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  1. Where did this come from? 

  2. the new deadpool series seems to be doing well, and there’s his appearance in the wolverine movie, so Marvel is trying to cash in.

     I also have a theory that he’s going to play a big role in the ending of dark reign.  just my theory.

  3. good theory, since he had a big role in starting the dark reign.

  4. I admit I am not a Mike Benson fan…..but this is Deadpool so yeah, guess I have to get this. (It’s a sickness)

  5. @tnc its ok to like dp. all the vool kids do.

  6. @cyber: Oh I have no problems with DP (that sounds wrong).

    I might be the head of the fan club for the guy on this site…..Just….I admit I saw a preview for this and it didnt look so good. But it was only like 4 pages of it so I cant judge on that alone.

  7. I couldnt turn down any deadpool book. I’ll get it.

  8. oh yes i cant wait to get this!! im loving deadpool so much.

  9. I think I read some Punisher Max stuff by this writer.  I remember it being decent.

  10. The cover price makes me hesitant … & so does the writer, I don’t even know who he is. Guess it’ll get the flip-test in the shop.

  11. Can’t wait

  12. Here’s why I am not a fan of Mike Benson is anyone is curious: He wrote for Bernie Mac show.

    No offense to Benson, or to Bernie Mac (RIP) but…..when I think of comic book writer I dont think of ‘guy writing for medicore sitcom’.

  13. One-shot?

  14. please dont switch writers for deadpool….please

  15. Ah this is just a one-shot guys. Daniel Way said in an interview he’s staying with the regular series indefinitely.

    Although this is a good chance for Benson to prove if he can take over whenever Way does leave.

  16. Well getting back from the store and looking at these user reviews, makes me really happy that I bought this issue.  2.3?  sweet…….cant wait to read this gem……

  17. This is without a doubt…..hands down…..I swear on my mother’s (future) grave….that God himself should witness this comment…

    The worst comic book I have ever read. Yes, Jeph Loeb writes HULK and Ultimates 3….but I still had more fun reading those two series then reading this. This was painful, oh man this was painful.

  18. This was really bad. I don’t think I have the words to describe it. I didn’t know you could eff up deadpool that badly. It was just bad.

  19. Eh, I dug it. The story was paff, but most Deadpool stories strike me as such. I read Deadpool for silliness and the silliness alone.

  20. what noto said.  I thought it was awesome.

  21. @Noto: But the silliness wasnt even that good to begin with.

    Again I felt the jokes fell flat on their face…..and then fell to their deaths because they actually fell down a cliff.

  22. I love Deadpool but this was HUGELY disappointing.  So bad.  Frowny face.

  23. What a piece of shit. Deadpool is my second favorite ongoing, and i hated this every panel past the "opiate and running with the bulls" comment.

  24. eh i thought this was ok. yeah the jokes were hokey and lame but it was a one shot. which made me like it even better cause i never would have bought the 2nd issue. i think this was better than some of the tiger shark issues.

  25. this… was awful.

  26. Very average book.  Nice bright artwork though.

  27. Bad news guys. Benson’s writing the upcoming Deadpool: Suicide Kings mini.

  28. If my LCS didn’t put it in my sub, I wasn’t going to buy it.  I wish they wouldn’t have.  It was ok, but not for $3.99.

  29. @astoria: Well he’s done a perfect job of making sure I wont be getting that. Or anything else he has ever written.

    (Sorry JJ, I know you want people reading Moon Knight)

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