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iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 22.4%
Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Can we already give this cover of the week?

  2. @Hoshigaki-Agreed.  Quite creepy.  And lets hope no one accuses this cover of being too cheescakey because it has a woman on the cover

  3. Cheesecake!

  4. Not one, but TWO women on the cover. Will comics ever grow up?


  5. Oh my…

    I think this will be that book that will be my PoTW every single time it comes out for a very long time. 

  6. Look at that cover. Oh, the angst, the angst!

  7. yeah i agree with miyamotofreak, this one is probably going to be my PoTW too

  8. @OttoBott-you bastard!!! 😛

  9. I say drop the back up and give us more of the main story! JH Williams is making my eyes bleed it is so beautiful to relook at his layouts, not to mention the art. PoTW forever!

  10. @Dietz82

     He can’t draw that fast. 

  11. Can. Not. Wait.

    I had actually only finished Desolation Jones the week before the first issue of this run came out, and Promethea not long before; JH Williams is astounding.

    Anyone want to give me some recommendations for him beyond what I mentioned?

  12. MacAoidh – Batman: Club of Heroes w/ G. Morrison

  13. Holy Shit!  I’m excited already.  The first issue was so good.  Art and story were both 5s for me.

  14. looks good…

    who’s pick is it? Ron’s? I look forward to reading the POW review of X-men Forever or War of Kings: Ascension

  15. Yeah, this is probably gonna be my pick unless Wednesday Comics is better this week!  I mean, what else is there to pick from?  We couldn’t even get an issue of ASM this week!!

  16. Oh, the excitement. There are few artists I look forward to seeing work from like I do with JH.

  17. If last issue was any indication, looks like there is a lot of agreement on this being POTW.

    So far, no one has mentioned The Question. What do you guys think? I really enjoyed that last month (much more than the Manhunter feature in Dini’s Batman book, which didn’t seem like anything original, though I’ll be patient).

  18. @edward – Damn dude, you have some bitterness going on. Ron may have his biases (we all do), but he is a bit more openminded than you are giving him credit for.

  19. I read the first issue of this…

    …It was good…

  20. @stuclach: damn dude, it was a joke. a sense of humour is a wonderful thing

  21. @edward – Interpreting intent is always difficult on the internet.  You have brought it up two weeks in a row (that I know of).  No offense, but how many times is it supposed to be funny?

    You seem like a very intelligent fellow, so it seems strange that you keep bringing up other books as POTW in these threads.  Maybe the New Comics threads would be a better place?

  22. @stuclach: ok, whatever


    it’s a great book, isn’t it? fantastic art, i’m really looking forward to kate finally being developed into… whatever it is she will become

  23. Last issue when batwomen placed her hand on the guys face and told him dont worry I will protect you…gave me f### goose bumps…potw no doubt

  24. @edward I enjoyed the joke for what it’s worth. 😉

    @stuclach Unlike Batman & Robin in the ’60s TV Show,  you are not "Fully Deputized members of the Police." 😉

    Excited for this, liked both the main story and the back up. Fun book. I have no doubt this will be my pick of the week, it’s a crap week otherwise. 

  25. Hopefully the story picks up.  I can only buy a book for the art for so long.

  26. How are you all factoring in the co-feature when you rate your books?

    Evauate the book as a whole. 

    Co-feature can only help the rating not hurt it.

    I think I’m doing it the second way.

    On the topic of cofeatures, has this helped any of the preexisting books’ sales like Booster Gold?

  27. @ScorpionMasada

    It can hurt it if it sucks because I’m paying an extra dollar for it. But thankfully, I don’t think it sucks. 

  28. So if you read the greatest Detective Comic story you have ever read. Classic piece of work.

    Then the co-feature sucks . . . do you reduce your rating or do you just rate the main feature?

    I’m not specifically talking about Rucka’s The Question.

    What are there . . . four books with cofeatures?

  29. @scorpionmasada So far none of the features has had any bearing on my rating for the book, positive or negative. (I’m reading… 6 of the I think?). Not sure what to do if it happens. I might be thinking of them as a perk.

  30. That’s how I see em too.

    Plenty of books are 3.99, so I’m just reading them as extra material and not with any real interest (except for The Question).

  31. I don’t consider the co-feature when scoring a book. I don’t even read them if they don’t pique my interest.

  32. I agree.  I’m not all that into this co-feature either.  Manhunter is pretty cool so far though, so I guess that makes Streets Of Gotham the better book so far.

