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  1. after this one hes doing a crossover with ms marvel.  hopefully it wont be a year full of him fighting the dark avengers one on one.

  2. I love this book but i think there are a very few amount of people who can write DP…so the crossover isn’t something i’m looking forward too, but i absolutely loved the first part of this arc.


    and how sick is that cover!?! 

  3. This almost got dropped because I was not digging on issues 6-9 of this series much, but I enjoyed #10 so I’m going to stick with this.

  4. You Missed! 🙂

  5. This is my favorite series right now, I just love Deadpool.

  6. I also hope this title doesnt turn into:

    ‘Who in Dark Avengers will Wilson fight next?’

    I mean him fighting Sentry might be an interesting idea….but I dont want ever arc to be someone different in the group.

  7. i would like to see him fight slapstick.  "im a genius"

  8. I liked in the Kelly and Simone runs that Deadpool was left to do his own thing and had his own little universe of characters. I mean the recent issues where he’s knee deep in the Marvel U have been good, but I hope he goes back to doing his own thing soon.

  9. Deadpool sucks. Don’t you guys know?

  10. Ah this was my pick of the week for one reason:


    Okay more then that….I did love the way how crippling his brain made the narration boxes less helpful. Nice touch

  11. Easily the best book this week.

  12. really fun issue. right now its my POTW, but i still got like 4 to read.

  13. Holy shit 22% !!!

    I gotta take a picture of this stat before it drops like a dead bird by tomorrow.

  14. Really, really fun issue.  Only my second issue of Deadpool.  I just had to check this arc out, but I might have to keep reading if it stays like this.  Lots of fun.

  15. Definitely a fun issue. I like how the first two issues end the same way with just someone else with a whole in ’em.

    After reading the Hawkeye Dark Reign mini, someone needs to seriously kill Bullseye.

    It is just plain irresponsible to allow him to run around alive.  

    Clint won’t do it. Daredevil won’t do it. Spider-Man won’t do it. Wolverine might . . .

    I’d have no problem with Deadpool killing him.

  16. Wow, was this ever fun! There were moments where I was unsure that Way could deliver the historical funny (outside of the Deadpool-vision), but the schizo-logues and the grade school flashbacks in this were just HYSTERICAL. It was like a freakin Bugs Bunny cartoon. With meat hooks.

  17. yeah fot me it was too much like a bugs bunny cartoon. the humor was just to slaptick for me but still the one of the best marvel books out there.

  18. Fly, you beautiful bird! Fly!

  19. OK now I’m sure that Way can do Deadpool’s funny side awesome, but we may need some seriousness soon. Could he pull it off?

  20. @imjustbettr: Considering how he writes other titles, like Wolverine, probably not. But this title should never be serious. Maybe be a bit more of a thriller or action book, but Deadpool can never take himself seriously.

  21. I don’t know. I think there was some good character moments in Wolverine: Origins even though I think it suffered from being kind of conceptually weak.

  22. IM not saying he should go right in and focus on Deadpools past and his feelsings. But at least take a little dip to develpo the character a little.

  23. Hilarious! I laughed from "Are you out there?" to Little Wilson fighting on the desk. Good Stuff!

  24. Oh Jesus. The "Fly, you beautiful bird! FLY!" bit had me in stiches and the whole issue never let that stop.

  25. 2nd highest POTW % for the week? (as of this post)

    Yes, we’re winning!!!

  26. Hilarious issue.  It elicited chuckles while my GF was sleeping next to me.

  27. “Oh, no! He’s beating our meat!”

  28. Smart!! Funny!!  Unbelievable issue.  Deadpool and Bullseye almost have a Jack Sparrow/Barbossa thing happening.  Really fun issue part Spy vs. spy, part Coyote/Roadrunner, part AWESOME!!

  29. What a great issue!  I don’t usually read Deadpool, but I picked this one up becasue of the cover, and it blew me away.  I think it’s great that this issue finished as the 2nd place ifanbase pick of the week, despite how few people pulled Deadpool.  Too bad the Fanboys didn’t give it a nod in the podcast, but still… this issue was amazing!

  30. Funny shit!  "was that….   ….HAIKU?!"

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