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EARTH 2 #2

• MR. TERRIFIC – Michael Holt – lands on EARTH TWO!

• Don’t miss the origin of the Earth Two FLASH – and the first time he uses his powers!

• What could be a bigger threat to Earth Two than APOKOLIPS? Jay Garrick is about to find out!

Written by James Robinson
Art by Nicola Scott & Trevor Scott
Cover by Ivan Reis & Joe Prado

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 32.2%
Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. (in before the crap) i liked the second half of issue one better than all the bombast of the parademon stuff, very interested to see the origins of the team here, and hell, it’s by Nicola Scott (shame about the Jay outfit though).

  2. Not sure what to think of Jay outfit I hope its one of those things I just got to get use to seeing.

    • I like it. Keeps the elements from the last outfit but modernizes it all.

    • i also like it for the reasons @skypants mentioned, but in addition, the goggles/eye sheild is a logical accessory. i’ve always thought that it made a lot of sense for a speedster to protect their eyes and always wondered why most of them don’t seem to need to.

    • also, from time to time, i would like to see bug guts smeared on the goggles. it might not be pretty, but it would add a touch of realism.

    • @sitara119: And without a strap of some sort, Jay’s Mercury/doughboy helmet should have fallen off every time he ran, right?

      I’m hoping the “world without heroes” line might indicate that there will be an explanation for the costumes. Not that I think they’re bad necessarily, but I’m always curious why “Hey, I just got superpowers” inevitably leads “I need a skin-tight suit!”

    • @ken
      a fine point about the strap.
      as for the tights, i like moore and morrison’s view that it’s a fetish thing. if i ever get superpowers, the first thing i’m going to do is get a skin tight costume. unless, of course, i get the Blob’s superpowers. that would just be gross.

    • That outfit is totally gay.

      Oh, wait, wrong guy!

      Besides, I always dug when he had the yellow stripe down his pant leg.

    • @ KenOchalek – When I’m in my “wish comics were a bit more realistic” state of mind, the first thing I start to get upset with is all the skin tight outfits. Wtf? I’d love to see an incarnation of these characters in more realistic gear. I mean, if you saw any of these people dressed like this in real life, you’d have to break out laughing. It’s kind of ridiculous. And yeah, I’m used to the “no underwear outside the pants” look that DC has adapted, but I think it would have made more sense to keep the look, just switch the jockeys to longer shorts.

  3. I’m more upset by the presence of Mr. Terrific than I am by Alan Scott’s gayness

    (because his recent series was terrible, not because he’s Black).

    • That’s why i’m happy he’s here. Robinson can write him well, and hopefully he’ll land in Alaska, and get his jacket back too:)

    • @willups
      should they rename him mr terrible? lol. no, but it’s good to know you’re not a racist.
      you said “more upset”. is that to say you are a lil’ upset about alan’s sexuality?

    • I’m excited for Alan Scott being gay. As a gay person and comic fan since I was young, it’s cool to see a prominent gay character who is a leader. And it’s extra cool that he’s the leader of the JSA!

    • It’s not your fault that Eric Wallace is a terrible writer

      (because his writing is terrible, not because he’s Black).

    • I know you guys are kidding (I hope), but anytime someone has to point out it’s not cause they’re black or gay , it really makes you sound racist/ homophobic. Just the fact you have to point out their gender or sexual preference is kinda dirt baggy. You never read people saying I hate Morriosn, but it’s not cause he’s white defense.

    • When Trevor Sloan first introduces himself to Mr. Terrific, and calls him “Mr. Holt”, all I can think of was “STEVE HOLT!”

    • @jackietam

      I only just started Arrested Development this past week for the very first time… so I got that exact same vibe really strongly reading that scene, and thinking STEVE HOLT!!!

  4. Issue 1 was really good and I look forward to seeing how they introduce the new versions on JSA characters. The Nicola Scott art is great and sge really should get more recognition for what she does.

  5. Haven’t read Mr. Terrific before it got cancelled but I think that the character’s point of view coming from Earth 1 will be fun to read, just as World’s Finests was last issue for Huntress and Power Girl’s total destabilisation from the reality shift! 🙂

  6. At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, isn’t it strange that Mr. Terrific shows up in the second issue? I just wonder if that was DC’s intention from the beginning.