    Shit, we still have to go through all of Tuesday and then half of Wednesday before the shops open!!

  33. I considering the co-feature goes into the rating. It’s part of the book and at the end of the day it’s in the issue your holding in your hand.

    Like if I was still picking up Streets of Gotham (not dropped btw cause of the co-feature) I would factor in the Manhunter story. If that sucked then I would give the overall issue a lower score. That’s what I factor in anyways, the OVERALL experience.

  34. I’m loving the co-feature. I think the Question and Manhunter backup stories are excellent on their own right so far.

    I’m not sure if Ron will pick this as PoTW he’s got Fear Agent and Ascension, ones a darling book for the guys and myself actually, Ascension holds a soft spot for him because of the Character. I’m leaning towards this but we’ll see. 

  35. The main character of the co-feature is latino and a woman.  So if you don’t like it, you are both racist and sexist.

  36. personally I do not give a shit about  the back up stories…but im far from racist or sexist,,,so i guess im not in the norm 🙂

  37. @drake lol. that’s a set up for failure if I’ve ever seen one.  I’m almost tempted to say I don’t like it just to see if I get called a racist and sexist.  Jesus.

  38. @drake: and she’s gay… don’t forget that. you hate gay people too, right? 

  39. @edward-damn those gays…

  40. Best book DC is putting out right now. Can’t wait.

  41. Also, I consider the co-feature apart of the book, so it definitely is a factor in the score.

  42. Have waited 5 weeks for this. I loved the first one. I’m only pulling three books this week but I have a feeling this will be my POTW

  43. @TheNextChampion: Shit, you really dropped Streets Of Gotham? I thought that has been excellent so far, just about as good as this and Morrison’s B&R.  I guess Firefly doesn’t trip everybody out though?

    The second installment of Manhunter came a long way so maybe The Question will make a come up too.  You know?  I don’t think it has anything to do with being sexist or prejudice though…

  44. With Superman and Green Lantern Tales and this, it’s going to be another good week!

  45. I don’t know if my excitment for this book came acorss in my last post so:


    I really loved last issue.

  46. @Robby: It’s not a bad book by any means. Maybe in the future when I get some more money I’ll pick it up in issues again. As for now it’s trade waiting for two reasons: A) Lack of good paychecks and B) It’s a good series but not good enough to consider it a must read for me.

    I can’t believe I am saying this when it comes to the co-features but……If your paying $3.99 for a comic that contains a short 2nd story. Then it better be good, otherwise it’s not worth the extra dollar. Excuse me I am going to shoot myself in the face for using that example…

  47. I am loving this art work.  And the story is workin for me too. 

  48. @gnanniv:  The hardcover is actually called The Black Glove.  It has the Club Of Heroes tale, and the second part of the 3 Ghost Of Batman saga.

  49. Last issue was fantastic! can’t wait to read this.

  50. @robbydzwonar – J.H. only does the Club Of Heroes.

  51. Yeah, but you still have to buy the trade to read it unless you wanna go issue hunting which blows.

  52. Word.

  53. I can’t even tell if I like this or if i’m just so dazzled by how pretty it is.

  54. @magnum240 I kinda feel the same way. Batwoman and Alice are just so beautiful.

    Cartoons don’t usually make my pants tingly…

  55. Wow… what a great looking book. I found the issue as a whole to be a little skimpy though. Sure the plot moved forward, but in a 4-part story, it felt a little slow paced. 60s-Doctor Who 7-part serial paced! Stunning two page spread of Batwoman swinging into the tower. And the page of Alice with the stained lass behind her was awesome. Really impressed with that aspect of the book. I enjoyed the back-up. Simple, not really any big revelations, but fun. Also… there was a pretty blatant editing error in the back-up. Instead of asking "Where’s Hector’s Sister?" Montoya says "Where’s Hector, Sister!?" Apparently it’s the 90s! 4/5. Most likely my POTW, but there’s still a few books to go. 

  56. razor blade in the mouth!!!  now thats gangsta

  57. I’ve always been a fan of Williams and Rucka’s no light weight either. Love what they are doing with this book and what Rucka announced is the future for this book at SDCC. And I’m digging the Question story arch as well.

  58. This is the most beautiful comic art I’ve ever seen. I need to go back and read my Promethea books and see how much he has improved. It might be the use of the colors that makes this book have such a cool vibe.

    Love Rucka. One of my favorites.

    That all being said, I don’t think the story is much better than good, at least so far . . .

