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  1. I am excited its finishing up, but honestly don’t expect much from this.  Last issue was just downright crappy.  What a horrible thing that this title lost steam towards the end.  I understand the difficult times that both Hitch and Millar went through, but still sad that this story had to suffer because of it

  2. Bleh last issue was so terrible, I don’t expect much here.  It went from A level to F level with the change of writer.  This comic should have been delayed 7 months til after Cap Reborn is done.  Then get Millar & Hitch back to finish 2 issues.  And just run Hickman/Eaglesham’s run in the meantime.  Get them all done right!

  3. I would 100% consider myself a completionist but i dont think i will even get this. 

  4. I thought the last issue was surprisingly good, given the circumstances. After waiting so long, there’s no way I’m missing this.

  5. And this ends on a wimper.

    Cant wait for Hickman. Although again, Abnett and Lanning should be must have writers on here as well.

  6. Millar and Hitch made me interested in the FF after never having cared about them before, and now I’m buying old Marvel Masterworks of FF.

    But this is gonna be somewhat of a letdown… 🙁

  7. Bittersweet feelings on this. Don’t really like the fill-in nature of this story. As well, I have to say the previews for Hickman’s run aren’t blowing me away like I thought they would. Eaglesham is great, but I think he’s a little two DC-y for Marvel. I really would love Sean Chen on the montly. His art suited Hickman’s writing well.


  8. @TNC-Hard to say it "ends on a wimper" when it hasn’t ended yet…

  9. @drake: Do you even know what you are talking about? this great arch ended with shitty scheduling problems, a different dude writting the scribe and drawing the book. How is that not the strong kick to the balls version of a comic book?

  10. <sign>…I’ve really enjoyed this run, I think it’s been great fun and great characterization with lots of cool high science…and the portrayal of Ben has been perfect.  Yet from go this book has been haunted by boo-birds and now everyone’s pet fave is Hickman…whose FF Dark Reign was enjoyable enough but from the way people act you’d think that was Byrne (before he took his suck pill) or Simonson back on the book…and the art is going to take a MAJOR hit coming up, guaranteed.

    So give me this book this week, I’m really looking forward to it…and will miss Millar/Hitch on the FF.  Thanks to the creative team and I’ll be following them wherever they land next.

  11. what "hard times" did millar and hitch run into? counting all their money? dammit, finish old man logan, war heroes, FF, and Kick-Ass BEFORE moving onto another book!!!

  12. @edward-I don’t take Aussies wearing snow goggles seriously

  13. aussies in the snow? two dose of rad-ness

  14. @ChrisNjen One of them had a major illness and one of them had a death in the family. 

  15. This arc seems to have move PLODDINGLY slow.  Here’s hoping the finale is a good payoff.  Keep leaping.

  16. I’m so glad this end is running. I think it had it’s moments, especially towards the beginning, but this entire Millar and Hitch run, as a whole, has been a huge disappointment for me. Luckily it has finally ended with this issue!

  17. And now for the season finale of NYPD Blue, filling in for Dennis Franz will be Denzel Washington. Is this not what Millar told us about waiting for civil war, that it needed to be one artist, then what the F@$& with this story! Millar owes me money the same as JMS does for the Twelve.

  18. @ Mr. Glass – The Twelve will finish, same creative team, and it will end as magnificently as it began.  Like this FF should have.  (Should have been delayed)

  19. @KickAss. As much as i’d like to live in your world of faries and miracleman being published, I just don’t think we’ll ever see the rest of Twelve. Which sucks because it might be the best thing JMS has ever done. Agreed FF should have been delayed.

  20. The Twelve was announced several times to be back, and the artist says he really wants to finish it.  It’s only a few issues left. 

    And Marvel-Man will most definitely be here in all it’s Marvelous glory.  I’m sure the next "Cup O Joe" on will have info on it’s reprint and future stories, including the never published though done Gaiman work.

    Thinking about FF, so many other books like Ultimatum, Old Man Logan, The Twelve, etc. have been delayed, yet this one doesn’t?  It dosen’t even tie in to anything, more reason to easily delay it.  I think it’s Tom Brevoort’s fault, rushing this out when he should have delayed it.  But nooo, he really wanted a new team, which is dumb how quickly he jumps allegiance when at first he was sooo excited about this team.  I look forward to the new team as well, but give this team and book it’s proper ending.

  21. @kickass

    The choice to not delay probably has to do with economics.  Marvel thinks that they will make more money with Hitch doing Cap and whatever after that instead of another artist on those projects, than they will lose by having another artist come on and finish this arc.  They only care about the continuity of the story if it is economically advantageous for them to do so.  

    Given the sales figures of Old Man Logan and the work schedule of McNiven they chose the delay route.  With Ultimatum they do not care about the delays because 1) it is the end of the ‘universe’ and 2) it allows them to get more issues ‘in the can’ for the reboot, so the sales of the upcoming universe will be steadier.

    That being said, it still sucks.

  22. Well I don’t know, Bendis complained he was losing money on the Ultimate line not moving forward, thanks to David Finch delaying his art.  But they still delayed it.  Why not here?

  23. I don’t buy the "tragedy" excuse as actually costing Hitch pencilling-time. To be clear, I believe that there was probably a tragedy or he got sick or whatever…but he did pencil an issue of Captain America that came out a few weeks ago, right? At some point, it seems to me that Marvel told Hitch, "Stop working on FF and start working on Cap", and that point seems to have come when he was halfway through FF #568. Seriously, I just do not see any "lost time" whatsoever in Hitch’s schedule. He’s a slowish penciller. If he didn’t stop pencilling FF when he did, then Cap Reborn #1 could not have come out when it did, and that was obviously the priority. Maybe Hitch just casually told one of the Marvel editors, "Yeah I gotta go to a funeral next week", and then the editor took the opportunity to relay a good excuse for Hitch not finishing lower-priority work.