    • I feel like I remember hearing something about it when the Second Wave books were announced. But I don’t know if Mr. Terrific’s cancellation was a done deal at that point. I wasn’t reading that book (I wasn’t alone clearly) but I believe Power Girl (aka Earth 2 Supergirl) was a supporting character, so there’s a connection.

    • I remember reading somewhere that DC initially wanted Mr. Terrific to join the Justice League.

    • @KenOchalek Right, she was a supporting character. I only managed to make it through the first issue so I’m glad to see that both Mr. Terrific and Power Girl are getting a second chance.

  7. I’m still somewhat new to DC with the new 52 and issue 1 was my first ever venture into this alternate reality earth, im guessing its somewhat like marvels ultimate uni. All i can say is I really enjoyed the crap out of last issue!

    Robin was a chick! and superman didnt suck near as bad as he does in morrisons and giffens books.

    I’m really looking forward to learing about this new flash and the new green lantern. I’m excited for this!

  8. Well I am excited for this title since issue one was so good however; I just can’t get too excited over Jay’s new threads! He looks kinda silly, like a circus performer or something. Alan Scott is gay huh?! I do not agree with this as there has been way to much history and I know this is a reboot but there has got to be some strong history tied with this character that it will make it hard to look at him this way. I have no issues with anyone being gay, that is what it is and I have freinds that are gay and married so thats not the issue. There are plenty of characters that they could have used or made up new ones, I just feel they are trying to this for shock value and that should be the first thing in anyones mind. Just because you are gay or whatever people still in this day and age make a big deal out of it. Live and let live!!


  9. I was bummed that Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were all killed in the first issue. All these other second-rate characters do not matter to me. I wanted to see an alternative universe with major characters doing things they wouldn’t normally do in the regular DC universe. Maybe seeing them becoming villians, etc. Also, Mr. Terrific has to be one of the lamest characters ever. That name alone makes you want to punch him in the face.

    • Maybe they didn’t go that way because it’s been done a gazillion times before?

    • @IceWing If you’re not already reading it, Morrison’s run on Action Comics is gearing up for alternate versions of Superman and others. It’s usually a good read.

    • Calling these characters “second rate” really shows you don’t know your DC History. I can’t tell if you’re trolling or not.

    • No I am not trolling. That is my honest opinion. These are minor characters that just don’t matter to me. If other people like it, that’s great for them. And no, I do not know much of DC’s history other than the major characters. I’m fairly new to comics; really just getting into them when the new 52 launched.

      I picked up the first issue because it had Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman in it. I just thought it was going to be an alternate universe with alternate stories of major characters like that.

  10. Mr.Terrific ? I read his first issue and it was bland, hopefully Robinson is gonna do a good job. Also I want to see his jacket back, him and Animal Man are the only two that pulled it off as there costume.

    • superboy in the 90s had that whole leather jacket and tights thing goin’ on, too. pulled it off nicely or so i thought at the time, anyway. it might work again with that neon lookin’ suit he’s sportin’ these days.
      and animal man needs to put the jacket back on. he’s been half naked since a few issues into the new 52.

    • Haha! Agree with sitara on that. Buddy’s been looking ridiculous for the past few issues. At least those god-awful “tattoos” have gone away for the moment.

  11. Issue 1 was interesting, and I’m on board for this issue, too.

    (I liked World’s Finest issue 1 better, though.)

  12. Nicola Scott.

    They had me at Nicola Scott.

  13. I was a big fan of the first issue; looking forward to this tomorrow. I honestly don’t give a shit who’s gay and who isn’t – I don’t think it is going to add or take away anything from the story.

  14. Avatar photo MindTrickdMedia (@mindtrickdmedia) says:

    first issue caught my attention! What a beginning killing off the Big 3. I agree with @HOSSBONAVENTURE, who cares who’s gay or not! This announcement made me angry with DC for making a “Gay” move. It almost seems as if DC’s in the back of a room jumping up and down with their hand in the air for attention saying “we’ve got a gay guy too!” But damn if the art in this book doesn’t rival Jim Lee’s Justice League! Very impressive and should have been part of the original 52 releases for sure!

