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  1. Pick up this book!!!!!   Its amazing and you will love it.

  2. I’ve been getting this in trade, but $.99? I can’t resist…

  3. Well my week is slow….and if my LCS carries this thenn what the hell!

  4. At less then a dollar it would be foolish to turn down.

  5. What a deal! This is a fantastic book.

  6. a bucks a buck. its worth to try

  7. No. Not when I spend an extra buck on a 4 buck Marvel book. Zing.

  8. This is definitely my favorite team book on the market right now.

  9. Scrap and Visionary are my favorite. And I like Scatterbrain so much more than I thought I would. Dig this book.

  10. i hear this is awesome good. im intrested to read about this.

  11. @Rayclark-It is INDEED awesome good.  Prepare to have your mind ruined and your colon stomped.

    Ok, maybe not.  But I have no doubt you will enjoy it

  12. My shop only ordered one copy….and it’s most likely for someone else so….probably not getting it this week. Damn

  13. One copy of a $1 book that is meant to bring in new readers?  You’r shop sounds douchey.

  14. My LCS isnt bad….it’s just that not a whole lot of people read Dynamo 5 at my shop.

    You gotta remember two things about me and my LCS:

    1) It’s a very small shop, like the size of my living room. So the chances of getting every single title known to man is just not possible for him. He would love to continue ordering new comics, but that would lose money for him if he ordered stuff no one will buy.

    2) It’s New Jersey. Trust me if you lived in Jersey you’d understand why that’s an important factor.

  15. You can spin it all you want, still douchey to only buy one copy of a $1 book

  16. @drake: Well let’s see you spend how much money to just get the (x number) of copies of Dynamo5 #0 at your instance and see how much of a profit you gain back from it. Then you wont think it’s so douchey now will you?

  17. This series is so good you should not be waiting for your shop to order their one copy – tell them you want it and they will grab more.  If you don’t tell the LCS what you want they are just guessing and things like 1 issue happen (and I don’t blame the LCS for only getting one issue if nobody talks the book up). 

  18. Just finished reading it…..Blah….Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah

    Nothing to grab me into the universe or the comics. Even for 99 cents this felt like too much money. Didnt care for it, maybe (keyword) I’ll check the trades out on this.

  19. your shop still sucks

  20. I actually just mentioned this in my review for it.

    This zero issue felt like watching a long running cartoon (like Teen Titans) and we just have to assume everything instead of it being presented. We’re suppose to know their backstory, we’re suppose to know their personalites, we’re suppose to know the side characters and villains, and we’re more importantly suppose to know what the hell is going on. This is like a side issue for the actual fans of the comic and just recapping what has gone on. Rather then being an issue for newcomers to jump in.

    I havent read the first trade yet, but I would assume the first trade is more easy to get into then this ‘zero’ issue.

  21. IMO, this is an ok D5 issue, but not a good recap issue.  Get the first trade.

  22. 0k so i thought this was ok. i mean i still dont get it at all so i might pick up the first trade and see where it goes from there

  23. I just picked up the first 4 issues.  I got them for like 4 bucks  HIYOOO

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