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  1. its about freakin time! you have no idea how long ive been waiting for this comic! this better be awsome.

  2. Well the first issue was fun, I think this one will be too. I am picking it up for sure.

  3. It’s been good so far… different but still good. I anticipate little change except for the better.

  4. @ali3n: Right there with you, it’s been so long but it’s totally worth the wait.

    This is seriously right up there with Captain Britain as one of the biggest surprises of 2008. Let’s hope the fun doesnt end since we are out of the Invasion.

  5. Wake me up when Daniel Way is off this title.

  6. thank God.  I’ve been craving a Dp fix.

  7. Attention all Pooligans its time we get the ifanboy trinity to recognize one of the greatest characters in marvel comic historyand mention him on the show…. on that note I have no idea because they seem to dislike DP and daniel way

  8. I dont think he is the best character ever….although he is probably in my top ten in terms of favorites.

    But again, like Captain Britain, this has been such a surprise hit it’s amazing it’s not getting the love it should. Ron, I dont know if you click on this link but you said on the podcast you would try and read the previous issues (or at least #1)….Did you?….DID YOU?

    *no rush*

  9. I was going to drop this but I’ll give this arc a shot. I liked the first arc well enough but money’s tight.

  10. This arc should be telling as to whether this run will succeed. It is the first non-Secret Invasion story. So far, Way has written a fantastic Deadpool. Now we will see if he can take this character in a meaningful direction.

  11. I thought this started pretty weak, but the last couple of issues were a lot better. An army of Pool-Skrulls is a scary thought.

  12. Definitely enjoyed the first three issues, glad to have some more.  11 O’Clock Comics and Around Comics have expressed their appreesh for this book, I think.  Maybe the iFanboys will come around.

  13. How can the ifanboys like this series if none of them are picking this up? We cant even sway Gordon to our side!


  14. Anyone has an idea

  15. Do you guys need the iFanboys to validate your opinion of liking Deadpool? 😛 I don’t get it — it’s like trying to convince someone that doesn’t like chocolate, that it tastes awesome. People have different tastes & the iFanboys don’t like Deadpool … deal with it. 😛

  16. Yeah, what WadeWilson said!  iFanboys won’t try Secret Six, Ron won’t read a Superman book to save his life…but its coo’.  If anything, you can rag on them for what they are missing out on.

    Besides…Deadpool sucks 😛

  17. I’m playing it more as a joke cause Ron quickly bashed the writer and character on the podcast….But he didnt read it! At least give it a try before you bash away. 🙁

  18. Maybe they read his Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins and wisely though "you know, I’m good".

  19. @wade and drake.Yes I need them to validate my opinion on deapool and the secret six. Mostly because they bashed it befor ethey read it.

    Plus Deadpool is awsome. He is Hiro Nakumara on crack

  20. @cyberauron – I’m sorry, but we didn’t "bash" either book.  Ron said he didn’t like Daniel Way.  Josh and I said we weren’t interested in Deadpool.  We all are not fans of Gail Simone.  None of that is bashing DEADPOOL or SECRET SIX.

  21. 🙂

  22. @conor: Ron said on the podcast, and I quote:

    ‘Daniel Way is not a good writer’

    The way he said it made it sound like it was fact, and pretty much dismissed the book without even reading it. That’s like how you hated me for judging Trinity without reading the issue.

  23. Nope.  If he had said "DEADPOOL is a poorly written book" that would be the same.  Or if you had said "Kurt Busiek is not a good writer."  That would also be the same.

    He has read Daniel Way books so it is an informed opinion about Daniel Way. He never mentioned the quality of DEADPOOL the book because he hasn’t read it.

  24. @conor: Oh yeah!!!!?? Well…….Oh yeah!!!???…..

    ….I’ll be quiet now….*reads Deadpool and a tear is shed*

  25. @conor Good Answer Sir! very good answer. I will shut up now after one question. Why do you dislike Deadpool. Feel free to answer in the board. Ok I will shut up now and never assume what i think I assume

  26. Frankly, as a Deadpool fan I have mixed feelings about this series. I enjoy it, yes, but Daniel Way’s humor is rather juvenile compared to that of Nicieza’s Cable and Deadpool.

  27. @goat77 I admit that Nicieza’s  Deadpool had alot of depth but he had 50 issues to give him depth. Now Way is just starting his run so give him some time

  28. @Cyberauron

    Yeah, I can see it your way. I guess I just miss the Golden Girls references…

  29. To me, Joe Kelly’s Deadpool is the definitive take on the character. That being said, I do enjoy Way’s delusional moments with Wade.

  30.  I liked this issue alot.  This I think has been the best DP Way book yet.  I love Kelly & Nicieza’s take on Deadpool.  but like Cyberauron said it’s still early.

    Like it or hate it, it wouldn’t matter cause i still like it.. but curiousity killed the cat and i’m curious to @conor and the rest of the guys on just what there thoughts are.  I’m have tempted to send them this 2 issue story Dp vs Zombies

  31. Very fun book, and beautiful colouring!

  32. I kinda like it.  A nice breezy read.  Beautiful art.  

  33. Awesome issue. The best of the series so far (the new four, I mean). It’s funny that all the things people said they didn’t like about this, are the very reasons I liked it! The zombies, the juvenile humour — that’s a winning combo in my book. =D

    Kinda the same thing with Kevin Smith’s Batman book last week. All the reasons people saying they didn’t like it, Smith being juvenile & being too "Kevin Smith" etc were the same reasons I loved it. I guess I’m just a really mature bloke.


  34. @goat77-Face it, the days of Wade being funny but deadly are over. When he was first created he was a guy who simply talked to much while he was mercilessly killing people. Slowly over time he became a slapstick character. I don’t have a problem with it because some of his best characterization occurred during that time, but no, his humor probably won’t be the same as when Nicieza handled him. The Circle Chase is probably still my favorite LS ever and definitely the best Deadpool storyline.


  35. This book is hilarious.  The first story arc was very enjoyable and I continue to look forward to more.  I haven’t read anything outside of this, but Deadpool is just fun.

  36. I was kind of disappointed with #4, especially on the cover art. I love the first three, and I will continually follow this Deadpool story arc and hopefully it pays off again next issue. I just wasn’t feeling it this issue.

  37. all i can say is that i had a great time reading this book and will continue to do so.

  38. I’ve been on this new deadpool since the first issue.  I’m loving it.  Can’t wait for #5. 

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