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What a great cover. What a nice plot. But the interior work….welll……

Immonen did a decent job but, some of
the panels were god awful rush jobs. Ahreane (if I spelled his name wrong, it’s okay because he doesn’t really deserve a correctly spelled name) didn’t seem at home here.  It kind of seemed like everyone spoke the same, except for
Ben (who i believe mentioned clobbering as much as Thingly possible).  Spiderman, Daredevil, The guy with the glasses (who is this? can someone tell me?), and Namor didn’t
seem at all themselves. Also a continuity bitch, with Brand
New Day does anyone know that Spiderman loved and lost Gwen Stacy? Arheane did a terrible job with Doom and from what we know of him The Marquis. The Clyde thing seemed forced/

The ending with Ben and Debbie was nice and thought-out, more due to Millar’s plot than Ahreane’s script. The ending with the Marquis of Death…interesting, but it seemed really forced upon the reader quickly.

A personal note:

until this Millar and Hitch run on FF I had never really enjoyed Marvel
books. Other than a few exceptions and Bendis’ Daredevil I didn’t like
Marvel at all. I am disappointed by the end of this run, but I am
really glad to say that I love the FF, and that I love Marvel now.  This run will be special to me probably until I’m dead or at least in a catatonic state.

Story: 3 - Good
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I’m pretty sure the guy with the glasses was Bruce Banner…making his departed female Betty Ross

  2. Spidey’s revealed his real ID to the Avengers and the FF post-BND.

  3. Art a three?  The Thing vs. Apprentice battle was gorgeous, as was the shot of Sue and Debbie hugging.  I also liked the page of the Thing at the bar with the shot of Debbie in wedding gown saying "I’m listening."

    I thought the Spider-man speech was really powerful, btw.

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