  15. Issue 1 hooked me, now let’s see if they can reel me in.

  16. What about the kids?! What about Jade & Obsidian?!

  17. Or maybe there’s a NuEarth Alan Scott who was never a superhero, but WAS the father to Jade and Obsidian.

  18. 2 issues in and it’s been amazing so far 5 stars!

  19. I don’t have any interest in buying original art but I really want to own the page when Flash first get his powers. And maybe the one when he run to Poland for the first time.

  20. I knew Alan Scott….Alan Scott was a friend of mine…. You sir are no Alan Scott.!

    • I think James Robinson knew him rather well too, so well in fact that mr Scott came out to him, Robinson was terrifically supportive and convinced him to come out to the rest of the world…even though Alan Scott knew that some would think him less of a man because of it. but heroes must be brave.


    • I am pretty sure James Robinson was responsible for you two meeting in the first place.

  21. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    This is lovely stuff. It’s sort of everything I wanted out of Justice League. Jay Garrick’s new origin is wonderful.

    • The dialogue in the Green Lantern scenes read strangely to me, but the Flash scenes were so good it didn’t bother me at all. Just like that — Jay Garrick might have become my favorite Flash. 🙂

    • @KenOchalek

      I had the opposite reaction, I thought the GL dialogue ran fairly smoothly, but Jay Garrick came off as being really thick-headed and the comment about parkour felt really forced…I’m not sure how I feel about a slacker Jay Garrick. Plus, since he’s given his abilities by Mercury/Hermes, I’m really wondering if he’s supposed to be considered a magic-based hero now. If this ever crosses over and Jay meets Barry, does he have a connection to the Speed Force?

    • @Skyfire124: The parkour line was a little funky, but I like the concept so much I’m willing to overlook it. It’s kind of a new angle for a speedster. And I don’t think I’d characterize Jay as a slacker so much as someone without a lot of direction. He doesn’t seem lazy, just not terribly confident.

      As for the basis of his powers, we’ll have to see what happens next issue, but I’m starting to think Earth 2 in general might be more magically oriented. A stronger presence of magic could also explain why that Sloan guy wanted to take out Mister Terrific. If Earth 2 is even slightly behind Earth 1 in terms of technology, or it’s technology isn’t as science-based as it looks, Mister Terrific’s science and tech knowledge could pose a major threat to the powers that be.

      I’m not in love with the execution of this story just yet, but I’m totally into the concepts and potential.

    • @KenOchalek: I’m loving the majority of what Ive read of it so far. Im dubious on Jay’s characterization but Im fully willing to see where they take us from here.

      Im with you on Earth 2 being more magically oriented in general, though Im not sure theyre behind at all in technology. There’s a quick bit in Worlds Finest that does a bit of comparison at least in terms of the state of the internet for both Earths.

  22. Great issue. I loved everything but Jay’s outfit. Very exciting stuff!

    • It worked for me in context, and because it’s just given to him as-is, there’s always the potential for him to learn how to tweak it on his own at a later date.

  23. This book is very pretty, but we’re getting to that wall I always hit with James Robinson books, where the dialogue becomes so clunky and unnatural that I’m sucked right out of it.

    But again, very pretty.

  24. I thought this was great. I don’t have any connection to the old costume, so Jay’s gear is fine by me. While reading this however, I wish DC had just kept mum regarding Alan’s sexuality, because especially with the ******Spoiler***********

    proposal it felt like they were forcing the issue. I think it would have come off better if they had just waited till the reveal happened and then just rolled with it like it wasn’t a big deal (“There are gay people in the real world, so we want to represent them in our comics” would’ve sufficed). Just my opinion, otherwise I thought this was a great issue and I look forward to more of Earth 2.

    • If DC did not tell people Alan Scott was gay people would have gone insane on that page turn to a kiss, better to let the trolls vent early and get it out of the way. And hell, if he was streight and propsing to a woman the scene would have been the same.

    • Yeah, that’s true. I just think taking an “it’s no big deal” stance makes those trolls seem even more delusional and petty.

  25. If the villain is Eclipso, I’m going to be very disappointed in James Robinson on account that was the villain he used in JLA.
    if the villain is the Shade, we need to stage an intervention.