  59. Spider-Man’s balls! If there is a better looking comic out right now, please tell me what it is & I’ll go buy 27 copies. Every page of this is jaw dropping. The panel of the razor blade from inside the mouth — WOW.

  60. My comic book collection isn’t gigantic (yet), but this is definitely the most beautiful comic I own.

  61. Looks like edward was right with the POtW thing, lol.

  62. i just get lost in ever page.

  63. Not to knock the art (it is fabulous), but is there a specific reason Batwoman looks like a vampire? She is abnormally pale. I’m not joking. I didn’t read the Crime Bible miniseries. Did something happen there?

  64. I fell asleep after I read half of this so I haven’t read enough to write my report yet, but the art looked a little bit more rushed this time around.  I was a little bit lost by the story too.  Maybe I have to find that Crime Bible mini series on Ebay to figure out what the hell is going on.  It is still probably going to be my POTW unless Wednesday Comics is better though.  I know Superman isn’t going to be my pick and that is the only other book on my list.  Terrible, terrible week!  I got like 10 or 11 pulls next week though!!

  65. @stuclach: You think she looks like a vampire? I thought she looks like a drugged up circus clown with too much eyeliner on.

    I love the art in this too; but Williams drawing of Kane out of her costume is fucking terrifying to me.

  66. @robby-There is a religion of crime that likes to kill people and is, for some reason, obsessed with Batwoman.  That is all you need to know.  What exactly is confusing you?

    Not sure why she be so pale.  Probably part of the look Rucka and Williams are going for I suppose.  The sharp contrast between the red, white and black.

  67. Outstanding issue.  I was blown away by the art and the layouts.  The panel from the perspective of the inside of Alice’s mouth was kind of disturbing.  The Question series is great too…complements the Detective story well and holds its own.

  68. Wasn’t it great when you finish the book and look back at the cover and see it in a whole new light?  FANTASTIC!

    The Question backup is really good too.

  69. This is a great book an easy 5.  Ive read about half of my books and so far this is gonna be my POW, I don’t see anything that can be better in my stack so it probably will be.  Just beautiful art, I love the story, I dont see why some people are confused.  I have no prior Batwoman knowledge and I am following this just fine.

  70. Wow, what an incredible book. A very, very strong contender for POW. Rucka and Williams knock it out of the park once again. 5/5

  71. It felt like something was missing from last issue. Not as much developement as it was only one long scene, but a great scene never the less.

    The art was still beautiful, but the colours weren’t as strong as they were last month. It’s a four star from me, still POTW though.

     Dropped the Question, I’ll stay get this book, I have no interest at all

  72. This will probably be my POTW as well.  I really like Alice and of course the art and specifically the coloring in this was awesome.  I really liked the hallucination scene and agree with wayne2001bc that the "perspective inside Alice’s mouth" was awesome and creepy.

  73. Great issue! This is reading like a movie!! Great dialogue. Excellent visually! I love the page lay outs and design!

  74. @stuclach- I don’t know why Batwoman is drawn so pale, my guess is because it looks striking visually (or maybe DC is trying to corner the goth lesbian market?). She wasn’t drawn as this goth type style out of uniform in the Crime Bible mini, so I don’t know if things will be explained or we just roll with it.

  75. She works all night, sleeps all day, how’s she going to catch any rays? Plus she’s a redhead.

  76. My god, the art in this absolutely unbelieveable. I can’t even begin to explain how good it is.

  77. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    All sold out at the shop I visited. Maybe it’ll get a second-printing!

  78. Loved it. Williams is amazing and the art is stunning. The best writing I ever seen from Rucka and I like Alice.


    I also don’t mind The Question backup. 

  79. Ended up not having this as POTW.  I picked Son of Hulk. Go check out my review.

  80. This was an ok issue. Don’t get me wrong the art style and layouts were very nice. But let’s face it that’s what this issue was…. it was like a 90’s style comic. I feel this issue lacking sufficient substance is what I’m saying. 

    I don’t know what greatone sees other than the style.

  81. A great disappointment to me. See my review. Beautiful. But a beautiful, and largely incosequential, mess.

  82. Haven’t wrote a review for it yet but this ended up as my POTW. The artwork is so amazing. I know the story is a bit lacking but the action scenes in this are just stunning. I would love to see JH Williams III take on a book that needs some serious help. SUPERMAN! It would be a different take but I think with the right writer, might get some of that dirt off the book.

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