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It all comes down to this! The Joker is on the loose in the catacombs beneath Gotham City, more vicious and frightening than ever. But even as Batman closes in on The Clown Prince of Crime, he begins to suspect that the city may be the target of an even deadlier threat – one that could shake Gotham City to its core.

Art by JOCK
Cover by JOCK

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  1. How could it get any worse? I almost would rather deal with Joker than James Jr.

  2. James Jr. is the Joker.

  3. Man, I’ve been loving this run… up until the last issue. Once they revealed Jame Jr.’s true nature, all of that great mystery and tension was immediately broken.

    Looking forward to a return to form this week!

  4. OMG I cannot wait for 880 and 881. This story is going to be epic!! Heck… it already is….

  5. This is gonna be sweet!

  6. @ScorpionMasada  – haha, that would be funny. There is no way it’s him though because the Joker’s insanity, at least to me, seems to be more random. Although there is a parallell because Joke always tries to make other people smile like him and Jr. is making everyone psychopaths. The last issue was so creepy. What a freaking nightmare!

  7. @AmirCat  The box of keys was creepy yes, but that last page of #878 with all the body parts all over the floor was pure horror and very shocking. A nightmare yes! So curious to see what Snyder has in store for us that will even top these issues.

  8. It’s pretty awesome to be getting a new issues of this series every two weeks. Wish things could stay this way.

  9. I hope Snyder and Capullo’s Batman comes out as often as this one.

  10. More excited for this issue than any other book right now.

  11. Has to be one of the best covers in a couple years at least. Jock just ‘outdid’ himself. I always loved Scalped #30, but I believe this trumps it.

  12. Wow what an awesome cover! I wish i had been reading these up till not but since i havent to pick this issue up would be pointless since i would be lost as to whats going on

  13. @AmirCat  I wonder if there isn’t some connection between Joker & Jim Jr though? Maybe Joker’s been manipulating the kid – Jr’s plan seems very Joker-ish.

  14. @martinNL  – You’re right. I totally blocked out that last page of 878. Now it’s back and will haunt me till the next creepy thing happens.

    @jasonhart  – I think you’re right. Snyder did mention that there is something about Gotham keeps getting more and more evil; maybe it’s the presence of the Joker. I almost want the Batman/Dick to kill The Joker once and forall. Then have it all be rebooted. The Joker needs to be put out of his misery.

  15. This is one of the biggest casualties of the reboot not a reboot. I’ve really, really loved this book.

  16. Hey guys – thanks for all the kind words. I can’t even tell you how excited we all are to hear what you think of these last two issues. This one (by Jock) brings the Joker story to a head. And the next one (out in just 2 weeks on 8/10!) is the big twisted finale, oversized, with 15 pp. by Jock, 15 pp. by FF. And I will go on record saying that the final image of the run, the final panel of 881, to me, is the creepiest thing in the story. Again, let us know what you think! S

  17. I think that’s the best cover for any book I’ve seen this year.

  18. So many different dynamics being played with in the Batman stories now but Detective and Batman Inc. are heads and shoulders above the rest (well maybe just a head above gates of gotham)

  19. Jock is mindblowingly good

  20. @ssnyder1835:  Wonderful read so far!  I need to get into AmVamp next.  I have not tried the series yet, but I hear nothing but good things about it.  Maybe once the big re-boot (and swift kick to my wallet!) is slowed down a bit, I’ll have the $ to start my AmVamp reading. 


    Incredible cover! 

  21. Surely everyone who reads this this week will make this their pick. One of the best covers I’ve seen and the issue only gets better.

  22. I’m reading this at night under the covers with a flashlight. So stoked!

  23. @pyynk  – maybe DC wouldn’t have let Snyder tell his story, had there not been a reboot. Eitherway, I’m grateful we have these stories. He’ll get to make Batman Badass in Batman so it’s all good.

    @ssnyder1835 – hope you’re not overworked, but please keep churning them out cause we love your stuff.

  24. @AmirCat  I’m okay – there was a hump where it was hard, but that was during issues 878 and such. Back to 3 books monthly now, which is plenty of time and room. And had lots of time with this issue (880) and the finale, 881 – out 8/10 in just two weeks – which has Jokc on 15 pp., FF on 15 pp. and brings everything together. This is right where we planned on ending our run – we just planned on ending in Sept, not Aug. But DC was generous enough to give us the double ship, so everything is just the way we originally planned it. Very grateful and so proud of the work Jock FF and Dave B. have done. Can’t wait for you guys to see these final two issues!

  25. @ssnyder1835. Thanks for the amazing run. Creepiest thing I have ever read. BTW congrats on the Einsner.

