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Due to an unfortunate typo on one of our signs, I, for a quick second, thought this was Doctor Voodoo: Avenger Of The Supermarket.  THAT is a story which I would have greatly enjoyed.  Especially if written by Rick Remender.  Instead, I find just anothe magic comic where magic people make magical statements by the Vishanti!

I imagine the way I cringe when I imagine the term “magic comic” is the way conservative mothers against censorship cringe when they hear the term “gangsta rap”.  I know that many people out there like magic comics.  But, personally, I find them silly, unless they’re done exactly right.    And Remender’s “Gods and mortals — all who dare dream — TREMBLE!  Surrender the relics!  SURRENDER ALL HOPE!” dialog just does not do it for me.

Aside from the cover (which is badass) my favorite part of this comic was my misconception of what the title was.  And that’s a damned shame.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. Spot on!

  2. Agree on teh story. I, personally, felt teh art was also fairly weak to middling.

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