    Anyway. I’m looking forward to this issue. This Millar/Hitch run wasn’t classic, or even "very good", but it was at least "good". It had some mildly innovative concepts and, comebined with Hitch’s style, the subtleties of the characterizations kind of did make the FF seem more contemporary.

  24. @flapjaxx I believe they allowed him to opt-out of FF #569 in order to start work on Capt . Reborn with enough lead time.

  25. @kickass

    I do not doubt that Bendis is losing out on the deal, but the decision was made in the interests of the company not just Bendis (no matter how many books he writes)  Also, as we saw last summer, switching artists on an ‘event’ book like Ultimatum causes serious uproar with the fanbase, and could influence what the LCS’ purchase (mine still has a stack of Final Crisis in the store)  Seeing as almost nobody seems to be buying Ultimatum for the story, losing the A-list artist could have been seen as too problematic. And then the same logic would apply to ensuring that Hitch would be on Reborn.

  26. Anyways…I’m glad the Hickman era will start soon. Excited, like a newborn puppy in my pants.

  27. @ Kick Ass  Ditto to what Mister J said. And I’ll believe Miracleman will be published again when i see it in my hand. There has been false announcements about this title before. And unless Marvel does some major work to the reprints the printing is not going to be very good at all. For example check out Checkers Supreme trades. 

  28. didnt hitch have a "personal tragedy" during the Ultimates run?…

  29. No, he had a child.  He also moved, so that much can be placed squarely on him.

  30. I didn’t like the first half so much, but the end of this really saved the book for me.

  31. Terrible. I think Ahearne had no idea what Millar’s notes meant, so made up his own ideas. It just… didn’t hold up. 1/5. I regret purchasing it.

  32. Yeah, this story stunk. However I was pleased with the ending. that bumps it up to 2/5 for me.

  33. Average ending to an average run. It’s definitely not Millar and Hitch’s best but it’s been a fun read and it’s got me to pick up Fantastic Four. Really enjoyed Immonen’s pencils on this and it makes me want to see Millar and Immonen collaborate sometime. I think I will enjoy this run more when I read the whole thing at once but one thing is for certain – this is no Ultimates. I’ll stick around to try out Hickman and Eaglesham’s run but I’m not expecting too much from them either.

  34. As much as the ending and dialogue sucked from Ahearne, im almost tempted to say that Immonen should have done the entire series. I understand that he was busy with USM but you still have to give him props. 2 gorgeous books in one month, one being oversized? Amazing work.

    Writing sucked.

  35. I liked the ideas, but the execution-not so much.

    Really liked the Ben stuff.

    How much would everyone have liked to have seen Hitch do this issue.  So many cool things that he could have drawn.  (no disrespect to Immonen, I just love Hitch)

  36. Another Millar masterwork ends with a whimper instead of a bang. I enjoyed this in spite of the flaws which I lay solely at Hitch’s feet. I am so sick of these "artists" who take 8-10 weeks to do one issue that consists of multiple full page renderings. If Kirby, Colan, Buscema, Aparo, Swan and so many others had been pandered to like these "modern day legends" would there even have been a Silver-Age? Millar’s opus of 1985, Old Man Logan and FF could and should have been great but ball challenged editorial let it get all askew.

    I will never again buy a book Hitch is associated with or Jim Lee, Quitely and the rest of these creators who are content to work at their pace and damn the fans. I ultimately pay these jerks wages and I at least deserve their respect.

    That said this arc was entertaining but forgettable. So forgettable it is undone in advance by Dark Reign FF to get a jump with #570 towards marketable.

  37. Huh?!  I thought this was great!!!  PraxJarvin, I’m shocked you didn’t like this. 

    I thought it was very cool how the apprentice was Doom.  And Ben’s wedding was handled really well.  I still love the opening page intro from Valeria’s blog.  And Ben using the Pogo plane…c’mon, the freakin’ pogo plane.  And Johnny reaching a ridiculous heat.

    And the art was really outstanding as well.  Fantastic conclusion. 

    I am truly mystified by the reaction here.  My potw.

  38. What happened that Millar couldn’t finish the script? Hitchy I can understand but why Millar? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not turn in a book on time.

  39. Seriously, it’s the last throw-down to decide the fate of the multiverse and Marquis of Death brings the guys from AIM?

  40. @jaipunk-Don’t fuck with AIM

  41. I didn’t see the ending coming and thought this was the best issue of the whole run.  Which I have thought was pretty average up to now.

    I am interested to see the new Doom, but I have a feeling they will never touch upon him again. 


  42. @Urthona My issue is that it felt terribly rushed. There was too much going on, as if Millar wrote down everything that would happen and was going to scale it down later but it never happened. It felt like a mess, and this to me was clear from last issue which also had Ahearne workshopping it. It’s disappointing to me. I’d rather have gotten this late (or never at all) rather than have gotten a half-assed issue from a writer and artist that didn’t start it. Immonen did a good job, but I’ve seen him do much better, too.

    The Ben stuff was good, but telegraphed. I don’t know. For me I read it after JSA #29 which I thought would be my least favorite book of the week and this just… didn’t help. 😉 

  43. Interesting to hear what you thought as I enjoy your balanced posts.

    Well, either way, we all won’t have the Millar/Hitch/benchplayer FF to kick around anymore…clearly your opinion was the majority, btw, so something is wrong with me..!

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