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This is it – the finale so twisted, so shocking we can’t even begin to give away details here! Be there for the extra-sized conclusion of the acclaimed run by Scott Snyder, Jock and Francesco Francavilla.

DETECTIVE COMICS #881 is the issue everyone will be talking about. Believe it.

Cover by JOCK

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 40.9%
Avg Rating: 4.9
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  1. I have LOVED this book! Sooo awesome! Anyone know what Jock will be doing after this? I didnt see his name on the DC relaunch page anywhere which is a massive shame!

  2. Whatever way this book ends it has been a fantastic run by this supertrio!!

  3. Goodbye longest running comic book in history. It was fun while it lasted. 

  4. Wish Jock was doing some other stuff after this, cause he’s been great. It’s been a great run by a great team.

  5. @AquaPimp82  What are you talking about??  There is going to be another issue in September and October, and November and on and on.

    Or do you care more about the number in the upper left than you do the book?

  6. @mrfrost  – I wish he was doing for Batman related, but he is doing a creator owned, which should be cool.

  7. @MisterJ  and  @AquaPimp82  And how much do you want to bet that come a year and 1/2 from now there won’t be an issue #900?  I appreciate the fact that they wanted to go all in with the renumbering, but just like WW a little while ago, the century numbers are hard to pass up for marketing. 

    Oh and I do echo that this has been an awesome run, and a great storyline to wrap up with before the new #1 hits.  The hard part will be avoiding spoilers until I get back to my LCBS early next week.

  8. dick grayson as batman totally made me not pick this run up. i was SECONDS away from buying 879-880, but then found out who batman was, and totally rejected the idea altogether. 

  9. I’m super excited, but at the same time sad to see this team move on.

  10. @thehangman
    Why don’t you like Dick, I think he’s been a great batman these last few years.
    Did you also refuse to pick up Grant Morrison’s Batman And Robin?

  11. @AmirCat  
    Gasp. I’m forced to buy that. What’s the book called?

  12. Scott Snyder can do no wrong right now. Detective, 2 American Vamp series, Gates, and now Severed. In the past year Snyder has become the only writer other than Grant Morrison that I will follow fully. Each issue has topped the previous, I don’t know how this is going to get better, but if the past year has taught us anything, it is that the best is yet to come. Btw buy Severed if you have not yet.

  13. I’m so getting somebody to buy me this hardcover for Xmas!!  Best run of the year BY FAR!!

  14. I’m not sure I want to see the ‘most disturbing panel evar’ at the end of this in the mind of Snyder.

    There’s been so many disturbing images in this run I shudder to think what would make Snyder thinks he’s gone to far. 

  15. @Smutty
    nope, i haven’t read A THING involving “gotham’s batman”.
    i only read batman inc. because it would have ramifications after bruce wayne comes back as THE ONLY BATMAN. (and the first 4-5 issues SUCKED, btw.)

    and let me take a wild guess and say you liked bucky as captain america.

    for shame, bro.

  16. Bucky as Cap was awesome

  17. Drawing the line at $3.99!  Wait…what?

  18. It’s bigger than your average issue. They nearly always increase price for increased pagecount. This is not new.

  19. @HBD  It’ll be 30 pages of story and art. 15 by Jock and 15 by FF. One of the best deals of the year.

  20. The last two issues where fun, and I am looking forward to this. A year ago I would not have believed anyone who said my two favourite books would be a Dick Batman book and Superboy.

  21. A truly legendary Batman run. Curious to see where Snyder goes when the reboot starts.

  22. 40 pages! the final issue of one hell of a great run! I can’t believe I came into work today!!!

  23. I am super excited about this book.  Snyder has been amazing…he is actually the only reason I added Detective, because I was also one of those people bi*%ing about Dick being Batman.  However, I do have to admit, I have grown to like him in the role. 

    Long Live The Bat.

