Review by: Superyan

Size: pages
Price: 3.50

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Story: 4 - Very Good
Art: 5 - Excellent


  1. nice review! i’ve not been following this book, and i have no reason why, because i’m generally intrigued by the whole fourth world.

    has it been strong so far? a worthy purchase in trade? 

  2. @ TehDave

    Thanks.  I think it’s been pretty strong overall IMO.  There’s been a slow issue or two, but I think its worth it.  If you haven’t followed it up to now, and you can’t find the singles, I would definitely reccommend this in trade for sure.  I have seen some people around the net ripping this issue saying it fell apart, but I tend to think that its all going somewhere important.  I think the ending of this will lead into Final Crisis.  And I don’t think it’s fair to dismiss the story when it isn’t over yet.  Anything can still happen and anything probably will.  I’m not sure what Darkseid is up to exactly, but I still haven’t read Countdown 9 or 8 yet.

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