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A warped variation of the Joker drug has caused those who use it to suffer mental breakdowns and embrace anarchy and chaos. With riots cropping up throughout Gotham City, the citizens find themselves divided into two gangs: one led by a Batman impostor whose mission is to bring law and order back to the streets, and the other led by a Joker impostor whose purpose is to punish the innocent and set Gotham ablaze. And in the middle of it all is The Dark Knight – but can Batman stop an entire city?

Written by DAVID HINE

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  1. Man I wish Scott Snyder would hurry up and get here!

  2. Seriously. The last issue was downright laughable. I felt like I got dosed with smilex. I used to really dig Scott McDaniel on Nightwing, but lately I find his stuff really hard on the eyes.

  3. @mikeandzod21

    Heck yes. And Jock!

  4. If this issue isn’t good I’m going to drop Detective until Snyder & Jock are on. When is that?

  5. I’m all for there being different variations and takes on Batman, but I’ve always thought of "Detective" as being the darker, or at least most serious of these.  To water it down with this story (and art) that would have been better fit for "Brave and the Bold" or maybe a run in the Sunday funny’s, is what I had a big problem with.  Maybe I don’t get it, but I don’t see this story appealing to the same audience that has been reading the Batwoman arcs for the last year, or the last Batman issue before this pair.  Even if DC did want to switch up the feel of "Detective", wouldn’t you want to give it multiple months to develop that new audience. instead of just two issues, witch might be enough to get old readers to drop, but not enough to get that new audience.

    If a similar story had been in "Batgirl" or "Sirens" that have been set up as lighter fair, I would have rolled with it, but this just seems like its the wrong place for this story.  I would have had the same issue if it had run in "Streets of Gotham" since that also has set it self up to be a harder core book.  

    All that being said, I’m still probably going to buy this issue, hopefully the payoff is better then the setup was.

    Oh well,


  6. Ok, apparently my memory failed me, I went back and saw there were 3 issues between the end of the Batwoman arcs and this arc.  And I see it’s lasting 4 issues, not the two I thought, but I still think this is too short a time for such a drastic change, especially when everything we hear about Snyder and Jock’s take is that it’s going to be a more gritty take. 

    Now that I got that out of my system, back to the floppies,


  7. @midwinter

    Snyder and co. start in November.

  8. I feel bad for David Hine, I really do. He’s a solid writer and the stuff I’ve read (so far) on his Detective run has been really good. But first his run is forgotten because he’s right after Rucka/Williams III leaves this book. Then by the time this new arc starts they announce Snyder/Jock/Francavilla soon after.

    Not that I’m not excited for the new run in November…..I just feel bad because Hine should probably be getting more love then he is. Just saying. 

  9. @TNC

    David Hine is rocking on Bulletproof Coffin.

  10. I liked the last issue… :~(

  11. Somewhere deep down inside this is a great premise and compelling story. Sadly it’s not being done very well and I feel like it’s kind of being wasted.

  12. Scott McDaniel is a good artist – but not on Batman. Its just too damn cartoony.
    The writing is just blah . . . what a throw-away issue.
    Like those above – I too will drop this title until the creative changes. 

  13. I love McDaniel’s old Batman run, but he needs very specific type of coloring for it to work. Similar to what Dave Stewart does with Hellboy? The previews I saw for this Batman run was way too flamboyant to work with McDaniel’s pencils.

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