  24. @comicBOOKchris  He’s writing Batman and Swamp Thing, if thats what you’re asking.

  25. @FaceCrunchMcGee  I mean with the story. His Batman book probably will probably have a different tone without Jock, and I’m curious to see what that is.

  26. Never been more excited for a new issue of a book….I’m also sad to see it end 

  27. Scott Snyder has had an amazing run on Detective. I’m looking forward to see what comes next.

  28. In the four years that I have been seriously been reading comics this story may be the best thing that has happened. Very excited for the oversized finale.

  29. DC take heed, Synder has delivered the best comic run of 2011.

    Brightest Day? More like “Longest Day”

    War of the Green Lanterns? Nope, Bore of The Green Lanterns.

    Grounded? Please.

    These “EVENTS” pale in comparison to what Synder did on Detective. And he did it pretty much under the radar of those huge events. All this reminds me of when a bloke named Moore came onto poor selling horror comic back in 1983 and turned into a must have – and did it during the first BIG EVENT ever, “Crisis”.

    Hang on to Synder DC, you may have the dude that is going to write the next Watchmen on your hands.

  30. @ghostman – I agree.  I think Snyder is the best writer DC has not Jeff Johns (although he’s no slouch) and I wish he were writing as many books as Johns is.

  31. Well said ghostman.

  32. comparing snyder to johns?
    johns hands-down destroys snyder.
    same people who liked bucky as cap and dick as batman give it to snyder.
    c’mon people, have some sense.

  33. @thehangman

    Point 1: It appears at face value you’re a troll.

    Point 2: Although I think of myself as a big fan of both johns and synder, lately I enjoy snyders work more than johns. That is my opinion and you shouldn’t insult people of not having any sense because they disagree with your opinion.

  34. Scott Snyder has clearly stepped over Geoff Johns as Best Writer of DC.

    I see everyone complain about Green Lantern, Flash, and his events lately so I’d be shocked if the majority isn’t more for Snyder then Johns at this point.

  35. @thehangman – to each his own, but why insult your fellow comic book readers? Come on dude, obviously anyone that takes the time to post on this rad site is a fan of the genre, which is dwindling in numbers as the years go on. Try and be supportive of your fellow collectors – you’ll look way cooler man. =)

    @thompsonlive – I like Johns too but I agree, lately his work seems rushed. He does have good ideas but ideas alone don’t make for good comics.

    It’s like this
    Geoff Johns  = Spielberg
    Scott Synder = Kubrick

    I like both, but one of those guys works in another league

  36. @thehangman  I like Johns. I like Snyder. I like Dick as Batman. I dislike Bucky as Cap.

    Generalizations are fun, though.

  37. @ghostmann totally agree his recent work really has felt rushed, but for the most part it’s still pretty solid. However I’m holding hope that after the relaunch starts that he will have a lot more time to focus on writing rather than you know helping orchestrate the largest comic book transition in history. 😉

  38. What Ghostmann said

  39. After this issue I’ll be jumping ship over to Batman. Synder has been killing it on this book and I’m curious to see how Capullo’s art will work out on the Flagship bat book. I am going to miss Dick as Batman though, there was potential for so many other stories.

  40. WOW! This was insanely good. POTW hands down! I’m really going to miss dick as batman, may need to pick up Nightwing #1 and see if higgins can bring the same awesomeness to the character that snyder has.

  41. I think Johns and Snyder are both awesome. @ghostmann – I am similiar sentiments as you because I love Spieldberg and Kubrick. We’re lucky to have awesome creators who are DIFFERENT!! 

  42. @AmirCat  – cats dont know how to spell.

  43. So good.

  44. Wonderful.

  45. Fantastic issue, almost my POTW but I did give it all 5’s.

    I think because it was basically James explaining, like a Bond villain, his entire plan from the beginning didn’t make it pick for me. But it was still a great issue with great art. Bring on Batman….#1.


