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  1. Bah, I wish this wasnt an ‘anniversary’ issue cause there’s no reason to raise the price here. Still I have been wishy washy on this….Story has been good enough but the art is just all over the place. Let’s hope Nguyen can keep me happy like he did last issue (but not unhappy like he made me in #848).

    Can we all say though that Dini has done a good enough job to make Hush a good villain? Cause he is doing miles better then what Loeb and others have done.

  2. As a big Batman fan, i’ve suffered the last few years and R.I.P. in the other title is too confusing for my taste.  Whether or not this one is a tie in or not, I’ve enjoyed this storyline  much more than R.I.P.  I’m looking forward to this conclusion and hope it ends well.

  3. I actually like Detective Comics better then the regular Batman magazine.  I know most people don’t.  I guess I’m just weird or something?  Regular Batman is interesting, just very confusing.

  4. I’ve been enjoying Detective Comics more as well. 

    I happen to think the art is fantastic.  I still don’t like Hush though.  I don’t think any writer could make me care about the character.

  5. I read Hush when it came out and remember not really liking a number of things about it. (I think the only good contribution it made to the Bat Mythos was having Bruce Wayne being inspired by Alan Scott.) The portrayal of the Riddler and Hush as a villain were the two biggest annoyances. I’ve been reading Batman on and off since Bruce Wayne: Murderer, but gave up on both titles after Batman and Son. While I liked Dini’s approach to Detective and his use of the Riddler, I just couldn’t justify the title anymore. Heart of Hush changed that. This is a rather well told story with a very tenuous relationship to RIP. I’m looking forward to this issue as Hush has finally become interesting and we’re finally moving beyond weird flirty Batman-Catwoman relationship and into a more emotionally ground relationship.

  6. I was flipping through my old Vaugh/Brubaker/McDaniel Batmans and realized I really missed not having a Batman comic monthly to read. Is this The Batman monthly to follow? Does it matter that I really don’t care to get into Batman RIP as of now?

  7. @OttoBott – You might want to wait for Batman RIP to end.  Everything is tied into that and is going to change after its over.

  8. This is gonna sound completely random, but a thought was put into my head.

    We’re too young to experience the very first days of Detective Comics…but this series did start out as a random series before introducing Batman. Has anyone ever tried making Detective Comics about someone else other then a Bat title? Not that I want to see Dini and the others go, they have made this series readable since he joined 2 years ago. But would it be weird or bad to ask for a Detective Comics without a Batcentric story? I would love to see that.

  9. Man, this week sure is Batman-y.  And I’m in the mood for it after seeing "Batman Tech" on The History Channel" earlier.

  10. I’m really looking forward to this even though I enjoy the Batman title about 100x more. I don’t care that this has tenuous connections to RIP, and I like the fact that it’s a double-issue. While I’m far from sold on the storyline or the character of Hush, this is still just a fun ride. This isn’t to disparage Dini, but I feel that the relation of Detective to Batman is the relation of a cartoon to a serious comic. Cartoons can be great, but a Batman cartoon basically has to skew to a younger audience and be easy to follow. That’s what Detective is, especially in comparison to Morrison’s Batman. With Batman 681 being so delayed, I feel like someone just walked into the room where all the kids are pouting and said, "Okay kids, want to watch a Batman cartoon or two while you wait?" It’s strange to me that some people approach Detective and Batman as if there’s an either/or choice to be made, and if you like Detective better than you can’t like Batman much at all. Personally there’s a great disparity between how much I like Batman and how much I like Detective, but I like Batman more and yet definitely think that Detective is a great companion title, because of how different it is in storytelling.

  11. @Templar- I saw that special as well and enjoyed it.  Look out for the one about Batman and psychology. (I forgot the title).  It was a good watch as well.

  12. @Kory I saw that one when it premiered, and it was excellent.

  13. @Flapjaxx I think it’s a benefit to have two different in tone Batman books. I like Dini’s fun breezy detective stories but I also like Morrison’s crazines so it works for me.

  14. This was easily my pick for this week.

    Although I didnt mention it in my review, this totally felt like reading an episode of BTAS. Everything about this was a fun romp and I really do think Dini has done a servicable job making Hush a competant villain.

  15. I enjoyed this.  I don’t normally buy bat titles, but this one sucked me in.  I hate Hush, but I think I’m supposed to hate Hush.  the story ended well though so I was happy with it.

  16. Adam west era Batmobile is in the Cave? Nice! Not even up on blocks or covered with a tarp. Ready for action … nice.

  17. Yeah, the different batmobiles were a neat touch.  Definitely saw the Nolan batmobiles, and I think the Burton one as well.

  18. this was awesome. the splash page where hush sees the batcave was beautiful. nguyen is incredible.

  19. Got to hand it to Dini, he made Hush seem somewhat interesting.

  20. I know this is set before RIP, but… what happened to Jezebel and Bruce being in love with her? That’s never touched about in this book. I’m damn glad it didn’t. I really dislike her. I wish Selina was used in the place of Jezebel. Fair enough, it would mean more explaination at the end of the story, but he really loves Selina and Jezebel seems to just be… his latest conquest :.

     Anyway, I loved this book.

  21. did anyone else notice robin, on the last page with the preview of what is coming up, looks a little young? maybe that is a clue that tim isn’t going to be robin after r.i.p. maybe he will be working solo as red robin away from batman and robin

  22. @micahmyers- Yeah, I noticed that too.  RIP to me has been filled with clues that Tim will not be Robin after this is over.  If you look at the very first page of Batman #676 Batman is yelling "Batman and Robin will never die",  it looks like someone other than Tim is wearing the Robin costume.  My money is on Damien is the one in the costume and he will become Robin and Tim will be Batman after RIP.  The preview for next month’s Detective Comics hints at Dick Grayson donning the cape and cowl, but it was so blatant that I think it was a red herring.

  23. I loved that tiny little version of Robin on the last page. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so little. Damien perhaps?

    That said, I loved this story arc and the art, even more so that the current Batman Morrison arc. 

  24. I’m not sure how this book is so high up in the POW percentages from the iFanbase, I really hope you guys arn’t just following what the iFanboys choose …

    Don’t get me wrong, it was a pretty good issue & I liked the arc overall, it just wasn’t as awesome as everyone is saying (IMO).

    PS — How was this branded RIP??? lol. It had less than nothing to do with it.

  25. @wadewilson – Are you accusing me of picking this because of Ron making it the pick?  Good one.  If there is one person on the planet I am least likely to agree with concerning a comic book it would have to be Ron.  I have to cling to the hope that we like it for different reasons.  (No disrespect to Ron, our tastes just seem to differ significantly.)  Alfred beating the piss out of Hush was enough to get the pick from me.  Seriously though, I simply had more fun reading this issue than any of the others I picked up. 

    If my shop carried The Walking Dead that would likely have had a shot at keeping this from being my pick, but nothing else jumped out at me like this. 

  26. @WadeWilson- I had read this and decided it was my POW before visiting the website and seeing that Ron had picked it.   And the RIP branding was just for sales purposes only, and I’m very glad it avoided RIP because it was better for that very reason.

  27. Well it seems like everyone was picking the Red Lantern one-shot just because Conor joked it would be his pick…..then it didnt turn out to be. But wasnt it like 70+ percent for people making it their pick? That’s pretty high…

  28. I chose it at my POW as it was easily my favourite book this week. I re-read the whole story arc and it was a great finish.


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