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  1. I have no idea who these two are. Are these characters invented by Benson?

    There’s another problem, this is Mike Benson writing it. So now my exciting for this series has downgraded considerably. But Barberi is a good artist, even if he is Paco Medina in disguised.

  2. ever since that HORRID one shot…i refuse to read anything with the name Mike Benson on it.

  3. Just read my first Mike Benson work (Moon Knight: Death of Mark Spector). Not sure why all the hatred. I thought it was pretty good. Haven’t read any of his work on Deadpool though.

  4. @TheNextChampion I was thinking the same thing "who are the Zapata Brothers"?

     Like Deadpool’s humor and am willing to give this title a shot as I like the team-ups…need more Spidey and Deadpool!

  5. If Joe Kelly would write more Deadpool and Spidey comics, I would buy them in a heartbeat. That issue of Spider-man was great.

    @frijolie:Though Deadpool is a good character, it depends on who the writer is if it will actually be funny. Kelly, of course. Benson: God no. Van Lante: Pretty good at it.

    @comicdork37:If you read the one shot Deadpool story Benson wrote a while back, you would understand why all the hatred. 

  6. I liked Game of Death.

  7. @Grandturk: Meh, to each his own. To me, Benson = bleh.

  8. Mike Benson, ugh. I’ll pass on this.

  9. he also wrote suicide kings wich was awsome

  10. Awful, just an awful read.

    Mike Benson cannot write Deadpool to save his life. A lot of people say that ‘Oh Deadpool is easy to write and his jokes are simple’. But Benson has proved constantly that your gonna need to bring more to the table when it comes to writing the character. Bad writing and I pray to god that he does not show up next issue or any future issues.

    Art was good though….

  11. Benson was great on Suicide Kings.

  12. I agree.  Benson was a star on Suicide Kings.  You guys are knocking the first issue of Deadpool I believe the guy wrote.  His Moon Knight and Punisher Max books were VERY good.  Don’t be such haters.  The Zapata Brothers are fun characters too, give it a shot.   There are MANY worst Marvel writers out there.  Benson has talent.

  13. I thought this was another solidly fun issue.

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