  46. Perfect. 

    Overjoyed but I’m a bit sad to see it end. Bring on Batman #1!

  47. Awesome end to an amazing Detective run.

  48. Can’t thank you guys enough for the kind words – and knowing you think we did the final issue before the relaunch justice… it really means to he world to us all. Thanks so much.  S

  49. Great finish to a great arc. Glad Dectective Comics is going out on a high note, unlike Supes and Action Comics. R.I.P. Dectective Comics (1937-2011)

  50. This was the top of my stack this week, I already gave it five stars, and now it’s taking every ounce of retraint I have to at least read everything else before clicking “Make Your Pick”. I’m not sure I’ll make it.

    And that last panel…wooooof.

    @AquaPimp Detective Comics isn’t dead. There will be another issue next month….just like the last 74 years. #getoverit

  51. @thehangman  the batman stinks!!!!!!!!

  52. i dont like detective comics

  53. okay okay, i admit, it was alright.
    dick as batman is alright, as long as it’s short-lived (thank God for new 52).

    while this issue was good, it wasn’t DUDE ZOMG I GOTTA WORSHIP SNYDER good.
    anyone thinking snyder beats out johns, REREAD FLASH: REBIRTH.

  54. I disagree. I’ve read Rebirth and, while entertaining, like most Johns stories, I think The Black Mirror is better. And frankly not even close.

  55. Yeah this was perfect. It’s not often you get two amazing artists and a writer who can’t let you down on one book. This run is something people will reference years down the road. I have a deep sadness to comic fans who didn’t experience this as it happened. Crossing my fingers they end up with the trade.

  56. *Spoiler* What knife did Babs attack him with? It looks like she’s going to use the one still left in her leg but it’s still there after she attacks. It looks like some quantum anomoly occured in comics-physics where the change of artists produced a third knife.

  57. I think I need to re-read this whole story arc as a graphic because I must be missing something?? This really has not dragged me in as it apparently has with everyone else.

    Just sayin’,

  58. @thehangman  Your A Boss!!!

  59. @thehangman  I did actually like Bucky as Cap. I guess you and I will never see eye to eye.

    And Johns does destroy me 🙂


  60. Read it twice.  A bit wordy but I’m sure Snyder has been under pressure with this last arc to wrap it up speedily  for the September #1 madness. 

    PotW simply because I didn’t want it to end.

  61. Sweet! Sucks that it’s over

  62. possibly the best run on detective comics yet.  definatly my favorite.  i wonder if snyder’s tone will change with the relaunch,  i hope not, batman and gotham should be as noir as possible.  and as for the debate of johns vs snyder, i dont think comparing the two is fair.  its like comparing Homer to edgar allen poe, salt to pepper or even cars to trucks.  snyder does great, dark tales of intrigue whereas johns does great, epic adventures.  lucky for us, we get the benefit of both their genius.  and remember kids:  this isnt the end, its only the beginning    

  63. @mrfrost  – It’s called Snapshot. Here is a link to some information on it. Snapshot

  64. @ssnyder1835 how do we know your the REAL scott snyder? You might be an imposter. Here’s a test you should upload the new Batman #1 for us to download today….so you know we can “verify” if it’s really you. j/k. Love your work man, especially excited about your upcoming Swamp Thing series.

  65. *again spoilers*

    @OnASunday I noticed the same thing, but I  just pretended that she pulled the one out of her leg and used it.

  66. Probably my favorite story arc since John’s “Sinestro Corp War” over in GL a few years ago. Perfect ending to a fantastic run. Looking forward to Snyder on Batman next month.

  67. @ssnyder1835  
    Don’t worry Scott, we love you. Really sad that this run has to end, but Swamp Thing next month looks really cool.

  68. Is this last Detective before the reboot?

  69. @ssnyder1835  really hoping you’re the real snyder and you read this.

    from what i can see, everyone lost their mind over this run, so congradulations on your success. and truthfully, 881 got me interested in your run on the main batman series come september. expect one more purchase from an obsessive comic lover and aspiring comic writer.