  26. I love that they treated the relationship as what it was. They didn’t beat you over the head with it (in the issue that is, real life is waaaay different), and what happened is what they would have done with a hetero relationship. I’ve seen on other forums and comments that people say it was a cheap-o ending, and even to some people saying that it was a straight up hate crime.

    Even with all that happening, I loved the issue more for what happened with Jay Garrick. That cover doesn’t do his costume and favors, but I love the look inside. The costume reveal is an amazing page! Also, can’t wait to see Ted Grant show up, if the billboards in the background have anything to say about it.

    • Agree 100% w/ @MosteXtreme on both points. Whoever called the ending a hate crime is either trolling (poorly) or simply retarded. How many heroes girlfriend’s, wives, etc. have been put into peril cliffhanger-style or outright killed off? I thought the relationship was handled perfectly: you could have easily replaced the two guys with a guy and a girl, two girls, whatever – the dialogue wouldn’t have been any different.

      That was my only hope when DC said Alan Scott was gay that they wouldn’t treat him any differently in terms of his development or arc and thus far they haven’t.

  27. Wasn’t super keen with issue one (because it wasn’t all that great not because everyone was straight and white…) but this issue swung me around. I enjoyed the level of ‘people being handed things to deal with’ and the fact that they stood there going ‘no, not today’ and then working with it.

  28. Anyone else find the art not to their liking?

    • I’d guess not many….Nicola’s art is pretty well loved here. What in particular didn’t do it for you?

    • It wasn’t bad. It just felt like standard superhero art. I’ve really liked some of her work in the past, this just didn’t measure up to some I’ve seen before I guess.

  29. I don’t have a history with any of these characters, so for me this series is just another decent comic yarn. I can feel the underpinnings of something great, but as of now I wish I could be more excited about it.

  30. Loved Earth-2. Terry Sloan vs. Michael Holt? Terrific! The origin of Jay Garrick as The Flash was iconic, and Alan Scott’s new angle was handled superbly. Nicola Scott is outdoing herself, fantastic art!

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  31. Alan Scott being gay is the least interesting thing about him.

  32. Is there a list of the final line-up of heroes slated to appear in this title?

    I’m hoping to see Atom (Or Atom Smasher) and Dr. Fate.

    • Oops – and Sandman. And Wildcat and …


    • I’m curious about whether there will be a final “line-up” as well. I suspect there isn’t…that because this is Earth-2 and not JSA we’ll probably see a constant rotation of characters and a less than formal roster. I think Atom and Wildcat are certainly going to be here since we’ve already seen Al Pratt, and we’ve seen Ted Grant in the boxing posters.

  33. i agree with mgriffith.I would like to see another JSA book with those characters he just mentioned.Maybe Stargirl too? LOL

  34. Wow – this was good!

    I am really enjoying the pacing in the team-building here.

    They are taking me out for dinner, sending a few flirty texts, making future plans … Justice League just dragged me into the sack and never called me the next day …

  35. Each plot seems really intriguing, the worst part of this issue was the dialogue. The only scene that did both well was the opening with Mr. Terrific.

  36. The pages where Jay first becomes The Flash were breathtaking. I really got a sense of speed and exhilaration from them. Y’know when you’re little and you read comic books hoping to get powers like the colourful characters in them have? (Or was that just me?) I felt like that again.

    Personally, I got a distinctly ‘silver age’ vibe from this issue (certainly with regards to the dialogue).

    Out of the ‘post war’ setting (by which I refer to the Apokolips invasion) come brightly coloured, larger-than-life heroes bringing with them escapism, excitement and fun. Cracking stuff! I love that 40’s characters and a 50’s feel can combine with a modern touch to make these heroes feel fresh and relate-able.

    For me, this ish demonstrated what I’ve always loved about superhero comics. Brilliant Ivan Reis cover, too.

  37. the scenes with jay were magical. that new costume kicks ass!
    the scenes with alan were organic. when i turned the page in mid-sentence to the last page i had a “holy shit” moment.
    i think mr. terrific is a nice fit for this book(really should change that name, though. seriously, worst name ever).

  38. I really liked the choice to not use a tacky pasted in BOOM etc on the last page. The art did all the work.

  39. One of DC’s best comics, IMO. I got the last issue at the shop and I’m glad I didn’t have to await the second printing to read this.

    Might be my PotW.

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