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  1. I was just recently exposed to Jim Starlin as a writer and artist through the Captain Comet mini, which was fantastic.  He’s kept me very excited about Death of the New Gods, I love his art and his storytelling.  I’m currently on volume 2 of Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus and I think Jim Starlin was the perfect choice to finish them off.

    I’m also really looking forward to his Rann/Thanagar Holy War mini coming up! 

  2. I’m totally with you on Starlin. Few get the cosmic side of Kirby’s work quite so well. Having just read the Forth World Omni myself. 

    Loving the throwback feel of DotNG and mystery of it all. If this is the swan song of the Forth World, then I can not complain. 

    And the Captain Comet mini ruled! =) 

  3. @PhantomPhrenemy:  Right there with ya.  I’m also on volume 2 of the omnibuses (man they are a beast to get through) and whats amazing is how much they are playing into this Kirby epic today.  I get the feeling that they are trying to make a logical ending to the storyline.  Nothing concrete yet, but pieces seem to be falling into place.  Grant Morrison just used the Guardian and said he would be popping up again.  Those people with bandanas and moustaches that ride the bikes in that crazy forest (sorry i’m at work…and couldn’t think of the names of anything!) just popped up in last issue of Countdown.

    As a result I’m feverishly trying to get through these Omnibuses before Final Crisis because I think (hope) it will pay off.

  4. I’ve been down with the New Gods story line for a while. I’m digging this series. Its fun, yet heavy. I liked both the previous Orion series as well as the original stuff.

  5. i’m liking this series, but i think it has stretched on far too long..this thing could have been done in 6 issues tops. I miss Big Barda……

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I don’t know if I agree, target242, this story seems big enough for 8 issues, in fact, I’m wondering if I shouldn’t start picking up Countdown now. If Superman and Mr. Miracle can’t stop The Source, the story might spill-over.

    Starlin’s designs make me drool. I loved the cover to Issue 4. The Forever People look very macabre, like the Day of the Dead at the end of the universe.

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