  70. this run needs to be in an absolute edition

  71. @Abejarano12  Yes.

    @thehangman  It’s him.

  72. @thehangman  
    wow.  you trash on snyder until you find out that he frequents the site and now you wanna be his best friend.  you gonna pitch him your idea for “the hangman” next?  

  73. @heysodeburns – that is such a good call. I would buy the absolute for sure.

  74. @Fvckstick  @Heysideburns  – An absolute would be awesome for this run. The only problem is that it’s 11 issues and I need even numbers for my absolutes … just kidding. Amazing run.

  75. Just finished reading this – and wow, just an amazing read and a perfect ending to this run. 🙂

    Yes, definitely want an Absolute edition for this! 

  76. Wow. Just….wow. So good.

  77. @sitara119  trash? when did i say a single negative thing about his writing?
    i just personally didn’t see the allure of this storyline, but never disputed his writing abilities.
    and i only defended johns after people began saying he has become second-fiddle to snyder.

  78. @thehangman  
    you said that johns destorys snyder and that anyone who thinks different needs to have more sense, as though one would have to be out of their mind to pick snyder over johns.  you stated in your review that his writing is “alright”.   i dont know if you’ve read american vampire, but you stated that you didnt purchase the previous  issues because it was dick,  which means your not reading “gates” either.  you bought the last issue of his run on detective and then compared him to johns on their careers as a whole.  thats like walking in on the last 15 minutes of a movie and then comparing it to a movie you’ve seen a few times.  if your not reading any of his books how would you know who is better?  i honestly dont know who is better, but either one is a reasonable choice.  then all of a sudden your congratulating him.  seems strange to me

  79. Both Snyder and Johns have done very well at writing and they will continue to astonish us with their amazing work  but i still have to agree with the hangman that johns does have a very special way of atrracting the reader.

  80. i would also agree with that 

  81. Snyder, though, seems to be not much behind Johns considering “Detective Comics #881”

  82. Despite all the Arguements here about Snyder this and Johns that, we’ve all got to agree that both of them have  amazing writing skills!!

    Go Johns!!!

    Go Snyder!!!

  83. agreed. while at the moment, i believe johns to be the better writer, snyder could possibly beat him out with the new batman series. i think this will be settled with the new 52 when snyder takes over the main batman series and johns on green lantern.

  84. @thehangman  What does sitara119 mean when he says ” you gonna pitch him your idea for “the hangman” next?”

  85. my screen name is ‘thehangman’, so he assumes i have a character and storylines to go with said character named The Hangman (correct assumption, actually).

    he thinks i want to pitch it to snyder in order to get a shot as a writer.

    and my response is: no, if by some miracle i am given a shot in any way, i want to earn it, not have it be handed to me.

  86. @thehangman  

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

    I advise that you continue to work a it, you never know, you can be part of the next generation of writers

    PS:It wont take a miracle, Because it’s possible for you.(considering the fact that you have a whole original storyline)

  87. much appriciated @ironspiderfan.

    now hopefully i can win over @sitara119.

    and back to snyder, i’m definately giving him a chance with batman #1. hoping he gives johns a run for his money.

  88. I hope (even though you might not want it handed over to you) that Snyder may see these comments and ,despite his busy life writing, take it to consideration.

    Cant wait for the new 52!!!!

  89. its all in fun, no hard feelings i hope

  90. I saved this for last, and it was hard to wait on it that long. I can’t believe Snyder tied the entire run up like he did. Although we didn’t get as much of a Joker/James Jr. relationship as many of us had speculated, it worked great. The JJ/Dick scenes were great. POTW for me.

  91. This couldn’t have been any better. Snyder did a great job of weaving together a really complex story, and I like how Comisioner Gordon got a bit of focus in this arc. Both Jock and Francavilla were absolutley fantastic.

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