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Under siege and under fire – quite literally – the hastily assembled Demon Knights find that the villagers they’re trying to protect are ready to turn on them… and that they’re locked behind embattled walls with a demon whose very touch can kill! And if the only human Etrigan gives half a damn about dies of her wounds, then Hell help anyone around him…


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  1. Entrigan is back again and I for one can not wait to feast my eyes on another beast that you will kill and give us all some thrills. Greart new series from art to story, magic and action this has been also one of the best of the new 52.

    Just sayin,


  2. I think I’m off if this one doesn’t do it for me. I seems like this should be good because it’s everything I love about comics but for some reason I just haven’t been loving it. Don’t take it personal, its not you Entrigan, it’s me.

  3. While I really enjoyed the past two issues, I kind of hope there’s a bit of a rest in the middle where the protaginists start to be able to interact with each other a bit more. However if this doesn’t happen I’m okay with it, whatever this book does I’m good with. I love Paul Cornell, he’s british, wrote two of the best Doctor Who episodes of the new series, and got me to read Captain Britain. I have utter faith that when this arc is said and done I’ll be raving about it.

  4. This fills the gap in my pull list that Incredible Herc (with Cho!) used to occupy.

    I always NEED a fun fantasy romp comic in my pull list and I didn’t have one for a while after Chaos War.

    Thank you Mr. Cornell for knowing that I need a comic like this. It’s so much fun.

  5. Between this and JIM, the big two are turning out some great fantasy titles. Kinda surprised this has so many more pulls than JIM but the Fear Itself banners on that title probably hurt it.
    Still, Demon Knights has been great and it’s awesome to see it doing well so far.

  6. There was a lot going on in the last issue to the point where it was a little confusing. It was still enjoyable, but it picked up steam as it went along. I am still on board but I hope the narrative becomes a little clearer.

  7. Based on the strength of issue 3 of Storm Watch I expect that this issue will be good as well. I have no idea who these characters are outside the little we have seen in the first 2 issues. Looking forward to some good character moments.

  8. I’m enjoying this so far, although I’m very reminded of the D&D ongoing…. got a lot of the same pacing and rhythm to it.

    It’s not one of my top of the new 52, but it’s a solid read, fun book so far.

  9. Well if you do not have any history or knowledge of these characters, then fear not this is why this is a reboot. All of us that are familiar with these characters need to forget what we know as well since this is a reboot. I hope that helps a little? The Demon Entrigan and his freinds are all new to me know and I like the way this series is rolling. I am sure there will be more character development and back story for you yyzKyle and for the rest of us as well.
    The D&D feel is in the air in this series for sure! Which for me; I do not mind at all. I have never read the ongoing D&D comic and really never cared to watch the cartoon however; the role playing aspect was a lot of fun. I really like the medieval era that this has been set in instead of showing The Demon in the present as always. This is for sure another one of the best of The New 52 without a doubt!!
    So if you like all things medieval, this is for sure your kinda book: magic, dragons, demons, hot damsels, and action!

    Just sayin’,


    • I am honoured to get mentioned in your post. I agree with the D&D vibe that I get from this book. Won’t get to read this or any of my books til the weekend.

  10. not good. not good at all

  11. A ridiculous torrent of awesome.

  12. This is very much a transition issue but it was helpful to slow things down a bit so we can get to know the characters better. I feel somewhat blessed to have two new Paul Cornell team books with the New 52. It’s two healthy doses of crazy-awesome a month. Neves’ art is nice too.

  13. That last page reveal, wow! I was not expecting it to get that dark. I love it though. It really ups the stakes and makes it clear how bad the horde is.

  14. I’m new to these characters, but enjoying the book. That said, do we know who the head at the end belonged to? So many characters introduced, I don’t remember that one…

    • *spoilers*

      It wasn’t a major character I suppose, but it seemed to be the young girl who had been talking to Exoristos the Amazonian a few pages earlier, saying she was going to scout an escape route for everyone. At least that’s the way I read it. I guess killing a young teen girl shouldn’t have been so shocking after an exploding baby in the first issue, but it was still kind of an “oh shit!” moment for me.

  15. This book fills a void I didn’t even know I had in my life. This is good comics.

  16. I’m having a hard time following this title from month to month, and Im thinking this might be something thats better off waiting for in trade. This issue picked up a bit for me over the previous two issues, but…when I realized we had an Amazonian in this issue and that I couldn’t remember having seen her last issue…. well clearly I’m not getting everything that’s intended out of this book monthly. There are some great bits here, though so I do look forward to the trade!

  17. Good to know that graphic beheadings are still kosher for T books in the DCnU

  18. I really liked this issue a lot gave it a 4; the art has been very enjoyable and I love the feel. The Demon is really catching no breaks in this series he will be kicking ass in the next issue is my guess. The Padre’s face was a mess way cool artwork there.

    Just sayin’,


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