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-Carlos Barberi is a good artist, although he is way to similar to Paco Medina. They are so similar that in the early days of the Daniel Way series, Barberi was used and I couldn’t tell the difference. It’s a cartoony style but when the action gets going, he does not shy away from the gore. He also does some nice panel layouts and with the time lapses in this, he stages each of them pretty good. Like when Deadpool gets knocked out with a shovel the next panel is a guy that is laying on the ground, most likely what Deadpool would be doing do. It’s not perfect and it can be rough around the edges, but it’s still a good looking book.

-Funny argument about Blackberry’s and Iphones in this.


-Mike Benson is not a good writer, there I said it! His stories are so simple and his ‘humor’ is nothing but that. Nothing, except for the Iphone debate, was even worth a chuckle. Then you have his ‘creation’ with the Zapata Brothers, or at least I think he created them. So one dimensional and I just don’t get them. Are they wrestlers that double for hitmen or what? I think Benson also played too much that ‘Army of Two’ game. Cause their bickering reminded me like those two.

I literally have nothing else to say about this comic. Benson is not a good writer and his take on Deadpool is not entertaining. He’s trying to hard to be funny and his ‘humor’ is so lazy that he makes Victor Gischler looks like a genius! All I know is that I do not want to read the Suicide Kings mini because this and the ‘Games of Death’ mini proves he cannot write this character well. Sure the art by Barberi is good but that’s not enough for me. Hopefully Benson is no where near this title for the next issue.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. You should check out Suicide Kings, I found it oh so much better than that horrible "Games Of Death" mini.  I even find it preferable to "Merc With A Mouth".  It’s not V For Vendetta, but it’s not Youngblood, either.

  2. Suicide Kings was quite good…even though it imitates Way’s recent writing style, it’s still worth to check out.

  3. @akamuu/comicbookchris: I just can’t see myself reading it. This is now 2 Benson comics I couldn’t stand. If he can’t do a single, one-shot story with the character how can I trust him with a mini?

    Sorry, I’m sure it was a great read for you guys…..I just can’t see myself reading it now.

  4. Comment deleted. Try to find a more respectful way to disagree with a review.

  5. I’ll try again.  I strongly disagree with the review above.  Benson is one of the better Deadpool writers, give SUICIDE KINGS a read and judge for yourself.  I wasn’t crazy about GAME OF DEATH, but his Team-Up is actually very good, funny and there is good chemistry between Deadpool and The Zapata Brothers, who are hilarious.   I thought this Team-Up was funnier than the last one too.  If you want to read more Zapata Brothers check out Benson’s DOWN SOUTH arc.


  6. @tnc: No worries.  I completely understand not liking an author, and not wanting to give him a chance.  But if you see a copy of the book on someone’s coffeetable or bookshelf, flip through it, and let me know what you think.

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