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  1. I really like this series.  Deadpool has been good.  The Zombie stuff was a little weird, but i’m glad thats over. 

  2. This has become my second favorite series i’m following (next to Dark Tower). Daniel Way is a great writer for DP. Anyone who digs this should check out The Wolverine Origins Vol. 5. Daniel Way writes it as well. Fun story.

  3. This is my favorite ongoing.

  4. @Fvckstick… yeah, the ORIGINS arc was the perfect lead-in for Way to do this series. I remeber seeing this book announced either during or right after that run… fun stuff… he does write a great Wade Wilson.

  5. i wonder if deadpool becomes osbournes new nemesis……..nah never happened but i can dream cant I

  6. This is like listening to a Beatles album; or seeing a painting by Salvador Dali…..


    Okay it’s not as good as those; but this series still kicks a lot of ass.

  7. The last 2 parter with the Zombie nurses was awesome. I think this book has improved every issue so far, & I hope it keeps up that way!

  8. I’m glad they’re tying in Osbourne now. Love this series.

  9. I dropped this book, but it still tempts me.


  10. Such a fun book, and $2.99 still!

  11. The only people I know who don’t enjoy this book are those kids looking for the next sensitive black and white indie book to come out where all they do is talk about their feelings. This book is the exact opposite of that. I love it.

  12. @blulew23: So…..your talking about Josh, Conor, and Ron right?

  13. @TheNextChampion   Ha ha.  Good one.  A real side splitter


  14. @twooldridge: Yes quite, bully it is.

  15. Well if you like jokes where a kid pokes a character’s eye out….Then you’ll love the humor in this book.

    Just as great as any issue before this recent one. Daniel Way is a great writer for this character.

  16. after reading this book, I like it even more.  I hate to use the term "laughed out loud", but i did.  This was a good issue.

  17. bobs back bobs back bobs back

  18. i was very sad when i got to the last page.  (sigh) i’ll just have to wait next month for the next issue.

  19. This was a great issue.. The guys are missing out on such a fun book that never fails to deliver.

  20. The reveal after the interview sequence was great.

  21. This was one of the weaker issues in my opinion. Still good and still onboard though.

  22. Aquarium scene was 10/10

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