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  1. I have been loving this. Remender and Fraction are quickly becoming writers that I follow to any book they do

  2. @RoiVampire- You’re write about Remender, but Fraction suck asses on Uncanny.

  3. @rockingeek  To each his own, Fraction is the reason I’m ready Uncanny for the first time since Onslaught happened

  4. I dropped this book. It’s been good, but hasn’t blown me away.

  5. I’m thinking of dropping this as well. It’s nowhere near the caliber of Punisher.

    Does anyone know if this is an ongoing or limited series?

  6. Ongoing

  7. I was really jazzed about Doctor Voodoo after I read the "Search for the Sorcerer Supreme" trade. I missed the first issue (but just ordered it) and liked the second issue, but I honestly didn’t think it was anything special. And a lot of what made Voodoo interesting in the pages of New Avengers seems missing to me. Granted that’s based off of one issue read out of sequence. I’m giving this 6 issues before I decide to drop or not.

  8. I was unsure about Brother Voodoo as well, but I really like supporting such a drastic change from Strange.  This involves a new user, many different aplications, a whole new past and mystery.  I think there’s a lot here to discover and I hope he becomes completely fleshed out. 

    Besides, I just saw The Princess & the Frog…all about the bayou flavor at the moment.

  9. Really liking this so far.  Surprisingly good.

  10. I’m loving the hell out of this book and I hope it lasts a really, really, really long time.

    And I hope Voodoo guest-stars in the upcoming DoomWar. 🙂


  11. Big fan of Marvel ‘magic’ books so big fan of this. Very surprised by how good this is. Much better than the Strange mini going on right now…

  12. I’m gonna be picking this up for the first time this week(along with the previous two). I like Remender’s writing style, it’s really weird and fun

  13. Count me as another huge fan of this book.  Echoing Diabhol on this.

  14. This is a make or break issue for me. The series has been okay, but not spectacular so far. Not worth paying 4 bucks a month.

  15. It’s $2.99…

  16. Since bendis has all the Avengers ties up in the silly I dropped a lot of books. Having the extra dollars let me try stuff like this and a few others. This book is comparable to where the character was in the 70’s. It is cool and different but not IMO a "Must read".

    Not having the bar set high I have enjoyed it very much. A solid $2.99 title.

    Now can we get him, Moon Knight and a few others to form a new Defenders?

  17. I really love this book. I’m the biggest sucker for over the top stories about magic/powers, realms, artefacts, Gods,  and, of course, yelling. I like all the pretty color. Its my kind of super-hero shit! OVER THE TOP SHIT!

    The backmatter reprint "the book of the vishanti" was fucking cool too, a lot of fun history.

  18. Greatly disappointed by this after loving the first two issues. Rated it a 1.

    Reminded me of Loeb’s writing with the unnecessary cameos from other heroes/villains.

    Pacing was too fast.

    I just didn’t care about what was happening even though I like Nightmare as the antagonist.

  19. I gave this a pretty generous 4, (I wish I could give it a 3.5) I enjoyed it, but this moving way to fast. It was hard to follow the dialogue in some places – too much magic nonsense, not enough real words. Still, I enjoyed. I’m giving it the whole storyline to pan out.

  20. I give this a solid 2 stars.. the art was ok. I’ve officially dropped this at my LCS. The entire run so far has been one big chase/battle with absolutely 0 characterization. The pacing is just WAY OFF.

  21. I’m enjoying this, but i’m not feeling the tension.  I’m pretty certain Earth won’t become a giant Nightmare and that Jericho will still be Sorceror Supreme at the end of the arc.  I need more realistic stakes, this is a bit bombastic.

  22. Sorry, I just have to say this, the Orisha Ogun is NOT evil! He is thought of as a god of ‘war’ because he’s the orixa of metal, but you could also say he’s the god of farming because people need plows too. For some reason seeing him portrayed as basically Dormammu irks me.

  23. This bacame my POW simply on the fact I bought all three urrent issues, and I had alot of fun reading them.

    Quick aside though: Did Nightmare always have such a ridiculous haircut?

  24. It used to be worse. Everything about Nightmare’s appearance used to be worse, actually.


  25. Well I guess he was a Night mare on a couple of levels then

  26. We have in the metaphysical concept of Ogun the idea of survival through assertive and aggressive action that is directed towards maintaining survival. To put that in contemporary language we are talking about male testosterone. That and other things. We have what I would call the dynamic, assertive, aggressive, expansive quality in Nature Itself which is expressed by the Spirit of Ogun. This particular idea predates by many years the association of Ogun with the technology of molding iron.

    When we think about Ogun, we think about blacksmiths and tool makers. This is limiting because it suggests that some person figured out how to make use of iron technology and now we are deifying that process. If we do this, we are missing the earlier manifestation of Ogun as a Force in Nature. So I call Ogun the "Spirit of Iron," but even this translation is limited, because Ogun is the Spirit who is honored by the tool makers and not the methodology of tool making itself.

    –excerpted from:



  27. I always enjoy Daniel popping up…it should never surprise me but always does, and always raises my spirits, just like Jericho I bet!

  28. While I know quite a bit about the concepts of voodoo, I wasn’t especially intent on holding Remender to them in a fun sort of comic. I was, however, expecting the book to be fun. Sadly, it is not. This issue disappointed and I believe I will be dropping this.


    Rick, I know Marvel paid you a lot of money, but I can’t wait for more FEAR Agent. Seriously.

  29. Although I don’t think this was a bad issue, I found myself largely uninterested, save for the neat magic appearances, heh. Still deserved a solid 3/5, but it may be close to the chopping block.

  30. The diologue in this was like reading calculas problems, I just did not get it. This book has til issue 6; if I don’t love it by then it’s gone.

  31. It ends with issue 5, so you’re ok.

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