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  1. Is this going to be thicker than usual? Marvel’s killing me with $4 comics lately.

  2. Crap, crap crap crap, I will not pick up another four dollar comic, its just too much at the moment.

  3. I would buy it, but like the 2 people before me,  3.99 makes me move on.

  4. Does anyone know how many pages this book is????????

  5. I’m for sure getting this, if it’s not worth it, I’ll move on.  I just have such high hopes for this book

  6. It’s 32 pages.

  7. I’m excited about this, Deadpool is a favorite of mine and I was sad to see Cable/Deadpool go…Okay so it was more Deadpool in the end of the run….and the quality sorta dipped too…But I’m hoping this will be good case I miss the guy.

    I’m worred it’s a SI tie-in though, but hey if Captain Britian’s first issue was a SI Tie-in, why cant this be good?

  8. So … 32 pages means 22 pages of story, right? Same as most comics. Why is it $3.99?

  9. Trying to milk more money out of a first issue i guess.

  10. @ Wade Wilson. My thoughts exactly. Get used 2 it folks. It’s highway robbery!!!!

  11. No. Let’s boycott. Sales speak.

  12. 32 pages usually means 24 pages or story, I believe.

  13. I’m pretty sure this issue is thicker. Don’t quote me, but I’m fairly sure I read that somewhere. I’m getting it anyway. If you like Deadpool/Marvel, buy the book. That way they can make more 🙂

  14. I hate that Marvel is going up in price. I can barely afford my favorite couple books a month and if they ever expect readers to branch out and try new books it becomes hard. But … That said this is the book (other than The Stand) I have been looking forward to the most. Hopefully its worth it.

  15. @J4K3 – It’s not, it’s 32 pages. Unless there is a backup story.

  16. I can’t wait.. Love me some Deadpool.. I can’t get enough.

     lol.  Conor how many pages is it again?? 31?

  17. I think all new series from Marvel are going to be $4.  I haven’t heard this anywhere, but I think it makes sense for them to start moving the entire Marvel line to $4 one at a time with every reboot. 

  18. @Brandon2

    I really hope that’s not true. If it is i’m done with marvel issues and doing trades exclusively.

  19. 3.99 for a Daniel Way comic?

    I like deadpool and all, but no thanks.

  20. @Brandon2 and @cman12 the rest of the series is going to be 2.99, you can look on marvel’s website. i think the 3.99 is just to have a bigger first issue

  21. @bentheo – If it’s only for one issue, it’s not so bad, I guess I’ll buy it … & I guess knowing you’re being ripped off & still paying is why this shit works for big companies.

  22. I’m gonna buy it but the least they could have done is make it oversized if they’re gonna charge four bucks for a first ish.

    Damn you Marvel! I could have used that extra buck. After i buy my comics tomorrow I’ll probably get some lunch and stare longingly at the value menu, wondering what could have been. My hunger not quite satisfied. *tear*

  23. I here ya Cman i between gas prices and comic books going up to 4 bucks i cant afford all the books i want. I dont think you will be the only one switching to trades if priced increase. I think inflating the prices of books will kill single issues for good.

  24. other sites are listing the first issue as 48 pages, which definitely makes the extra buck worth it

  25. From what I here on the interwebs… The actual story is a regular sized issue, and the additional pages are because Deadpool Saga was included at the end of the book.

  26. @bentheo – I’m glad you’ve already smashed my theory. 

  27. It was in my hands, but I changed my mind and put it back.

  28. It was ok I guess. I thought it was pretty funny but in the end it’s just a four dollar tie-in.

  29. I thought it was the POTW in my opinion. Great humor, cartoonish art that brought the tone of the book, and an interesting question on what the hell Deadpool is doing….Then again that could be any question posed for Deadpool in anything…

    I really thought this brought back the hey-day of Deadpool and it makes me want to get the recent Deadpool trade even more.

  30. this was good.  i thought it was very funny.  i think this Deadpool book will work. 

  31. They aren’t going up in price. Somehting is special about the first issue, then the rest are solicited as $2.99, the standard price. Quit worrying, folks 🙂

  32. this issue had a section on back history on deadpool.  thats what your extra doller is going for.

  33. Is it just me or did this full comic go by way too fast? not in a good way either. it felt way too much like this exact same story coulda been told in 10 pages, and i didn’t care to read a whole history on deadpool in the back

  34. I was about to post the exact same thing TopGun, this felt like a 10 page story. I actually went back & counted the pages when I finished it, because it felt so short. It was OK & had a few laughs, the art was really nice, but this book was about 90% Skrulls 10% ‘Pool & pretty much had no story. A couple of fight scenes, then Deadpool salutes a Skrull — The End.

  35. I agree with TopGun and WadeWilson, but it was a lot of fun. The back page on the history of Deadpool was written very poorly though.

  36. I was mixed on this book overall. I did get more than one chuckle in the book and I did like the art but i’m just not sure if i wanna buy a book that is so decompressed

  37. After reading this I’m completely confident that Daniel Way will be able to keep this Deadpool ship afloat. He added in the whole " ‘pool o’ vision" thing his own addition to Deadpool’s "unique" mental state.

     I appreciated the history of Deadpool at the end,  and I wish I had gotten into him sooner.

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