    You have quickly become a “must read” author for me. Can’t wait for Swamp, Batman, and to see what happens with with all the characters of American Vampire.

    Keep up the awesome work.

  26. @WookieLoveMachine  thanks man! means a lot to hear that. S

  27. My POTW just for the Joker alone in this. @ssnyder1835 writes him so god damn creepy that it’s even better then how Morrison handles his insanity. Plus the art by Jock is really good here and I think I finally got on a level where I can appreciate the pages and not nitpick on his style. The one page of Barbara in the tub will make me double check my shower for a while.

    Great stuff.

    5/5 (POTW) 

  28. @ssnyder1835
    Now THAT is how you write the Joker.  How he was able to tell the difference between Dick and Bruce in the first few seconds is too perfect! Loved it!  And the level of creepiness that James Jr. was brought to gave me the shivers–I think of the years and years he has thought of the nasty things he could and would do to even his family…YIKES!!!  Everything has led to this, and I can’t what to see what you and the rest of the team will do next.  P.S. Taking on a character like Swamp Thing is so awesome on your part…I can’t wait!

  29. Every month.  Every goddamn month, this book blows my mind.  Take a bow, chaps.

  30. @jmhillyer  thanks so much

  31. @ssnyder1835 Its great to see creators can pull their own books and give them five stars! So which will be your pick of the week? This or American Vampire?

  32. Well, that settles it. I only recently caught up on this run and I wish I’d been reading it from the start. It was touch-and-go as to what my POTW was, then I read this last and it was obvious.

    I LOVE the meditation on whether Gotham as a place – or as a very concept even – is destined to be corrupt. The black pin on the Grayson’s board, the tortured inmates of Arkham, the never-ending struggle between the Joker and the Batman… Is there something broken in the make-up of the city itself? Is Gotham beyond help? And if it is, what does that tell us about Gotham’s many heroes?

    Batman’s war on crime will be eternal. The streets will never be safe how much Gordon tries. THe families, communities and citizens of Gotham are doomed. But they keep fighting. Dick, Tim, Barbara, Jim and OBVIOUSLY Bruce have lost so much to the city, but it doesn’t stop them. Batman puts the Joker in jail, knowing he’ll get out again. Yet he’ll be right back there to fight him every time. He never kills him. The city hasn’t broken him yet. It almost broke Dick and Bruce when they were young, but they had the courage to fight back.

    Every time the Joker or the city takes something from them they skirt close to that edge, but they never go over. THe idea that the villain their fighting is the society – the very city – they choose to live in… It’s inspired… And now Jim is back on that edge. Gotham has pushed him further than he’s ever been pushed. He now knows he can’t save everyone from the corruption around him… And I can’t wait to see what happens next.


  33. @ssnyder1835  I picked up the 1st Issue of American Vampire because of Uncle Steve…and then found this guy named Scott Snyder who just blew me away!  I have loved everything you’ve done so far (especially your Detective Run…simply amazing) and look forward to seeing LOTS more from you in the future!  Kudos, Scott…you are the finest writer it comics out there!

  34. Question: As a relative newcomer to Detective (I jumped on when Snyder started his run), I was wondering if there was a reason (outside of the fact it’s visually stunning) that the skies in Gotham are red most nights???  Just curious…

  35. Oh man this was so good.  I was afraid that with the reveal two issues ago that this issue would be kind o of predictable, but even though I knew the ending, I did not expect that great scene between Dick and The Joker.  I can’t wait till next issue.

  36. @AmirCat  I’ve got the floppies for this run, but I’ll be getting the trade when it comes out.

    @ssnyder1835  Thanks for what’s shaping up to be one of my favorite runs on Detective.

    @Firemass13  Snyder has mentioned that one of his favorite takes on Batman was from Batman: TAS.  I’m betting the red skies are a tip of the hat to the Dark Deco aesthetic in that series.

  37. @pyynk  i was just watching tas w/my son today. and beyond – some of the best storytelling around in those. inspirations both.

  38. @pyynk  Aha…I’m liking that theory.  Thanks!  Batman has recently become my favorite character, smacking down the Hulk to Number Two on my list.

  39. @ssnyder1835

    You don’t have to thank me for anything — but, conversely, I think the comics readership owe you an enormous gratitude.  Detective Comics has had us spoiled for years as it is.  Those Dini/Nguyen stories from a few years back were sublime:  I didn’t think anything would top that.  Then Greg Rucka and JH came along and we all know what happened there:  I didn’t think anything would top that.

    Wrong again.

    So, thank you.  

