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  1. This summary is confusing me a little. Is this taking place inbetween the time frame of Selina being in the hospital to her being on a beautiful island? Cause why would she be still mad at Hush since she got back at him?

    Oh well since it’s Dini/Nguyen for this issue who the hell cares. That is a beautiful cover by Robinson as well.

  2. "Will anyone be able to temper Selina’s rage, or will she become a face of evil again?"

    The cover to the next issue of Batman suggests she will indeed become a "Face of Evil" again, for whatever that’s worth! Maybe we should take this cue from DC solicitations to take their covers more literally: Will Spider-Man charge us $2.99 again next week? Can Cable refrain from giving us a variant cover? Since Catwoman is on the next Batman cover, does that mean that she IS Batman for that issue?

  3. It makes me happy that this is the most pulled book this week.  It’s a light week, but still.

  4. @Gabe-Wait until late tomorrow before you brag about this being the most pulled.

    I want to check this out because I heard good stuff about Heart of Hush…but I have yet to read Heart of Hush (probably pick up the trade since I heard great things)  Its still up in the air for me

  5. I’m wth TheNextChampion…if anything, HUSH should be after HER for the fallout of Heart of Hush.

  6. @drakedangerz: Heart of Hush was good by the standards of Hush arcs. Dini expanded the guy’s backstory just a little and made him a bit more callous and a bit more of a murderer, but really couldn’t overcome the fudnamental issues of the character.

    All you really need to know about that story is that Hush now looks like Bruce’s twin instead of looking like a different guy.

  7. So, where does this come in continuity? Is Batman "dead" here, or is he in the story?

  8. I leave this book with Dini . . .

  9. Yay, Dini’s back!!!

  10. Hush was around for 5 years and 4 months before Dini did ‘Heart of Hush’.

    Now with only six months (issues) of Hush in Detective; I am completely in love with Hush now. I dont know how Dini did it; but Hush is a more formidable villain now then he was introduced.

    Cant wait to see where the next part of this takes us.

  11. sounds kinda wiggity wackk if you ask this cow poke. I Just might read it in store, and slip it back on the shelves.

  12. Paul Dini is finally back!!  Eat your heart out there, Grant Morrison, the 1960s are long gone, so is Andy Warhol, and that cheap wig he wore that you should have also!!!

  13. I read it and was bored.  Not that I think its worse than the Morrison stuff.  I find everything theyre doing to be some reference to the past.  I know All Star Batman and Robin is sort of reviled, but at least its different.

  14. I have always wanted to read how the villains get their shit back together after getting their ass kicked, this was great.

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