

  25. I am back with FF thanks to Hickman

  26. This was pretty damn good. This version of Reed reminds me of Tom Strong and that is in no way a bad thing. Loved the last page.

  27. So as I said, I felt like I should own at least one FF comic, and now I think I should own quite a few.  This was a great surprise.  Being a hardcore DC guy, I’ve been trying to grab at least one of all the major Marvel characters so I feel more balanced, and rarely has this paid of (I’m looking at you, Uncanny X-Men 510) Now I feel safe to give Thor a chance when Kieron Gillen comes on, or Daredevil when guy-who’s-taking-over comes on…

    Still can’t convince myself to pick up a Hulk comic… 

  28. I was really disappointed with Millar’s run on FF and was considering dropping the book, but after reading this issue I’m sticking around.  It was really good.

  29. This blew my mind. Seriously. I didn’t think anything could beat the Jimmy Olsen Special and the next book did. This was so good. Anyone near the fence on this one needs to pick this up. Like. Need.

  30. I thought it was a good first issue for the new team, and I thought the colorist did a really good job. It just felt right for the Fantastic Four.

  31. I liked how Reed’s acknowledgement that Valeria will be smarter than him, hence he’s not infallible, foreshadows the inevitable problems with having him try to fix the 616.  It’s seeming like nearly omniscient characters having ambitious plans but not quite seeing all of the angles might be Hickman’s go-to story, but I love that story.

  32. @Alex:  Yep had the same vibe I like the two fisted pulp science feel Reed is presented in this book.

  33. Reed’s been working out I see.

  34. Really enjoyed this, but it didn’t quite wow me. 5/5 for me, though because there are some great concepts here. However, I’m afraid Hickman has been writing "The Fantastic Reed" and not the Fantastic Four. I don’t much care for muscular reed, though he looks a little more like Kirby’s Reed. I was most bothered by seeing Citizen Steel’s face on Reed. I love Eaglesham’s take on the kids and Johnny.

  35. @Prax I dig the family dynamic in the FF.  Franklin and Val are awesome and I think Hickman has Ben and Johnny down. You are right that this is the Reed show. However, I think that the Millar run portrayed Reed wrong.

  36. I loved this. I just picked it up randomly and had a flick through as there was a queue at the shop, but the newly pumped Reed got my attention so I bought it. 5/5 for hot Reed. Woof!

  37. Not too sure about the art here, much like some of the other members.  The whole buff/short sleeve thing doesn’t quite work for me.  The story though?  Wow, this was a great bit of science fiction, just what the FF should be in my mind.

  38. Loved it as well.  Easy 5 for me.

    I liked the nods to older stories.  They’re not ignoring anything with references to NuWorld, and Ben ‘just having his heart broken’.  I hate when the new direction involves ignoring the old ones.  Even had Reed’s room and his 100 ways to fix the world list, first seen post that Civil War or maybe during if I remember correctly.   Great nods to old FF but taking it in a totally ‘fantastic’ direction.

    The room full of Reeds was awesome.  And three of them were wearing Infinity Gauntlets?  That’s a total FF, Marvel Zombie moment of awesome-ness.  Please sir, I’d like some more.

  39. Disclaimer – Me being the Marvel Zombie, not a potential Zombie Reed Richards….

  40. First time posting, but I had to sign up because of this book.  I pick up FF about once a year, read 3 issues and drop it.  Always seems to dissapoint.  Knew this was a new team, had to pick it up and give it my yearly try.

    Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the best issue of FF I have read in years.  Like others said the art is not the best, but I would give it 4 stars, just don’t like the short sleeves.

    The story is what made this.  If this run can stay at or near the level of writing in this issue, I might not have to drop it.  I actually hope this turns into something that will be felt across the Marvel universe.  The last page made me shake with excitement.  Get rid of Dark Reign and have Reed go crazy with power.  That is a story.


  41. Thi was terrific- 5 stars despite the questionable art/character designs.  I did like the Kirby-inspired face Eaglesham drew on Reed, just not the Mr. Olympia physiques on Reed and Johnny.

  42. What an incredible final page.  I’m super-jazzed to see where this goes from here.

  43. I thought this was pretty solid. It was a little hard to follow at first, to me, but as always I loved the interaction with the kids, and I thought the characterizations were great, save for a few issues. Can’t wait to see where this is going. 4/5.

  44. I think buff n tough Reed was a refreshing change…I like when creators take their own bent on things.  My POTW.

  45. Tis was an interesting start but I never really cared for the Fantastic Four.

    Eaglesham art is great.

  46. Love the variant cover.

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