    P.S. Any chance of Jock joining you on your upcoming Batman run after Capullo’s had a good whack at things?

  40. what can i type about this title that hasnt been typed b4?  great writer, great artists, great cover, great run…..the only thing you could say thats original is that it all SUCKS!!!!!   its not true, of course, so i got nothing.  

  41. Wow. This is one of those books that… you ever watch the Sopranos? I have to recognize that it’s the greatest television show in the history of the medium, but I found it incredibly unpleasant to watch.

    This might be the most effective thriller issue in comics history, with every image, every word, and every panel paced in a manner that perfectly encapsulates everything terrifying about the Joker, mainly through the reactions that he elicits from our cast.

    The twist at the end: sublime. A truly unexpected and terrifying turn that I should have seen coming, but the fact that I didn’t stands as a testiment to the brilliant craft behind this work.

    Haunting, reverent, beautiful… perfect.

    Now I’m going to bury it in the back yard and hope that I can go back to living a normal life.

  42. POTW….hands down!

  43. @ssnyder1835  Ever since Dick Grayson first put on the cape and cowl I have been waiting for this moment. When the Joker called him “little bird” it was just pitch perfect. This was amazing.

  44. @jmhillyer  Jock is doing a creator owned book next.

  45. One of the BEST covers of the year. I wish they made this a poster.

  46. @conor  yeah, it sounds great. 

  47. i enjoyed this issue. I think this had a nice balance and hit all the points i wanted it to. I really was afraid this would be another talking heads conversation issue so i’m glad stuff happened. I think going back and reading this whole thing in one sitting might give me a new appreciation for it. 

    The art was completely awesome. The evolution of the Joker is really interesting and contemporary. good stuff.  

  48. I think it’ll be fun to predict what will happen in the conclusion. Anyone have any ideas?

    I’m intrgued as you how Joke knows about Jim Jr. I wonder if he’ll be the Joker’s “Robin”. Let’s not forget, he is as much of an enemy to Gordon Sr. as he is of Batman.

  49. @AmirCat  This issue made me consider the possibility of a Joker/Jim Jr. relationship that has not yet been revealed. Might explain how Jim got the toxin. It could be more like the Hannibal Lecter/Tooth Fairy relationship from “Red Dragon.”

    As far as how it will end? I’m sure it will be horrific. I’m surprised with the reboot coming that we haven’t seen someone important die a horrible death yet.

  50. @kennyg  – oh man … I am so nervous and scared. :p I wish the issue was coming out next week. I’ll be reading all the issues again by then and trying to figure it out.

  51. So how about this for an off the wall idea.  What if a Gordon does kill Joker…. James.

  52. Snyder’s run has been top of my list and utterly perfect, the writing the art and colour are unlike anything else out there right now. Can’t wait for these last issues and Snyder on Batman in sept.

  53. @JohnNevets – I’m actually betting the other way around… Mr. J has never been a fan of people aping his style…

  54. @CaseyJustice  YOU MIGHT BE ONTO SOMETHING! He might get pissed that his style is being aped!!!

  55. i would probly pick this series up, if it wasn’t for dick. 

    call me old fashioned, but i think it’s horsesh** that there’s two batmen. 

  56. Soooo good.  As excited as I was to see Snyder getting his hands on the Joker I wondered how he was going to make it a fresh take from all those other wonderful versions….well, this is how.  Brilliant stuff, and the art on the inside was a perfect extension of that cover.  Most of all though, the key to the issue was what I would say is the pacing.  As I read it, my heart beat faster, I grew slightly more breathless, especially as the truth dawned on Dick as he confronted Joker.  Snyder’s the freshest Batman voice since Rucka (Morrison doesn’t count as new and he’s kind of doing somkething totally different), which was a decade ago so it’s about time the character got this level of excellence.

  57. By the way I figured going down the speculation route would probably make Snyder bow out of the thread, I apologize if anyone is disappointed.  I will echo what everyone else has said, his run has been one of the best in recent memories.

    @CaseyJustice  I agree that’s the more likely scenario.  But I was trying to go for something that we wouldn’t see coming.  The rule has always been Batman couldn’t kill Joker, because he’s to scared he would become him.  And although James doesn’t seem to have much sympathy for the rest of his family, it would be a warped sense of justice if James became the New Joker after killing the old one.

    I know it is a long shot, but with the (non) reboot happening in the next month, I thought it would be an interesting idea.

  58. @JohnNevets haven’t bowed  out… just like listening to all the good ideas 🙂

  59. Now its getting good.

    Just sayin’


  60. So Fucking Good.  

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